Gridcoin Weekly #7; Coinomi Release, FightAIDS & Rosetta Paper, PrimeGrid Progress, Voting Results and much more

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    Coinomi integrates Gridcoin in their Multi-coin wallet.

    During the past months there has been much talk about Coinomi and they have now finally integrated Gridcoin into their wallet for Android. Coinomi is a Multi-coin wallet with builtin exchange with ShapeShift. It's opensource, lightweight and community driven.

    With Gridcoin now available on every Android device it's even easier to carry your coins with you.

    In other news

    Finding the best "out-of-the-box" linux

    @peppernrino writes about trying to find the best "out-of-the-box" linux version for BOINC work. @peppernrino has future ideas of making a version that also has the Gridcoin Wallet. Read his post at steemit

    Gridcoin Promotional Banners

    Vortac has posted a long thread on the Girdoin Forum with all the banners and promotional images that has been made for the Gridcoin users. It can be found on the official forum.

    BeaconUpgrade Status

    Since last weeks update of the wallet everyone should upgrade their Beacon to version 2. The current status of upgrades are 428 upgraded beacons out of 1618 currently in the Neural Network, resulting in 26%.
    There will be some time before the mandatory update to version 2 are made, but everyone should upgrade to version as soon as possible.

    Gridcoin related BOINC Projects News

    Highlights news from and related to all the BOINC Projects on the Gridcoin Whitelist. Most of the news are from the projects news sections. If you wish a project to be present in this section, please inform the project admins to write more news ;)

    Updates from [email protected]

    An update has been posted from the [email protected] team, that uses the World Community Grid. They write about the current work of Phase 2, Future work and a refined look at the result of Phase 1. A very interesting progress update from a large project in the Gridcoin community. I feel proud to read about updates like this, know that I am part of something that can help humans and peoples lives!

    [email protected] Work Issues

    During this week [email protected] reported some issues with the database that distributes the work and they have tried to resolve this issue with upgraded software. The issue should be resolve but ask for anyone that has issues still to report to them. Official Thread

    Updates from PrimeGrid

    PrimeGrid continues to report successful progress and have this week had a number of news posts. Found a PPS Mega Prime, 465*2^3536871+1, and another PPS Mega Prime, 447*2^3533656+1. World Space Week Kickoff Challenge starts October 3rd, 18:00 UTC has been announced. TRP Sieve tasks to increase in size.

    [email protected] Publishes Paper

    [email protected] releases a paper titled "Accurate de novo design of hyperstable constrained peptides". The paper presents computational methods for designing small stapled peptides with exceptional stabilities. The paper is very descriptive, but if you like these things it's interesting and can be read over at their page.

    Gridcoin Community Hangout

    Every Saturday at 10PM CET there is a live Mumble session that anyone can participate in. Anyone are free to speak up, or you can just connect and listen in live. Listen to the Gridcoin Hangout on SoundCloud (takes a few days after live session before it's posted)

    Here are some of the topics in this weeks hangout

    • Open source Pool discussions
    • Peppernrino speaks about a bad banking experience
    • And much more. Listen in on the soundcloud update coming out later this week.

    Wallet Updates

    Girdcoin Research has been updated twice during the week to version These updates are only updates for the TESTNET for making sure the new functions for Beacons v2 are working as expected. As a normal Gridcoin user you have no requirement to update at this point.

    Current Votes

    • Splash Screen Contest
      The Splash screen voting has ended and there are some clearly popular contesters.

    Gridcoin Decentralized Voting System Documentation

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