Rise <Dev Team> Delegate System Testing

  • We are just about ready to launch our Delegate Testnet! We are wiping the dev testing nodes right now, and will be spinning up a functional testnet by the end of the day on Monday!

    A new installation script has been created to support this, in the install scripts repository. This script gets everything configured as needed to run a core node, with delegates. We haven’t yet committed the code that splits out the delegates, and we are also working on fixing some vulnerabilities that have presented themselves in packages that the rise-core code uses.

    We have modified the delegate system to run blocks every 10 seconds, to really stress how the delegate system works. We will also be running stress tests periodically after we get some third-party delegates on the system.

    Testnet will run for 2 weeks, and we will take the data collected at the end of the two weeks to determine if the new delegate code is good enough to push to production. At that point, we can open up full scale delegation.

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