[PRE-ANN] Digital Argent Coin

  • Digital Argent Coin (DAC) is a Silver backed Cryptocurrency. The Crowd-source pricing is 10000 satoshie per DAC with 614 DAC per 1oz of silver. Any crowd-source funds raised beyond the cost of purchasing silver (including premiums and shipping) will go towards trading and or investing in silver based companies.

    There are many commodity backed cryptocurrencies very few offer a deliverable product. Silver has a fairly low market cap compared to other financial assets and this is a great way for crypto traders to trade silver. At any time you can redeem your DAC for physical Silver.

    First we are taking OTC orders and then we will list on an Exchange for the public to purchase at the entry level crowd-source price.
    *we reserve the right to make any changes to the pricing of DAC until it is listed on an exchange.

    More Details Coming Soon!

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