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    [email protected] Ends their BOINC Work

    One of the projects that are whitelisted on Gridcoin, [email protected], has announced that they will discontinue to distribute work to the BOINC platform. The great success in speeding up application results with their optimized GPU application has resulted in so good performance that they now no longer require the networks processing power. There are a number of projects that however do, and they urge users to look for other projects that need them.

    Their optimized GPU algorithm will be open-sourced, to help other projects manage great projects on large scale GPU clusters. The plan is to release this after some reviews and a paper has been written, planning to be at Christmas.

    Their webpage and forum will be running for another 2 months.

    The [email protected] project thanks everyone for eight years of contribution.

    Official Thread

    In other news

    How to use the Gridcoin Pool on Android

    @gridcoinman has made a post on how to make the Android BOINC client able to connect to the Gridcoin Pool. Since the application does not have a way of setting up a custom server you will have to modify the Android APK package by hand. The process is simple and described in detail here.

    Open Source Pool

    The activity around making an Open Source pool has increased again and the official thread on the forum has gained some interesting post about it.

    Gridcoin related BOINC Projects News

    Highlights news from and related to all the BOINC Projects on the Gridcoin Whitelist. Most of the news are from the projects news sections. If you wish a project to be present in this section, please inform the project admins to write more news ;)

    [email protected] Updates Application

    To support a new batch of Multi-core work the [email protected] project has updated their multi-core application to v 1.05. The VM image of the application is now a total of 2.3GB. Offical Discussion Thread

    [email protected] Updates Webpage

    The webpage front-end will be shut down for approximately 1 hour on Tuesday 18th of October at 13:30 UTC for hardware maintenance. This will only affect the webpage and everything else, like BOINC WU servers, should run as usual. Official Discussion Thread

    [email protected] finds more factorizations and issues a challenge

    As always, the [email protected] Project has found some more results to show of an active project with completion on factorizations of 2,2026M and 3,790+. Read their Official Discussion Thread to see what it means for this project.
    They have also issued a challenge on the BOINCStats servers running from 7th to 14th of October, and Gridcoin has accepted the challenge and are currently second place.

    PrimeGrid finds yet another PPS Mega Prime

    Another well active project is PrimeGrid that this week found a PPS Mega Prime of 415*2^3559614+1. It is 1,071,554 digits long and will enter Chris Caldwell's The Largest Known Primes Database ranked 134th overall. Official Discussion Thread

    [email protected] Sixtrack announces SSL Support

    The [email protected] Sixtrack project has announced that they have now set up both a new webpage server and BOINC results server that operates on a SSL certificated server. They can now also be found at

    WCG Wins Impact Award

    The World Community Grid has recently won an award for companies that use the power of creativity to stimulate positive change. The award is the D&AD Impact Award.

    The D&AD Impact Awards were created by D&AD (a global advertising association) and Advertising Week (a global series of professional marketing and advertising conferences). The awards reach beyond the advertising community to celebrate the power of creativity to stimulate positive change. In giving this award to World Community Grid in the Industry Evolution category, D&AD Impact recognized us for having a societal impact that helps change the status quo.

    Official Announement

    YAFU Competition on 14th of October

    The YAFU project asks everyone to take a notice of the date at 14th of October because they will then have their YAFU Autumn Race that lasts for 5 days. Official Discussion Thread

    Gridcoin Community Hangout

    Every Saturday at 9PM CET there is a live Mumble session that anyone can participate in. Anyone are free to speak up, or you can just connect and listen in live. Listen to the Gridcoin Hangout on SoundCloud (takes a few days after live session before it's posted)

    Wallet Updates

    The wallet has been updated to The update is mainly for the TESTNET and normal users are not required to update. This update does however have some production functionality.

    At block 196550 in TestNet we require POR blocks to be signed (with the CPID private key)

    Added 'list magnitude CPID' where CPID is Part of your cpid, for example if your cpid starts with 784, list magnitude 784 will show the magnitude for that CPID as of the last superblock. This should cut down confusion if your magnitude is showing as 0 or if you wonder what value your next POR will be assessed at.

    Fixed problem where the chain rolls back to the next mandatory block cutover in testnet.

    Added patch to store 0 or 1 in nContract field (please test after block 196550)

    Current Votes

    No current voting in progress.

    Gridcoin Decentralized Voting System Documentation

    This Weeks Gridcoin Infograph

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