Project Radium Update #14 — A Successful Fork

  • The fork has come and gone…

    …and we have succeeded.

    Last update, we discussed the upcoming fork, as well as some more updates to SmartChain development.

    This update will detail the successes and statistics of the fork, as well as some more SmartChain development.

    On September 25th at block 682240, the Radium network successfully began spreading fees among 1440 blocks after the fee has been paid. Currently, there have been no reported counts of malfunctions or lost funds related to the activation of the hard fork, and the Radium testnet continues to operate steadily without issue.

    According to the statistics provided by CryptoID, 89.2% of the network has updated, and the remaining percentage of old nodes may still spend pre-fork inputs successfully. We have seen increased staking rewards per block as planned, with no addition to the inflation rate.

    More information can be found about the spread fees protocol here:

    SmartChain development is progressing steadily. The wallet integration has been challenging, so we will be building a SmartChain only version that will function similarly to the 2.4 version that operates alongside the Qt. This approach will allow us to start identifying bugs faster, and have a working SmartChain interface.

    The core functions that rely on the new spread fees protocol have all been tested, and are functioning. All of the existing SmartChain operations have been tested and are functioning. Our challenge at this point has been the GUI. Wallet integration into the SmartChain GUI will continue incrementally as we work through the issues we are currently facing. We understand that this has been a long process, but we want to make sure we deliver a quality product.

    As always, thank you for reading. Questions and comments are always welcome.

    Until next time,

    — Tim Mesker, Justin J, and the Project Radium team.

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