• Vicoz Global Limited is a digital asset, cryptocurrency and blockchain eco-system Investment Company with the single aim to popularized the blockchain eco-system relevant project from the feasibility and public recognition perspective that are able to fit into the German market of VIC cryptocurrency. Vicoz Global Limited has connected VIC to the global business landscape such as, Start-ups Company, Web-based and mobile gaming, VIC trading exchanger, investment and others. VIC Blockchain are officially launched in the year of 2016 and we’ll having a titanium business relationship with our client to research, design, implement, and satisfy the market needs.

    We’re the one and only VIC blockchain company that has a unique value proposition by having huge business network and community of expertise from different industry, plenty of experience and with the objective of giving value-added services to our client.

    We believe the prospect of VIC Coin and continuously work together and backed it from marketing and financially. Hence, we design our system specifically for the operation of VIC Coin and will continuously enhance the adoption of VIC Coin for the maximum beneficiary of our investors.

    Client’s successful and benefit is our core priority within the management team, with the backed up of team of professional marketing team, the company are dedicated to develop a world-class solution in the eco-system.


    Algorithm : POS + POW

    Short Name : VIC

    Max Supply : 86402778

    RPC Port : 18372

    P2P Port : 18371

    Block Time : 60s

    Block Mature : 100 blocks

    Block Explorers : https://blockchain.victorypoint.org

    Source :

    Wallet : http://www.victorypoint.org/images/download/VICCoi...

    Web : https://www.victorypoint.org/


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