Omni-State of the Layer: All Hands – Oct 11 2016

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    1. Identity
    2. Blockchains
    3. DEX release
    4. Omniwallet stats
    5. Sponsorship opportunities



    1. Omniwallet
      1. MFA Security/login protection has been deployed
      2. Continuing to handle support
      3. Working on user feedback from rebrand
      4. Working on new dynamic fee estimation and dex2.0 interface
        updates for staging


    1. Live runs with DEx trading bot
    2. BOND – High Yield Index prep
    3. PR lead generation
    4. Long BTC is working well
    5. Got some data from testing on confirmation times and


    1. Working on 0.13 port, getting close to a test version


      1. Crash recovery after first cancel-eco (thanks
      2. Lots of bug fixes on, mainly on new
        MetaDEx code
      3. Added new “MetaDEx fast parse” mode to OmniExplorer
        engine to allow refreshing MetaDEx part of state history only (speeds up
        debugging and fixes)
      4. Handling API “bursts” (working on extra code to handle
        scenario better)
    2. OmniCore:
      1. Started prototyping “Restricted Grants” transaction in
        Omni Core for pdugan (allow issuers of managed tokens to introduce a
        holding period on granted tokens during which grant can be cancelled)
      2. Investigating low-fee trading & chains of
        conflicted transactions when trading with zero-conf change from Omni Core
    3. General:
      1. More OmniWallet testing, sent further feedback to the
        OW team


    1. OmniPortfolio 0.1.1 released (invite only)
      1. Positive feedback so far
      2. If you haven’t tested yet, please do so
    2. OLE-001 – The Omni Layer Enhancement proposal process –
      still in process.
    3. Consulting


    1. Focused on consulting again this week.


    1. Omniwallet
      1. Support
      2. MFA testing, design discussions w/ Adam
    2. DEx
      1. Carried over from a few weeks ago – is DEx functionality/access
        affected by any state or federal rules or regulations


    1. Ongoing Communication with project

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