Jaxx Is The First Ethereum Wallet To Be Released on iOS

  • Jaxx Ethereum Wallet Launches on iOS After Gaining Apple Approval

    It is the first iOS wallet to transact in ether, the native currency of Ethereum’s smart contract platform. Despite not being intended for use as a spending currency, ether has been gaining attention recently as a potential competitor to bitcoin.

    Ether’s value has gone from a low of around $0.42 USD in October 2015 to highs above $14 USD in March and May this year, making it the darling of speculators and gaining plenty of media attention.

    he Jaxx wallet solution has attracted a lot of attention from both Bitcoin and Ethereum community members. It is not often these hybrid wallets are available to holders of two top cryptocurrencies, and the Kryptokit team has brought Jaxx to all platforms.

    Unlike most other cryptocurrency wallet solution, the project from Kryptokit is available on both Android and iOS, as well as all desktop operating systems. Moreover, users can also download the Jaxx wallet as a plugin for both Chrome and Firefox. Every version of this wallet supports both Bitcoin and Ether, and support for The DAO tokens will be enabled later this week.

    ut there is more, as the Kryptokit team has announced they plan to support even more currencies and tokens in the future. At the time of writing, there was no official indication as to which tokens and coins are being considered. However, the addition of the DAO token later this week may also lead to DigixDAO tokens being added at some point.

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