[ANN][FX] Forexcoin |Fund Management|X15|POW+POS+ICO| Launched

  • Forexcoin [FX] with 120% Profit per year

    Forexcoin is Developed by group of forex traders with good Experience in Forex trading , Stock Market and Crypto currency trading. Now we believe we have made full preparation and have decided to launch our own cryptocurrency.

    ForexCoin is ICO POW+POS , our traders will trade with the ICO in different markets and use the profits to develop the Forexcoin , the share holder and miner who has the forexcoin will be getting 120% profit per annum. This is the coin you are looking for with Long term Growth and stability , forexcoin is the the only cypto coin which will have buyers 365 days 24/7, as we wil buy back the coin from you from the profit we made.

    PoW Algorithm: X15
    PoW + PoS hybrid
    Confirmations for blocks to mature: 12
    Re-target difficulty each block
    PoW Total Blocks: 1,44,000 PoW blocks
    60 second block time
    PoW block reward: 500 FX
    Transaction confirmations: 3
    PoS Interest: 120%
    PoS Min Age: 24 hrs
    PoS Max age: No limit
    PoS starts after 20000 Blocks
    Premine: 700000000 FX for ICO
    RPC port:22554
    P2P port:22555

    Windows Wallet: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1st44hpz86kjzo7/ForexCoin-qt.rar?dl=0

    GITHUB Source : https://github.com/Forexcoinfx/Forexcoin

    ICO and COIN Launched ICO price 8SAT per FX
    690000000 For ICO and 10000000 for bounties
    ICO LINK https://yobit.net/en/trade/FOREX/BTC

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