Syscoin October Development Update

  • We’ve been hard at work on Syscoin 2.1 and Blockmarket M1, we wanted to provide the community with an update since there is a lot going on internally but it may seem quiet from the outside. So here are some updates since our last blog post:

    We are now listed on Bittylicious. Bittylicious is an exchange in UK for purchasing cryptocurrencies via bank or credit card. They are especially known for their simple interface and quick process. This is a big step for SYS (Syscoin’s Ticker Symbol) as Bittylicious represents our first gateway for enabling users to move directly from fiat to SYS. Check out Bittylicious ( and grab some SYS today!

    Next, we’ve followed Bitcoin’s lead and are now on Transifex for translating our wallet to different language locales through crowdsourcing. We ask that anyone who’s interested in helping, please visit our project site on and click “Help Translate Syscoin” to join. (

    As mentioned in previous posts, the Syscoin 2.1 update will be a mandatory update. Standard procedure for a mandatory update involves contacting mining pools and exchanges to make sure they update, a process we’re very good at but it does involve a significant amount of time and effort to coordinate successfully. Because of this overhead when making major beneficial changes to the platform, we try to pack in as many features, fixes, and upgrades as possible.

    After careful consideration, and noting the above, we decided to rebase Syscoin 2.1 from Bitcoin 0.12 to Bitcoin 0.13. This follows the ethos we announced when Syscoin 2.0 was first launched- Syscoin will be constantly merging in updates from the Bitcoin core as it progresses and improves; and this is us putting that statement into action. We noted that the Hierarchical Deterministic Key Generation feature included in 0.13 is definitely something our alias identity platform can leverage. This rebase contains 866 changed files with 12,441 additions and 2,977 deletions, so we are very cautious testing thoroughly through the code merge.

    Furthermore, we’ve heard the community asking if we can escrow bitcoin transactions in addition to Syscoin transactions. We dwelled on the idea, and based on the potential we see with this feature, decided to also add this functionality to Syscoin 2.1. This means that we will support bitcoin-escrow in Syscoin 2.1. Even with the large number of code changes in this update, our release target is still Q4 2016 for both Syscoin 2.1 and Blockmarket M1.

    We have further news on Blockmarket M1’s progress and MS Certification as well which we’ll share in a separate post from Blockchain Foundry. It’s something we’re very excited about as it will mean a fundamental change in how users experience the Syscoin wallet across different platforms. It aims at making the experience and access to the marketplace not only easier, but also consistent across a wide variety of platforms with room for extensions by the developer community as well!

    TL:DR: We are rebasing Syscoin 2.1 from Bitcoin 0.12 to Bitcoin 0.13, keeping up with BTC core dev as promised when 2.0 launched. SYS 2.1 and Blockmarket M1 on track for Q4 2016. Separate post on BlockchainFoundry blog next week about Blockmarket progress.

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