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  • ROI 1.6% to 2.3% Daily for Forever

    About Company: Sleshasian Technologies were involved and active in FGPA and ASIC mining back in 2014 by doing it internally at our epicenter. Due to expansion in 2016 widely, we organized our ASIC miners offshore at one of the rented datacenter in Reykjavik, Iceland managed by a group of crypto currency expert and intelligence. By making this expansion step, we now become capable to open our Bitcoin mining service to others by leveraging our hosted mining utilizing a cloud technology system.

    Investment Plans:

    Silver: $ 0.32 / KH/s
    30 KH/s Minimum to 3500 KH/s
    Back Your Invest 3 Month
    Golden: $ 0.27 /KH/s
    3501 KH/s Minimum to 7500 KH/s
    Back Your Invest 2.5 Month
    Platinum: $ 0.23 /KH/s
    7501 KH/s Minimum to 59000 KH/s
    Back Your Invest 2 Month

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    Running Days: 60+ Days

    Referral Commission: 5% at level 1, 3% at level 2, 2% at level 3

    My Deposit: 0.01656143 BTC

    My Withdraw: 0.01643408 and still in the ways

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