Cryptocurrency Trading Course

  • How much would you be willing to pay for the knowledge that allows you to nail one big trade this year? Or next year? Or every year thereafter?

    I want to invite you to check out our newest program: the Cryptocurrency Trading Course.

    The Cryptocurrency Trading Course is a 20+ hour instruction on the trading psychology, fundamental, and technical analysis of building wealth in the cryptocurrency markets.

    Perhaps you are already someone trading cryptocurrency but have found a vacancy of professional content to help you consistently close winning trades, or maybe you are just someone who is looking to make additional income on the side. For investors such as yourself, cryptocurrency trading has become a new industry where the barriers to entry are so low, you can begin investing today with as little as $10. Many of the investors currently active in these markets have no previous background in trading and have not studied formal application of fundamental and technical analysis.

    All of this means one thing for you: opportunity.

    For those of you who have been following Diginomics over the last year, you will recall how we dubbed (on February 17th) 2016 the “year of the ethereum virtual machine” preceding its meteoric rise to $21. Needless to say, this year has been one to remember, as we have slightly more than doubled our cryptocurrency portfolio over the last 10 months.

    The tools and techniques you will learn in the Cryptocurrency Trading Course will show you, step-by-step, the trade analysis we implemented to achieve these results and how you can duplicate them for your own financial portfolio. In this instruction, we focus on how to create a winning strategy for your investment goals and understand how cryptocurrency is different from stocks, commodities, and FOREX.

    The outline of this course will focus around three main domains of cryptocurrency trading:

    • Trading Psychology
    • Fundamental Analysis
    • Technical Analysis

    As with all our other courses at Diginomics, this one too will come with timed examinations to help students internalize the material. These examinations are delivered at the conclusion of each module in stages of gradual interval recall, a learning technique which has been shown to deliver superior performance in the retention of new material. At the conclusion of the course, students will also have the ability to earn their certification of accreditation in an industry which will surely grow in popularity over the next years.

    With registration into our Cryptocurrency Trading Course, students will gain access to our Trading Slack Channel which is used for discussing current opportunities in the cryptocurrency market, sharing trade ideas with fellow members, and posing questions regarding best practices for using exchange services.

    Cryptocurrency trading is an emerging field in the financial sector and we will make this a well-known resource for investors who see the opportunity of this global, always-on, high-growth marketplace of cryptocurrency startups.

    This course will continue to be updated and have new lessons contributed over the next year.

    Anyone who understands that the emerging field of cryptocurrency will only continue to grow in number of active traders and overall market capitalization should consider joining us for this course, as the return on investment received will dwarf the price of tuition.

    Thank you for your continued loyalty, I look forward to seeing you inside the Cryptocurrency Trading Course.

    Travis Patron
    Course Instructor

    Course Outline

    Module 1

    Trading Psychology

    Unit 1

    Introduction To Cryptocurrency Trading

    Module 2

    Technical Analysis

    Unit 1

    Fibonacci Retracement

    Unit 2

    Elliott Wave Theory

    Unit 3

    Moving Averages

    Unit 4

    RSI - Relative Strength Index

    Unit 5

    MACD - Moving Average Convergence Divergence

    Unit 6

    OBV - On-Balance Volume

    Module 3

    Final Exam

    Unit 1

    Final Exam

    Case Studies Based On Poloniex Trading

    Learn how to trade on Poloniex with:

    • Fibonnacci Retracements
    • SMA Periods, EMA Periods
    • Bollinger Bands
    • Margin Trading & Lending
    • Stop Limit Orders



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