Updated details [ZEC] ZCASH + Announcing Zcash Cloud Mining

  • ZCASH [ZEC] Release Wallet v1.0.13-rc1

    Zcash v1.0.13-rc1 release



  • ZCASH [ZEC] Dev Update - Release, UX & Integration,Powers of Tau Ceremony, Next AMA


    This week we started testing the RC for 1.0.13. We intend to keep a Monday release date but in the end we decided to drop payment offloading8 being introduced as an experimental feature due to lack of necessary review time before the RC deadline. That said, it’s in really great shape for the following 1.0.14 release.

    Everything that’s been merged in and is undergoing testing can be seen in the release planning Github project6. This includes the introduction of payment disclosure6 as an experimental feature. We’ll also be putting together relevant documentation and tutorials for getting started with the new feature.

    UX and Integration 

    We released an evaluation2 of the new OpenBazaar v2.0 interface and user experience. We’re going to be continuing to look at other user experiences in the Zcash ecosystem (and other more mature ecosystems like Bitcoin) as we simultaneously begin to work through a set of guidelines for developers creating Zcash services. This will be an ongoing project which could also benefit from community feedback so look out for any UX-related surveys we might put out.

    We’re also updating our Integration Guide3 for third party developers to include some examples and clean up outdated information. If there are any examples you’d like to see included, let us know!

    Powers of Tau Ceremony 

    This week, the Zcash Foundation started organizing the new MPC Ceremony and it’s well underway. For details on the Foundation’s role in the ceremony and how you can be a participant, check out the blog: https://z.cash.foundation//blog/powers-of-tau/9

    Next AMA 

    We’re planning our next technical AMA for 2 weeks from today: Dec 1 at noon PST. Keep an eye out for the thread on this forum that will host the AMA. As always, we look forward to answering your questions and engaging with the community more!

  • ZCASH [ZEC] - Release wallet v1.0.13

    This release introduces new features, performance improvements and bug fixes. Our new low memory prover reduces memory usage by 43% when generating a shielded transaction, from 3 GB to 1.7 GB. An experimental feature, payment disclosure, can help services better manage their shielded payments. We also now fully support the z_shieldcoinbase RPC call to help miners sweep up and shield their coinbase rewards.

    Summary of the changes included in this release:

    1. Auto-senescence cycle has been reduced from 18 to 16 weeks. (#2733)
    2. Low-memory prover reduces JoinSplit creation memory usage from 3 GB to 1.7GB. (#2670, stats)
    3. Payment disclosure has been added as an experimental feature with new RPC calls z_getpaymentdisclosure and z_validatepaymentdisclosure (#2519). This feature enables a sender to prove that a payment was made to a recipient, which can help services better manage their shielded payments. See the documentation#2692). See an explanation of this command here#2652)
    4. Fixed potential shutdown errors have been fixed. (#2555)
    5. User interface messages have been cleaned up. (#2548, #2150, #2649)
    6. The extended QA tests have been migrated to Zcash. (#2533)
    7. A workaround has been implemented in the test wallet_protectcoinbase, which was previously failing on some platforms. (#2698)
    8. Benchmarking has been updated with new performance measurements and fixes. (#2645, #2659, #2377, #2687, #2665)

    For a more complete list of changes, see our 1.0.13 milestone.



  • ZCASH [ZEC]  Dev update - Releases, Network upgrade 0 (NU0) & More

    Thanks for your patience while most of us took a couple of days off last week to spend time with family for Thanksgiving.


    Last Monday, we announced our v1.0.13 release 

    This versions includes a lot of great improvements such as streamed
    proving for reducing the memory load in transactions involving shielded
    addresses and an experimental feature to test selective disclosure.

    We’ve already been putting a good amount of work into 1.0.14 which is currently slated to be released on the first day of 2018 but that’s likely to be adjusted due to conflicting holidays. The experimental feature for payment offloading, for example, was pushed out of 1.0.13 so it’s already well on it’s way to acceptance in the next release.

    Network upgrade 0 (NU0) Since the last update, we’ve had two engineering meetings focused on NU0 (formerly known as HF0) and will be releasing a concrete roadmap in the very near future. For those who’ve been reading these updates all year, you may remember that our goal for NU0 is to make future network upgrades (such as Sapling) simpler and safer like replay protection, activation logic user experience and transaction expiry. We are keeping track of these issues in the associated project

    Part of NU0 decisions were focused on whether we include non-malleability fixes but decided to leave those for a future upgrade since it is not within the scope of making future upgrades simpler and safer.

    UX We’re improving on a draft of UX guidelines for wallet creators which is more general to cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to release more specific documentation of UX standards for specific aspects of Zcash such as handling network upgrades and distinguishing between transactions with shielded or transparent addresses.


    We announced both our recent hires and new engineering openings 

    We’re also hosting our end of the yearAMA next Friday. So bring your questions about payment disclosure, Sapling, NU0 or whatever else you may be wondering about.

  • Zcash (ZEC) Dev Update -  New Release, Network upgrade, Research, auditing, AMA & hiring

    Release We progressed more on issues targeted for the 1.0.143 release including testing and review. There’s a bunch of candidates to go into the release including experimental features like payment offloading and viewing keys1 but as with previous releases, we tend to load up on tickets then narrow the scope as the time to review and edit permits.

    Network upgrades Today we released an overview roadmap of the upcoming network upgrades in 2018 and our intentions to make Zcash For Everyone21. The work for the first network upgrade (NU0 AKA Overwinter) is currently in progress some of which will be introduced in the releases prior including 1.0.14. This has the explicit goal of making future network upgrades safer and simpler. The second network upgrade (NU1 AKA Sapling) is a major version release and will introduce all of the great security and efficiency improvements we’ve been talking about over the last few months since the new faster zk-SNARK research was announced.

    We intend to post a more specific roadmap and visual accompaniment to the website in the coming weeks and will be communicating what the user experience will look like during these upgrades.

    UX In addition to researching methods for the best user experience during network upgrades, we’re working on finishing up a general UX guide for wallet creators based on our prior surveys of cryptocurrency wallets and service evaluations. This will be a general guide and should support the greater cryptocurrency ecosystem but as we approach the Sapling upgrade and better support for shielded addresses in the ecosystem, we’ll focus on guides which target the unique properties of shielded addresses such as payment disclosure and viewing keys.

    Research, auditing, AMA & hiring We’re progressing on consulting for the next round of audits we intend to have for Zcash and the upcoming upgrades.

    We also got to see a great empirical analysis of the Zcash transaction graph which we responded to in a blog post8.

    We just finished our end of the year AMA17, thanks everyone for joining us!

    And finally, we posted new engineering jobs27 to our website.

  • Zcash (ZEC) - URGENT zcash4win (zcash wallet & full node for Windows) update 1.0.12

    I meant to have a new release of zcash4win out a while ago, and was (and still am going to) change the name, but have been delayed by illness!

    Version 1.0.11 is entering auto-deprecation some time tomorrow when the block height for it gets hit, and I released version 1.0.12 of zcash4win earlier today on https://zcash4win.com

    Just go into Add/Remove Programs, uninstall zcash4win, then double click the msi file for 1.0.12 to install the new release

    In addition to bumping the zcash version to 1.0.12, it also flips the block explorer it uses to be https://zcashnetwork.info which shows unconfirmed transactions

    Also for command line only Windows users, the zipfile for stand alone command line zcash for windows version 1.0.12 is now at https://zcash.dl.mercerweiss.com/zcash-win-v1.0.12.zip

    Cheers and sorry again for the delay!

    -David Mercer Tucson, AZ

  • Zcash (ZEC) Dev Update - Release Planning, incoming viewing keys & More

    This week we continued many of the projects highlighted in the past couple of updates (1,2) so I won’t reiterate the details and keep this a short one. These projects include Overwinter specification, 1.0.14 code review and testing, Sapling specification and implementation, website scaling improvements and the UX dev guideline.

    We successfully merged support for incoming viewing keys into the release candidate and are hurrying to get remote proving1 in there as well.

    You can check out all the remaining goodies already in 1.0.14 RC via the release planning tracking we keep.

    Next week will be RC testing and the first week of the new year should be the full release.

    If anyone in the community is in Berlin for the beginning of the new year, definitely join us at an event we’re co-hosting on the 3rd called Privacy for Everyone.

    Happy Holidays!

  • ZCASH [ZEC] - Release Wallet v1.0.14



  • ZCASH [ZEC] Dev update - Release, Overwinter & Sapling Network Upgrades, UX + website + documentation

    Hard to believe it’s been a year since we started these updates! So much has happened since our first official dev update on January 13th3 last year. Feel free to poke around all of the dev updates1 we’ve published so far if you’d like.

    So the past couple weeks have been particularly slow due to holidays and events folks from our team attended like 34c3 in Leipzig, Germany where Zooko gave a great talk at4 about what he’s learned the past years in the cryptocurrency world and our co-sponsored event with Least Authority and Dekrypt Capital called “Privacy For Everyone” in Berlin, Germany. You can check out the livestream recordings of the various presentations from Privacy For Everyone here1. Better quality recordings of the talks should be uploaded in the coming weeks. Linda our UX researcher, myself and Zooko all participated in the event as presenters & panelists.


    This Thursday we got 1.0.14 released10 which includes a few key features like viewing keys6 and client-side shielded value tracking7.

    Viewing keys are something we’ve been thinking about for a while and hoping to implement to improve functionality for shielded addresses. In short, viewing keys are private keys distinct from their correlated spending keys which allow viewing capabilities on a per address basis. This opens up a lot of possibilities such as watch-only addresses and…

    And just to keep y’all updated, payment offloading5 experimental feature has been pushed back to 1.0.15 due to lack of review. The conflicting holiday schedules when the release candidate needed to be ready is the main reason and we anticipate plenty of time to get the reviews in for a 1.0.15 release. Thanks for your patience!

    Overwinter & Sapling Network Upgrades

    The end of the new year was the deadline for Overwinter specification for which we are very much on track with. The coming weeks will see final reviews of this specification followed by final implementation. As previously announced4, the date for Overwinter activation is set for June 2018. We’ve made good progress on user documentation for this upgrade and are planning a guide for third party developers as well. The goal is to make this first network upgrade as smooth as possible while also preparing to learn from the experience for subsequent upgrades (like Sapling which will follow suit with activation planned for September 2018).

    Sapling specification is also coming along nicely and will only ramp up now that the holidays are complete especially once engineers are on-boarded to alleviate overall workload of our spec design team.

    UX + website + documentation

    In addition to the Network Upgrade FAQ for users that we’ve been putting together and Network Upgrade guide for developers, we’re hoping to publish our UX checklist for developers to the website as part of the integration guide. We have also started preliminary discussions on redoing much of the website flow and content. This will come after we finish up our migration of the blog to wordpress which is very close to being complete.

    We’re also getting back on track with consolidating documentation such that guides can be easier to locate for users and developers.

    Thanks for everyone’s patience the past couple weeks for a developer update. You can blame me for the delay which should have come out last Friday.

    Happy New Year, Zcashers!

  • Statement from ZcashCo on Poloniex order error (January 2018)

    On 17 January, 2018 a peculiar sell order on Poloniex for the ZEC<->BTC trading pair was noted on Twitter:



    Also that day, a similarly peculiar sell order was created for the LTC<->BTC trading pair and noted by the same Twitter account:

    poloniex-error-order-ltcpoloniex-error-order-ltc.jpeg1475x713 168 KB


    At the time of this post, the total ZEC in circulation is 3,084,994 so therefore the 3.9M+ sell order is inaccurate.

    Screenshot_2018-01-18_13-45-50Screenshot_2018-01-18_13-45-50.png969x267 26 KB

    Source: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/zcash/4

    This issue appears to be limited to Poloniex and we’ve detected no problems on the Zcash blockchain. That said, we’re monitoring the situation and we’ve reached out to Poloniex to see if we can help.

    We’ll update this post with a link to Poloniex’s statement when they make one.

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