Updated details [ZEC] ZCASH + Announcing Zcash Cloud Mining

  • Zcash [ZEC] Release v1.0.10

    Notable changes

    Signature validation using libsecp256k1

    ECDSA signatures inside Zcash transactions now use validation using https://github.com/bitcoin/secp256k1


    Boris Hajduk (1): documentatin z_validateaddress was missing param

    Daira Hopwood (8): Delete old protocol version constants and simplify code that used them. fixes #2244 Remove an unneeded version workaround as per @str4d's review comment. Remove unneeded lax ECDSA signature verification. Strict DER signatures are always enforced; remove the flag and code that used it. Repair tests for strict DER signatures. While we're at it, repair a similar test for CLTV, and make the repaired RPC tests run by default. Make transaction test failures print the comments preceding the test JSON. Fix a comment that was made stale before launch by #1016 (commit 542da61). Delete test that is redundant and inapplicable to Zcash.

    Jack Grigg (20): Fix incorrect locking in CCryptoKeyStore Use AtomicTimer for metrics screen thread count Revert "Fix secp256k1 test compilation" Squashed 'src/secp256k1/' changes from 22f60a6..84973d3 Fix potential overflows in ECDSA DER parsers Rename FALLBACK_DOWNLOAD_PATH to PRIORITY_DOWNLOAD_PATH Add test for incorrect consensus logic Correct consensus logic in ContextualCheckInputs Add comments Update Debian copyright list Specify ECDSA constant sizes as constants Remove redundant = 0 initialisations Ensure that ECDSA constant sizes are correctly-sized Add test for -mempooltxinputlimit Hold an ECCVerifyHandle in zcash-gtest Additional testing of -mempooltxinputlimit Fix comment Use sendfrom for both t-addr calls make-release.py: Versioning changes for 1.0.10. make-release.py: Updated manpages for 1.0.10.

    Kevin Pan (1): "getblocktemplate" could work without wallet

    Pieter Wuille (2): Update key.cpp to new secp256k1 API Switch to libsecp256k1-based validation for ECDSA

    Simon Liu (5): Fix intermediate vpub_new leakage in multi joinsplit tx (#1360) Add option 'mempooltxinputlimit' so the mempool can reject a transaction based on the number of transparent inputs. Check mempooltxinputlimit when creating a transaction to avoid local mempool rejection. Partial revert & fix for commit 9e84b5a ; code block in wrong location. Fix #b1eb4f2 so test checks sendfrom as originally intended.

    Wladimir J. van der Laan (2): Use real number of cores for default -par, ignore virtual cores Remove ChainParams::DefaultMinerThreads

    kozyilmaz (3): [macOS] system linker does not support “--version” option but only “-v” option to disable building libraries (zcutil/build.sh) support per platform filename and hash setting for dependencies


  • Zcash [ZEC] Release v1.0.10-1


  •  ZCASH [ZEC]   Dev update - June 30, 2017

    Release Retrospective
    This week started off with a retrospective meeting on our release process and more specifically the most recent releases 1.0.10 and the subsequent 1.0.10-1 hotfix For the upcoming 1.0.11 release, we’re attempting a process where project coordinators for each of the Github projects nominate a few tickets to be considered by placing them into the newly created 1.0.11 planning 

    project which are then triaged by the release coordinator. The coordinators for each project are specified in the descriptions.

    In reviewing what happened during investigation and response phases which resulted in the 1.0.10-1 hotfix, we discussed the varying situations which affect our internal security incident response procedure. Our intended goal for all security incident responses is to remain as transparent as possible without risking vulnerability to users, their ZEC or the Zcash network, however many incidents may stem from an already public report or obvious behavior of the client. In the case of 1.0.10, several folks noticed problems connecting to non-1.0.10 peers after updating. We’ll continue to refine this process but would like to re-emphasize to anyone who may discover a sensitive security vulnerability to contact

    [email protected] key. Any public discussion of security investigations occur in the #zcash-dev community chat channel.


    Beswick1 is the codename for the project focused on enhancing basic payment features in Zcash. We had a topical meeting about the scope of this project and decided that deprecating/bug fixing non-z_ calls, improving z_sendmany and introducing new z_* calls would all be relevant. An example of an improvement to z_sendmany is spending from multiple addresses to one or more shielded addresses (#2408 An example of a new call is z_shieldcoinbase (#2248)

    Features like private multi-sig and anything else slated for the Sapling
    upgrade or specific to payment offloading/payment disclosure are out of

    Website, UX & Documentation We’re working on smoothing out our translation management process of the website. While being able to communicate to the global Zcash community is important to us, our current translation management has a lot of overhead and we’re finding inaccuracies in some of the translations so restructuring this has become a priority for us.

    We're also continuing to consult about improving the flow for visitors through the website in considering the range of interest and experience: from technical/developer to mainstream/don't know what cryptocurrencies are.

    We’ve reviewed the reports from the first stage of the UX research project we started and will be distributing this information over the next few weeks via blogs and potentially a Google hangout presentation.

    More progress was made on centralizing documentation and we hope to soon have a single place for users and developers to go for tutorials and valuable information on using or developing with Zcash. We're also going to look for a tool to host some of our meeting notes for public access. By default, we've been keeping meeting notes private but in a lot of cases, they can be made open to the community.

  • ZCASH [ZEC]  Dev update - July 7, 2017

    Sapling planning
    This week started off with another meeting to discuss the Sapling protocol upgrade
    While last time we focused on a lot of UI considerations that the
    upgrade would provide, this meeting was focused more on the crypto and
    proving system.

    One of our engineers and a few of the scientists have been studying a new elliptic curve called BLS12-381 which was introduced in our blog
    a little while ago. This curve offers improved efficiency while also
    increasing the security margins. We’ve decided to go ahead and give the
    green light on using this new curve.

    We also discussed the Groth16 proving system which would increase
    proving speed by requiring less components in the construction and
    resulting in a smaller proof size overall. We’re a little more hesitant
    to give this a green light and want to take the time first for writing a
    proof showing it can’t be broken. That said, we’re enthusiastic about
    the enhancements it allows such as cheap and indistinguishable
    pay-to-verification-key payments (#24254) This proving system would also enable a simpler and safer multi-party computation ceremony process (#22473)

    Next steps are benchmarking for time and memory consumption.

    The agenda and notes from this meeting are in the Zcash github wiki We encourage anyone interested in Sapling upgrade to join us in our upcoming meetings by reaching out to us for an invite!

    Release prep
    Time this week was also spent on
    preparing for the upcoming 1.0.11 CI deployment and release milestones
    which are being organized in the 1.0.11 release project 

    on Github. You can see which issues were nominated to include in the
    upcoming milestones and out of those, which ones were marked as
    accepted, nice-to-have and rejected. Next week will see the 1.0.11 CI milestone in preparation for the subsequent week’s 1.0.11 release milestone

    XCAT, Beswick, Documentation
    Progress was made on various other projects including work on an XCAT proof of concept for Ethereum. Also, further design and improvement discussions for Beswick

    and work on more user friendly documentation via Readthedocs progressed.

    Next week’s update Heads up: I’ll be traveling late next weekend to the other side of the world so might end up having to postpone the dev update again or make it shorter than normal.

  • ZCASH (ZEC) Dev Update:

    Since I missed last week’s dev update, this week will overview work from previous 2 weeks.

    1.0.11 Release
    Various issues for the upcoming 1.0.11 release have progressed including adding a field to listunspent output to show whether the UTXO is a coinbase transaction (#2446) a restriction to spending from shielded addresses when minconf=0 (#2519) removing UPnP support (#2500), etc

    We also sent out an alert to remaining 1.0.10 nodes enabling safe mode as part of this milestone.

    We have an updated release process we're trying which involves deploying and testing a release candidate 1 week prior to main release. Next week should see the RC for 1.0.11 and testing with the following week deploying the regular 1.0.11 release. This updated process comes as a result of our mistake in the 1.0.10 release which required a 1.0.10-1 hotfix (the current version). The goal is to drastically reduce any need for hotfix releases in the future by catching issues in the RC.

    Progress was made on design for a new RPC z_shieldcoinbase for shielding all coinbase UTXOs in wallet (#24482).

    Other tickets in the Beswick project can be tracked Here

    We’ve been researching and working on the BLS12-381 elliptic curve upgrade which can be tracked in the following tickets: #2502 & #2517

    Sapling working group meetings continue to run regularly and overall we are making good progress.

    Other tickets in the Sapling project can be tracked here.

    Dev outreach Our team has been doing a lot of outreach the past two weeks as well: Zooko and Paige were in China meeting businesses and developers; Str4d and Sean attended PETS  (which ZcashCo was a sponsor for) & Ariel and Jay participated in the IC3 Ethereum bootcamp and as a result made a lot of great progress on the implementation of ZEXCAT (Zcash-Ethereum).

  • ZCASH [ZEC] Updated schedule for 1.0.11 release

    A quick update to share that we plan on having a 1.0.11 release
    candidate this Thursday (July 27) for testing on Thursday and Friday.
    The 1.0.11 release is scheduled for next Monday, July 31st.

  • ZCASH [ZEC] Dev Update 28/07/2017

    Release cycle and 1.0.11 We continued our discussions for refining the release process this week and decided to extend the release cycle overall by 2 more weeks starting with 1.0.12. This puts us in a better position for having adequate time to do a release candidate and proper testing before the full release. The last couple of releases saw delays due to lack of time so we’re adjusting the cycle now to avoid having more last minute postponements. We’ll continue to do retrospectives on the release cycle for any other adjustments that may help us.

    The 1.0.11 release is currently scheduled for this Monday, July 31st but might slip another day or two. We finished up reviewing and merging pull requests for the RC which should be ready shortly, however since we intended for the RC to be out yesterday and there’s a chance that testing will take longer than expected or bugs will be found, there’s a chance of a release mid-next week instead. We’ll keep you all updated on this thread with concrete decisions.

    XCAT More progress is being made on XCAT and this week a test transaction between Zcash and Bitcoin test networks was successfully executed. Currently the demo requires full nodes with synced blockchains so the next step is working on an implementation that can use light clients. We intend to have an internal meeting on this next week to demo the process further and figure out the last steps before we release a working version for the public.

    Sapling More discussion happened this week about the Sapling upgrade, particularly in relation to asymmetric payment construction (#2277.

    We also released a first in a series about Sapling: “Cultivating Sapling: New Crypto Foundations”.

    Miscellaneous We’re starting to look into another round of security audits as we want to maintain a regular schedule for auditing the core code.

    We set up a clearer communication channel with Poloniex for future issues that they might run into or for any support they want to request from us. Our announcement related to the recent Poloniex downtime is posted here.

  • Zcash [ZEC] Release v1.0.11-rc1


  • Zcash [ZEC] Dev Update - August 4, 2017

    1.0.11 RC and release & 1.0.12 planning We decided to shift our schedule for 1.0.11 as documented in Zcash forum comment and ended up waiting until this past Monday to create the 1.0.11 release candidate. The official release is scheduled for this upcoming Monday (August 7th) so be sure to keep an eye out for that and be ready to upgrade.

    We also started some initial steps for planning the 1.0.12 release which is (as mentioned in last week’s update) going to come 6 weeks after 1.0.11 which sets it up for a release on September 18.

    XCAT We had an internal demo of the ZBXCAT implementation (a protocol for exchanging Zcash & Bitcoin without a central party) this week and are planning for a public demo via livestream in the coming weeks. We don’t have any specific release dates for the first version yet, but progress is moving along nicely and we’re now at a point where we can focus on refactoring the code and writing tests.

    Payment offloading A version of payment offloading for transparent addresses was also completed (PR 21201) and should be ready as an experimental feature very soon. This version of payment offloading will allow clients without the minimum resource requirements to generate a zero-knowledge proof to send from a transparent address to a shielded address by delegating the high-demand processes to a server-like proving service. It will be a big step towards improving mobile and hardware wallet support in the Zcash ecosystem.

    Hiring As you may (or may not) have noticed, the past couple months at Zcash have been slower moving than the months following launch. This is due to many circumstances but in the end, it comes down to a lack of sufficient engineers to keep up the pace. So we’re hiring! While we’ve been asking around for recommendations on a semi-private basis, we also wanted to reach out to the public as to not miss out on any candidates we wouldn’t notice otherwise. Before going public, however, we wanted to set up an efficient process for hiring and are now at a point where we feel comfortable announcing the first role we’re hoping to fill soon: an engineering project manager

    So if you know of anyone who might fit the description in that listing, please forward the above link to them and tell them to reach out to us ASAP. We also plan to include additional job listings very soon so keep an eye out on the jobs page of our website.

    Show & Tell Finally, we’re excited to announce that next week we’re hosting @jasondavieszcash-sprout-verifier4. The livestream will take place Friday August 11 at 18:00 UTC and can be accessed here.

  • ZCASH [ZEC] Release v1.0.11

    This release includes bug fixes and usability improvements.

    Summary of the changes included in this release:

    1. We fixed a 401 Unauthorized bug encountered when using some JSON-RPC libraries. (#2529)
    2. We changed z_sendmany to fail with an error if the user sets minconf=0 when sending from z-addresses. (#2525, #2526)
    3. We extended the listunspent RPC method to specify whether outputs were from a coinbase transaction, to help users identify t-addresses that need to have their contents shielded. (#2522)
    4. We added a block download progress indicator to the metrics UI. (#2484)
    5. We removed UPnP support (which was already off by default) for security reasons. (#2504)

    For a more complete list of changes, see our 1.0.11 milestone.


  • Zcash [ZEC] New block explorer at zcashnetwork.info

    Thanks to the generous sponsorship of hardware for a dedicated node by Peter of http://zcash.flypool.org/ have a new Insight block explorer up at https://zcashnetwork.info that has much faster hardware and 4 times as much RAM as where insight.mercerweiss.com was hosted (that url still works BTW, but only with non-ssl now).

    The new system is also in the EU region, which is where the majority of
    traffic for it originates. The previous Insight instance remains in
    place and will be re-purposed to be for Patron only access by Node level
    sponsors on my patreon at https://patreon.com/radix42

    which will also include private access to the experimental remote

    proving service soon, as well as all other lower level rewards.

    As always one time donations towards my public infrastructure services
    are always welcome! Addresses for which are on the Donations section of
    my website at https://zcash.mercerweiss.com/


    -David Mercer

    Tucson, AZ

  • ZCASH [ZEC] Dev Update About New Release, Future priorities & More

    Releases This week we completed generating a bunch of test data that will aid us with some benchmarks we plan to use to help diagnose wallet performance issues. We’ve tested these benchmarks in our dev-ci infrastructure with plans to get them into the production CI server next week.

    The overall theme for 1.0.12 is to focus on benchmarking issues users have been experiencing so that we 

    can implement fixes as soon as we understand how to best address them.
    If there’s enough time, these fixes could be part of 1.0.12 but are more
    likely to be addressed in 1.0.13.

    We also re-signed the 1.0.11 package because some users on Debian stretch were seeing warnings or errors regarding an unsupported signature type. If you have been experiencing issues upgrading to 1.0.11, try updating again.

    We also had a retrospective meeting about the 1.0.11 release so that we could diagnose the process issues we had which resulted in delays. After taking the time for analyzing the planning, coordinating and development slippage, we feel much more prepared for staying on track for future releases and communicating in advance for times we feel the need to postpone.

    Future priorities

    Our Show & Tell6 last week to demo XCAT was a big step for our engineers who have been 

    developing a cross-chain atomic trade protocol between Zcash and Bitcoin

    blockchains. We also open sourced the experimental software (ZBXCAT)

    used in the demo and will continue to work on improvements and testing over time.

    We’re also making progress on research for Sapling and in particular the new MPC protocol we plan to use for generating the new zk-SNARK parameters. An announcement with more details about the improvements and a research paper will be forthcoming.


    Our subsequent UX research project is just getting started. It will compliment the initial research we published a couple weeks ago and we’ll publish the new results as

    soon as they’re ready! We’re very excited to be continuing this
    research, not only to support the Zcash ecosystem but also for general
    cryptocurrency adoption by addressing fundamental UX challenges.

    We’re making headway on migrating our website and blog to more scalable solutions given our current support for 8 languages and interest in expanding even further. This migration will also introduce a reorganization of content on the site to help us communicate more effectively. Stay tuned!

  • Zcash [ZEC]  Dev Update - UX & Website migration, New Release, Auto-senescence & More


    We had a sync-up on the 1.0.12 release at the beginning of the week to check on the status and requirements for the coming weeks. While we anticipate the RC date (upcoming Monday) could  slip by a day, we still plan to stay on track for an official 1.0.12 releaes on Sept. 25.

    The extended release cycle seems to be a positive and stabilizing decision and our focus on performance and user support related issues this time around will let us focus on feature improvement in the upcoming releases (which we certainly are anticipating and excited for).


    The auto-senescence 

    feature introduced in 1.0.9 will kick in soon (as a rule, after 18 weeks
    for each release thereafter). This means at block 193076 all 1.0.9
    nodes which do not have the -diabledeprecation=1.0.9 flag
    set to disable this feature will automatically shut down. At this point,
    any 1.0.9 nodes should be receiving a related message about the
    upcoming version deprecation. Note that the deprecation and new release
    will fall at about the same time since we extended our release cycle to 6
    weeks. If you’re still running 1.0.9, you probably don’t care to be on
    top of the most recent version anyways so upgrading to 1.0.11 right
    before we release 1.0.12 is probably not a big deal to you. But if you’d
    like to change your ways, we suggest upgrading to 1.0.11 now (or at
    least before block 193076) then again to 1.0.12 to be on the bleeding
    edge of Zcash


    We finally announced3
    the performance improvements our expert cryptographers have devised for
    the Sapling protocol upgrade (ETA 2018). Woo hoo! Onto building and

    UX & Website migration As part of our ongoing studies of UX in the Zcash ecosystem, we’re excited to be taking a peek at a really cool piece of software just released in beta (major hint ) and how the process feels for someone spending ZEC.

    We’re also diving into migrating our website, blog and the whole translation process to a more scalable solution. With 8 supported languages, a lot of the translation management has become burdensome using our current website framework. We’re excited to expand to more languages but want to make this transition first so further expansion can be easier to manage overall.

  • ZCASH [ZEC] Release v1.0.12-rc1



  • ZCASH announce the addition of Zcash to the highest-volume cryptocurrency exchange in the world

    Zcash on Bithumb

    We are very pleased to announce the addition of Zcash to the highest-volume cryptocurrency exchange in the world Bithumb of South Korea. With

    the evolving regulatory situation in China for all cryptocurrencies, it's promising to see the Zcash ecosystem continuing to grow in the greater Asian market and around the world.

    This announcement not only opens up access to Zcash for more people but
    also allows users to benefit from Bithumb's listing of ZEC through a
    promotional "cash back" program. Users who trade with ZEC before the
    promotion concludes will earn additional ZEC. You can find more details
    on the program on the cash back announcement page.

    The VP of Bithumb, Jung-A Lee, expressed four reasons to support Zcash:

    • Strong, stable network.
    • Tons of transactions already sent.
    • World-wide mining and trading.
    • Zero-knowledge proof technology.

    Bithumb's Korean customers are some of the most eager traders in the world creating exceptional liquidity for the cryptocurrencies listed on Bithumb's platform. The improved access to ZEC and the subsequent increase in exchange volume are important for Zcash's global, long-term market presence. Bithumb's Zcash support introduces the opportunity for one million new users to join the Zcash ecosystem.


    Bithumb joins a growing list of exchanges supporting Zcash in different regions around the world. Exchanges considering adding Zcash support should reach out to us via email or by joining our community chat, we'd be happy to help!

  • Zcash [ZEC] Release Wallet v1.0.12

    Today we're announcing the release of Zcash 1.0.12, which includes bug fixes and usability improvements. It also adds a new RPC method z_shieldcoinbase as an experimental feature, for easily shielding coinbase UTXOs. We encourage mining pools and exchanges to test it out over the next few weeks, and give feedback, before we make it a fully-supported RPC method in an upcoming release.

    Summary of the changes included in this release:

    1. We added z_shieldcoinbase as an experimental feature. (#2615)
    2. We changed the importprivkey RPC method to return the public address corresponding to the imported key. (#2616)
    3. We fixed build issues encountered when using GCC 7. (#2545)
    4. We added support for fetching the public network parameters from IPFS. (#2597)

    For a more complete list of changes, see our 1.0.12 milestone.


  • Zcash [ZEC] New Exchange Update

    We're happy to announce that CEX.IO is the newest exchange to list Zcash trading!

    CEX.IO is a multi-functional cryptocurrency exchange serving a range of users from beginners to institutional traders. Now with the inclusion of Zcash, not only is trading ZEC more accessible to UK and European markets but CEX.IO is also unique amongst the large exchanges to offer funding to and withdrawing from accounts using credit or debit cards. This feature provides a quick, simple and therefore important on-ramp for new and existing users to acquire Zcash.

    From CEX.IO CEO Alex Lutskevych: "We at CEX.IO are strict in terms of choosing cryptocurrencies for our markets. Zcash functionality and the technology standing behind the coin are a strong background promising the growth. We see it as a successful example of a service built using Bitcoin protocol and adding extra privacy. To meet the strong demand of our users, Zcash market on CEX.IO will be launched with 4 trading pairs: ZEC/USD, ZEC/EUR, ZEC/GBP, and ZEC/BTC”.

    Established in 2013 and over one million registered users, CEX.IO serves consumers with bank accounts and credit/debit cards in many countries and, at the time of this post, 24 US states.

    Additionally, with consumer demand CEX.IO will add Zcash bundles to their platform, providing a fast way to purchase fixed amounts of ZEC with a card or bank account.

    CEX.IO joins a growing list of markets supporting Zcash. Other exchanges considering adding Zcash support should check out our integration guide and reach out to us in email or by joining our community chat, we'd be happy to help!

  • Zcash [ZEC]  Dev Update - New Release & Communication & education


    This week we continued working on writing and reviewing pull requests for the 1.0.13 release. There was focus on infrastructure components such as migrating upstream’s MiniNode support release. There was focus on infrastructure components such as migrating upstream’s MiniNode support (PR 2533) builder improvements (PR 2648) benchmarks for listunspent (PR 2650) new driver scripts for the test suite (PR 2654) and a memory benchmark for validatelargetx (PR 2659).

    We also continued work on getting payment disclosure (PR 2159)

    ready as an experimental feature having done some code reviews and
    subsequent fixes. Next week we’ll do another round of reviews and will
    work further on the associated ZIP

    Communication & education

     We’re getting ready for a Zcash sponsored zero-knowledge workshop at the upcoming Ethereum Devcon where several of our scientists and engineers will present on recent research and development. We’re happy to have significant slot at Devcon to represent work in Zcash and to continue collaborations with Ethereum developers to progress zero-knowledge in blockchains for the entire ecosystem.

    Relatedly, this week we had the opportunity to present at events (Paralelni Polis Hackers Congress & Munich Bitcoin meetup) alongside some of the Monero community. This was a really nice opportunity to get some face-time with the people enthusiastic about a competing technology for some bridge building and positive, constructive debate. I highly recommend our community to take similar in-person opportunities to engage with Monero folks. After all, we have the same goals to achieve private cryptocurrency and while the methods to achieve that are pretty different, there’s a lot we can learn from each other.

    We also continued work on revamping the backend of our blog to facilitate better filtering of categories i.e. heavy math posts vs. ecosystem announcements.

  • Zcash [ZEC] - Native Mac Miner Release v4 (new GPU BETA)


    go straight to Release section: click here8.3k

    Mining Zcash on Mac the easy way.

    Zcash Miner Screenshot

    Mining with pools:

    Set your worker Set pool adress Start mining.

    Mining with Nicehash:

    1. mining on equhash algoritm while being paid in Bitcoins (https://www.nicehash.com/index.jsp?p=gstarted#seller), you NEED Bitcoin address for this
    1. mining Zcash directly and being paid in Zcash (https://zcash.nicehash.com/getting_started), you NEED Zcash address for this

    Acknowledgments and credits


    This miner is based on Equihash Miner for NiceHash Thanks to Zcash developers for providing most of the code Special thanks to tromp for providing optimized CPU equihash solver Special thanks to xenoncat for providing assembly optimized CPU equihash solver Special thanks to Zcash Community on Slack46


    Author of this miner: Kost

    Author of Mac GUI for this miner: JustVanBlooM



    Donation justvanbloom

    If you feel this project is useful to you. Feel free to donate.

    BTC address: 1GaGRtcCjb7ThaDgDLjgVwV8fctzEf12ct

  • ZCASH [ZEC] Dev update - DevCon3 & Zcash family gathering & Release

    evCon3 & Zcash family gathering

    Before diving into the recap of engineering work, I’d like to share that
    after our successful participation in DevCon3 last week, we had an
    internal Zcash family gathering at a nearby location. For operational
    security reasons, we did not disclose that this gathering was taking
    place and because a good amount of the Zcash team would be in Cancun for
    DevCon3 anyways, we figured it would be a good opportunity to gather
    for in-person collaboration and a Zcash Birthday celebration. This
    meeting included internal sessions in which we reviewed a preliminary
    engineering roadmap, marketing & community goals, balancing
    governance between the company and foundation, etc.

    Expect to see much of what we discussed come to light over the coming months, particularly the roadmap to network upgrade 0 (formally known as hard fork 0) and Sapling.

    We’ve also hired several new people over the last months (still trying to wrangle headshots and bios out of them for the website and an introductory blog post so stay tuned for official announcement) so this was a good opportunity to formally welcome them to the team.

    Release In a previous update, we announced our plans to push back the 1.0.13 release by 1 week due to low engineering resources from traveling to Cancun and now we’re announcing it will be pushed back another week to Nov. 20 due to similar reasons. If there was any chance of us getting the release out for the 13th, we would have needed a release candidate done early this week for testing throughout the remainder of the week. The RC hasn’t happened yet (but it’s almost ready) and our new, more realistic plan is to instead have it for early next week.

    We’ve successfully merged low memory provinglow memory proving                                       

    into the client so baring any major issues that may turn up during RC
    testing next week, you can expect to have shielded address memory
    consumption reduced down to about 1 GB from 3 GB. If you’ve been paying
    attention, you’d know that the upcoming Sapling improvements will further reduce memory consumption down to just 40 MB but while we’re still in Sprout, this is a great intrim milestone!

    If all goes well and we are able to get payment disclosure and

    payment offloading
    experimental features properly reviewed in time, 1.0.13 is looking like
    it’ll be an exciting release! We look forward to hearing your feedback!

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