[ANN] xPay - Decentralized In-Wallet Marketplace - Trading on Nova

  • XPay is a peer to peer digital currency which will break through to the fastest growing industry. Our XPay team has over 10 years experience in growing currency, distribution of equipment, which has helped us build the platform we have today.

    Any new project that starts up is nothing without friends and community. With that being said, there are a handful of excited members on this forum and many others who cannot wait to get this started and do their bit to make this a success with us. Our main dev for this project is without a doubt one of the best within crypto. Being honest and super hard working, he has promised to stand with us and make xPay the ultimate currency.

    We have been advised and thus decided to keep our contacts and business partners quiet for the time being because of the big chance of excessive abuse to them from our competitors and the general haters who troll this forum daily. This may break the deals we have going on with them and that simply cannot happen after all the work we have put into finding the best for each job for the project from, crypto devs, legal advisers, growers, wholesale equipment sellers, dispensaries, perfumers, distiller, marketers and many more business associates whom we have been building relationships with for a long long time.


    Algorithm = Scrypt POW/POS

    PoW Block = 10000

    Reward =150 Xpay

    Total Coin = 800.000.000

    Block Explorer = blockexperts.com/xpay (waiting update)

    Source Code = https://github.com/xipay/xpay

    Wallet = https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B22GSHVju4M2eGJLNnFLZ0NkZ0U




    Road Map
    -Release App android xpay-app.com
    -Xpay Exchanger
    -First Xpay exchange - XPay/BTC: https://novaexchange.com/market/BTC_XPAY/
    -update sourcecode https://github.com/xipay/xpay
    -Android Wallet




    Xpay marketplace will not only be fully decentralized but also fully accessible from the XPay wallet. Our in wallet P2P decentralized marketplace will enable all users who hold xpay to be able to purchase or sell everything and anything for Xpay. Small amounts of grow equipment to wholesale truckloads, car accessories, growing tips and techniques, recipes, and anything else your heart desires from some of the top sellers around the world all purchased with Xpay. And the best part, It will all be powered by smart contracts giving each and every user the confidence in their purchases and sales.

    With many vendors lined up, multi sig, smart contracts and a plethora of items to be listed it’s sure to be the go to spot for all you’re shopping and vending needs. While the marketplace is under construction you’ll be invited to give us your feedback on layout and options as we build it out. We look forward to the community helping us shape the marketplace that they want to use. It’s only right because to us your feedback is priceless.


    xPay Crypto Project Development
    Lake Underhill Rd, Saint Cloud, Florida 34771, Saint Cloud, 34771

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