Nxt-How to buy the Ardor asset

  • Ardor is the following step in the evolution of Nxt: a new parent/childchain architecture that will allow multiple, customisable, user-created blockchains to run in parallel with each other. The Ardor asset tokens have now been distributed to all NXT holders in proportion to their NXT account balances, at the end of a 3 month account snapshot process. These tokens will be transferred to the main Ardor blockchain when Ardor goes live, in mid-2017. If you held NXT on a main blockchain account in the last 3 months you will aready have received some Ardor, but if you wish to buy some more Ardor there are a range of options.

    This is the Ardor asset:


    Asset ID: 12422608354438203866

    This is issued by account:

    Accept no substitutes for this asset! It is the only official Ardor asset and will, when the Ardor blockchain goes live in 2017, be swapped for ‘real’ Ardor on the new blockchain. It is intended that the Ardor asset be traded freely up until then, thus ensuring widespread distribution for the new Ardor platform.

    Be careful when trading, there are always people who like to take advantage of the excitement around a new system launch to be dishonest, so check carefully before you buy, especially if the offer is being made via a marketplace or a personal one-to-one deal.

    Where to buy ARDR

    The Nxt Asset Exchange

    This is the first place that Ardor will be available, and is accessible via the main Nxt client.
    Download and install guides are here.

    Once you have the NRS (Nxt Reference Software) client up and running, you will be immediately able to connect to other peers to create an account and make transactions while the blockchain downloads in the background. Please pay careful attention to the account creation process, particularly in choosing (and securely storing) a STRONG passphrase.

    Fron the NRS main screen, click on Asset Exchange in the left toolbar, then on Add Asset, enter the Ardor ID in the search box: 12422608354438203866, click Add Asset, then you will see:


    Using this interface you can safely trade ARDR<>NXT on the Nxt blockchain itself. The interface is simple and intutive to use. Please note that as this is a blockchain based system, updates occur at one minute intervals with each new block.

    Light wallet

    For the people who wish to buy into Ardor and Nxt without having to set up their own client and account, MyNxt will also immediately allow Ardor trading:

    MyNxt has an light wallet that allows you (via a plug-in) to access the Nxt Asset Exchange as shown above. All trading is in Nxt. Note that accounts created via MyNxt can be easily exported to the main blockchain, so are not lost even if MyNxt itself goes offline

    If you wish to buy directly into Ardor with Bitcoin (or fiat, or other crypto-currencies), you will have to go to a third party service, such as an exchange or ‘shift’ platform.


    Major cryptocurrency exchanges are opening Ardor markets now and over the next few days, right now the list of exchanges that offer Ardor trading are:






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