WAVES became partner of Blockchain School+ Weekly update

  • Development Update:

    We’re in the very final stages of development before full nodes are released. Since completing our crowdfund in June, we’ve hired a number of talented new devs, rebuilt Scorex network layer, undertaken extensive testing of nodes and assets with the help of the community, fixed several critical bugs and a larger number of minor ones, and improved network efficiency. In the meantime, the work on the matching engine continues.

    All being well, we’ll launch the public network within the next two weeks. Needless to say, we’re very excited about this, but remember that this is only the start. The public network is the means, not the ends, and will be the foundation on which new functionality will be rolled out — starting with custom tokens (assets).

    Tech Paper: Enhancing Scalability with Improved Authenticated Dynamic Dictionaries

    Leonid Reyzin, Dmitry Meshkov, Alex Chepurnoy and Sasha Ivanov have published a new technical paper in which they detail improvements that can be made over existing implementations of two-party and three-party authenticated dynamic dictionaries. Implementing this approach on Waves will increase performance and scalability.

    ‘Our improvements to the design of authenticated dictionaries reduce proof size and speed up verification by 1.4–2.5 times, making them better suited for the cryptocurrency application. We further show that proofs for multiple transactions in a single block can be compressed together, reducing their total length by approximately an additional factor of 2.’

    You can read the full paper here.

    Blockchain School:

    Waves Platform became the general partner of the Blockchain School, which was officially opened on 18 October at the National Research University in Moscow. There will be one lecture per week. On 8 November Sasha will talk about the Waves platform. There will also be a hackathon and a business incubator for the winners.

    Waves Weekly Crypto Roundup

    This week we have a new presenter for our film, since Lola sadly had to return to London. We expect to see her back in Moscow in a few weeks, when she will return to our weekly updates! Meanwhile, we’ve got another friendly face in front of the camera.

    Press and Articles

    Enhancing Scalability with Improved Authenticated Dynamic Dictionaries

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    Russian Fintech Meetup on October 26

    Moscow to Host Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference on November 10

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