New Coin Newbium (Nxt) Blockchain Coin Distribution Process.

  • Cryptocurrency market data visualization platform

    One of the greatest benefits of the internet is the fact that it has significantly broken down the barriers to cross-border trading and investing. No longer are people limited to investments within their geographical location because they lack the information necessary to make decisions about opportunities in other countries.

    Newbium was created to provide cryptocurrency traders, speculators, retail investors & investment fund managers support tools for making smarter crypto investment decisions. By providing a visualization platform that displays real-time and historical macro cryptocurrency market data. Our aim is to provide a living picture of the cryptocurrency market in real-time.

    coin distribution:

    40% for crowd sale Newbium crowdsale is now live at

    9% for rewards for bounties, campaigns, swaps & strategic partnerships;

    51% - shall be held and distributed over the long term. The distribution method and process shall be determined through voting by the Nxttycoin community.

    Online Wallet:

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