The ADZbuzz Exchange – Buying And Selling Ad Space With ADZcoin

  • The development of one of the most awaited features on ADZbuzz, the ADZbuzz exchange is about to begin and that’s why it’s a great idea to give an overview of how this will work.

    We are planning to create this exchange in two main phases:

    -> The ADZbuzz crowdsale phase
    -> The ADZ V2 launch phase

    The moment we launch the crowdsale, the first version of the ADZbuzz exchange will be ready. The moment we launch the new version of ADZcoin, the second phase will be ready and trading will really begin.

    In this post you’ll learn more about:

    -> The ADZ V2 crowdsale
    -> The benefit of buying during the ADZbuzz crowdsale for advertisers
    -> The phases of the ADZbuzz exchange
    -> Why the ADZbuzz Exchange isn’t a regular exchange

    So let’s get started!

    The ADZbuzz Crowdsale

    The ADZbuzz crowdsale will launch after we have finalized the first version of the ADZbuzz Exchange.

    But what will be sold?

    Every advertiser will be able to buy ADZ V2 which entitles him to own part of the ADZbuzz ad space forever.

    So the offer is basically this:

    “Pay Once, Advertise And Earn Forever!”

    If you know that advertisers pay billions of dollars monthly to advertise on Facebook, then you surely understand this is an amazing offer for every advertiser out there!

    Here are some details about the crowdsale:

    -> 10 million coins will be sold
    -> That’s initially 20% of the total ad space on ADZbuzz
    -> Every coin equals 1/50,000,000 of the ad space
    -> Every coin will earn daily rewards when ADZ V2 officially launches
    -> Advertisers can compound their earnings forever to grow the ad space they own

    As mentioned in the previous blog post which gives a detailed overview about the intrinsic value of ADZcoin, we will sell every coin for $0.50, which is less than 10% of the estimated intrinsic value of every coin after a successful launch.

    In case you wonder, learn why the intrinsic value will be $5.75 per ADZ after launch here.

    So obviously this is an amazing deal and we are highly confident we can reach our target audience (advertisers) and sell all spots before we officially launch ADZ V2.

    Bonus: The Intrinsic Value Calculator

    Just about everybody in the community is super excited about ADZ V2 because it will always have intrinsic value.

    In a moment you’ll learn exactly how this will play a role in our exchange, but let me first give you a very clear idea about how much every ADZ will be worth as we grow the ADZbuzz platform.

    >>> Download the intrinsic value calculator here

    All credit goes to Armin, one of our community members!

    Let me give some basic examples based on growth rate of another social media platform Facebook. Please note that we’ll take the same growth rate the first 2 years and then much less!

    -> Year 1 – 6 million members – ADZcoin intrinsic value -> $8.21
    -> Year 2 – 12 million members – ADZcoin intrinsic value -> $13.69
    -> Year 3 – 29 million members – ADZcoin intrinsic value -> $27.57
    -> Year 4 – 72 million members – ADZcoin intrinsic value -> $57.03
    -> Year 5 – 112 million members – ADZcoin intrinsic value -> $73.93
    -> Year 10 – 500 million members – ADZcoin intrinsic value -> $132.64

    As you can see, after a successful launch and steady growth in users on the ADZbuzz platform, the intrinsic value of ADZcoin will grow along.

    So what does this mean?

    This means that $0.50 per coin during the crowdsale is an absolute steal since advertisers can post their ads forever basically if they keep their ADZ in storage and compound their daily earnings.

    Paying 50 cents per ADZ now and growing your capital or paying big dollars later, this is a pretty easy choice…

    Advertisers only care about numbers and with a good presentation of a high quality product, they will surely understand the amazing potential of ADZ V2 and our viral platform ADZbuzz.

    ADZbuzz Exchange Phase 1: Launching The Crowdsale

    As you’ll know we’ll be selling 10 million ADZ V2 for $0.50 per coin. You also learned that this is a great offer since it’ll allow advertisers to get a product that will inevitably be worth a lot more in due time while they can advertise their products an services.

    So how will the exchange work initially?

    The first version of the exchange will only have 1 function: To buy ADZ V2 and reserve a spot of the ADZbuzz ad space during the crowdsale.

    Since the coin will officially launch after the crowdsale and when all our other features are ready, we will first focus fully on growing ADZbuzz and offering advertisers an amazing product for sale.

    Here’s an overview how advertisers will be able to buy ADZ V2 and start advertising on ADZbuzz using the first version of the exchange:

    -> Step 1: Deposit Bitcoin Into The Exchange – The first step in the process is to fill your account with Bitcoin.

    -> Step 2: Enter the Bitcoin amount in the exchange – If you have added 1 BTC then you will see how many ADZ you can buy based on the current BTC/USD rate.

    -> Step 3: Buy the ADZ and start advertising – The moment you click the buy button the ADZ will be added to your account and you can start posting ads.

    So this will be the simple process of buying ADZcoin in order to be able to advertise on ADZbuzz.

    Once all 10 million coins are sold (and these will go fast) we will launch the full version of the exchange.

    ADZbuzz Exchange Phase 2: Launching ADZ V2

    During the crowdsale the ADZcoin price will be fixed at $0.50 per ADZ and there will be no daily ADZ V2 rewards with an option to sell them yet.

    The moment the crowdsale ends and the coin is ready and all developments we want are integrated into the ADZbuzz platform, we will launch the daily bonuses for advertisers and the option to sell them in our exchange.

    The exchange will work very similar as any other crypto exchange with 1 crucial difference: You are not buying and selling coins but ADZbuzz ad space!

    As you know by now every ADZcoin will represent part of the ADZbuzz ad space so it has real value for advertisers.

    Here are the main differences and what will make our exchange unique:

    -> Trading of ad space

    Our exchange will offer the option for advertisers to directly buy and sell ad space from other advertisers. Even though the functions will be similar to other exchanges and ADZcoin will have the same functions as most crypto currencies (buying products and services for instance), the coins can always be exchanged for part of the ad space on ADZbuzz.

    -> Intrinsic value of ADZcoin

    Since every ADZcoin represents part of the ad space on ADZbuzz, the intrinsic value will play a role in the price. If the market value of ADZ is $5 and the intrinsic value is $20 it means that advertisers can get advertising at only 25% of the cost on other sites. This will obviously increase demand. If on the other hand the intrinsic value is $10 and the market value is $20 the demand will drop and the price will adjust itself.

    This alone will ensure ADZcoin is a very stable coin unlike other coins which are solely driven by the perception of value.

    -> ADZbuzz exchange will be the world’s first Crypto RTB platform!

    When you look at the setup, this basically means that the ADZcoin exchange will operate more like a real-time-bidding platform than a crypto currency exchange.

    Definition of RTB platform (source Wikipedia):
    “Real-time bidding (RTB) is a means by which advertising inventory is bought and sold on a per-impression basis, via programmatic instantaneous auction, similar to financial markets.”

    The only difference basically is that the auctions of the ad space won’t be instantaneous but the transfer of ad space will be represented by ADZcoin and served over a longer period of time (12 months to be exact).

    -> Guaranteed profits will create a new trading paradigm

    ADZbuzz in combination with ADZcoin will bring a lot of innovation to both the social media and the crypto currency world. I already referred to this in the previous blog post but it’s worth mentioning again that the trading of ad space in combination with guaranteed profits on ADZbuzz will create an entirely new way of trading.

    With the ADZbuzz exchange, traders will not only be able to make guaranteed profits and collect earnings day after day, they will also be able to further increase their earnings by promoting products and services on the ADZbuzz ad server.

    The crypto world is a dirty place full of pump and dump scammers and trolls who try to control the market value in order to make a quick buck. With ADZcoin this simply won’t be possible as the profits of traders go hand in hand with the growth of ADZbuzz and the quality of the platform, which will increase the intrinsic value of ADZcoins. This simply means traders won’t compete against each other by spreading lies and FUD but rather help each other to make more money.

    A better and nicer world all together which will be a breath of fresh air compared to what’s going on right now.


    I hope you now have a better understanding of both the crowdsale and the ADZbuzz exchange.

    It’s important to understand that ADZcoin isn’t a regular crypto currency. It represents something (ad space) that advertisers are willing to pay billions of dollars for on other sites.

    We on the other hand have created a system that will allow advertisers to not only get ad space for free basically, but also help them earn daily profits while they can advertise their products and services.

    ADZcoin will always have intrinsic value and if you download the ADZcoin calculator you can easily determine how much ADZcoin will be worth based on the growth of ADZbuzz.

    Finally, I hope it’s clear that the ADZbuzz exchange will serve more as a Real-Time-Bidding platform rather than a crypto exchange, since the product traded will be ad space and the coins will represent this asset.

    If you understand this, then you surely understand that the ADZbuzz crowdsale and launch will be a huge success!

    So let’s make ADZbuzz great now shall we?

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