NEW Coin Green CoinX ( XCG )

  • GreenCoinX Inc is a subsidiary of GreenBank Capital Inc a Canada base public company.

    Chairman & CEO :

    Daniel Wettreich has 40 years experience in venture capital,He is also a director of five other CSE listed companies.

    GeencoinX has developed a whole new ecosystem which was launched last week. It is designed to resolve the identity problems of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.


    GreenCoinX has the advantage of resolving cryptocurrency logistical issues. For example, Bitcoin has no answer to the problem of what happens when all the bitcoin has been mined. Bitcoin miners would then stop mining as there would no longer be miner rewards, and the blockchain would cease to function.

    The User Attraction:

    Funds can be transferred at a fraction of the cost and speed of the banking system. Micro payments can be easily completed. The 1.5 Billion unbanked people in the world can transfer funds simply with a mobile phone. Online retailers can substantially increase their market size by accessing the unbanked. Payment intermediaries can significantly improve cost/speed of their transactions.

    Other advantages are detailed currency stability programs designed to provide transactional certainty to users, and an affiliated free and safe online exchange.

    Key Futures:

    * User Identification

    * Currency Stability

    * Blockchain Longevity

    * Free and Safe Crypto Currency Exchange

    * Government Partnerships

    Open a new Online wallet At at

    Open a new mobile wallet on your Android mobile device

    GreenCoinX - Government Partenerships:

    GreenCoinX Inc is ready, willing and able to co-operate with all government entities in any jurisdiction worldwide to smoothly facilitate the collections of taxes related to transactions that use GreenCoinX. GreenCoinX is flexible and modifiable such that each government can decide what identification rules they require for a GreenCoinX transaction and what country specific taxes should be attached to each transaction. Additional parameters can be added on an as needed basis depending on the requirements of each country. We encourage all governments to contact us so that we can facilitate your parameters, by completing the following form.

    Website :


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