Rise <Dev Team> Go Forward Plan

  • As you all probably have assumed, we have encountered numerous issues with the delegate system, and the security of the rise-core code base. A couple of highlights:

    • Slow system speed - 10> Transactions per second - Above this causes forks
    • DDoS Vulnerabilities in multiple core system packages that require significant updates to resolve
    • Spotty delegate communication
    • High resource usage for nodes

    The above issues are difficult to resolve in the current code base (As evidenced by the original developers lack of resolution up until this point).

    In order to find a solution for this, we are going back to the drawing board, and designing an entirely new architecture for the system, not based on anything that is currently in existence. We will be writing a new codebase from scratch.

    The Architecture process is going to take a bit of time, but we will make sure that we post regular updates to where we are at, and we will keep all of our architecture and configuration documentation in a github project tracker so you can all track our progress yourselves. The address is RiseVisionProject. You’ll start seeing significant updates to this project by the end of this week.

    The objectives remain the same, building a stable, scalable cryptocurrency, with customizable side chains, Distributed applications, and Smart Contracts. We will still have a hosting platform that can be installed on any publicly accessible server, and we will still be maintaining API compatibility with the current SDKs.

    Once the new code is complete, we will initiate a straight swap of coins from one chain to the other. The mechanism for this is not yet decided on, but we will attempt to make it as seamless as possible.

    Thank you all for your continued support, we will keep you updated on progress on a regular basis, starting with a Whitepaper coming very soon…

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