The Districts Project 3D Blockchain Applications Platform

  • Hello Crypto community , i am Zain , 30 years old , Founder of "Blockchain Technology L.L.C" a registered company in the UAE , i'm working on this project for about a year.

    my idea is : creation of a new 3D decentralized applications platform called (Districts); a platform for unlimited decentralized projects created by the users themselves, but is not like any other platform you ever seen before , Districts can generate seeds to build a virtual worlds from the blockchain data and ensures more attractive, impressive and efficient presentations for users projects, allows you to build a 3D VR compatible decentralized applications and games or setup a conference using a powerful P2P encrypted messenger(Frequency IM) , or build a school and teach math online , in short, you can do anything , there is no limit on Districts .

    The Districts Project mission is to promote the crypto-currency’s to people who have no knowledge in computer science and help them use or build blockchain applications without writing or compiling code.
    One of the main purposes of the present project is to promote the existing Blockchain based projects and services. Users can use their preferred cryptocurrency like Bitcoin/Dash/Monero chains for their projects.

    For who ?

    Districts it is an opportunity for people who have a small business who can not afford the expenditures of advertisement and have difficulties to attract customers from the neighboring communities. The platform assists their activities by enabling them to better present their shops, services and business.

    We are hiring :

    My current budget allows me to hire small team.

    1x 3D Artist
    1x Sound engineer
    1x Level Designer
    1x Programmer (C++)

    if you are interested in joining our team please send your CV to : [email protected]

    Why Districts ?

    The Districts Project shows the true power of the Blockchain by providing advanced features like 3D World generated by transactions blocks,3D Social Network and the encrypted instant messenger, the limits of what you can do with this platform is your imagination, our expertise combined with innovative technology and a passion for delivering real results.
    3D Blockchain is one such trend that every business owner should be taking advantage of.

    White Paper:

    Districts Project short White paper : Here

    My Twitter : @Rezigzine

    Website (Will be ready soon) :

    Follow the Districts Project on Twitter @Districts_io .

    The full white paper will be published soon.
    Demo and explaining video will be added soon .

    Thank you for reading .