Updated Details Omni layer+State of the Layer: All Hands – Nov 8 2016

  • About Omni

    Omni is a platform for creating and trading custom digital assets and currencies. It is a software layer built on top of the most popular, most audited, most secure blockchain -- Bitcoin. Omni transactions are Bitcoin transactions that enable next-generation features on the Bitcoin Blockchain. Our reference implementation, Omni Core is an enhanced Bitcoin Core that provides all the features of Bitcoin as well as advanced Omni Layer features.

    • Easily create custom currencies and assets directly on the Bitcoin Blockchain
    • Blockchain-based crowdfunding
    • Trade assets peer-to-peer on the Blockchain
    • Easy to use, secure web wallets available
    • Fully-validating desktop wallet and client based on Bitcoin Qt
    • Easy to integrate server daemon based on Bitcoin Core
    • Over 10M USD in asset market cap on the layer as of Feb '16
    • Integrated with top Bitcoin and Alt-coin Exchanges
    • Tether Dollars backed by Bank Trust, redeemable for SWIFT at tether.to and bitfinex.com

    Start with a web application or a software download



    Free, hosted Web Wallet

    · You control your private key

    · Send & receive Bitcoin & Omni assets

    · Create assets, launch crowdsales, & trade on the distributed exchange.



    · Omni Blockchain Explorer

    · View Omni transactions on the Bitcoin Network

    · Lookup Omni asset (smart property) information

    · View asset trading on the Distributed EXchange (DEX)

    Omni Core:


    · Fully-validating Desktop Wallet

    · A superset of Bitcoin-Qt

    · Mac, Windows, and Linux

    · Native, cross-platform user interface

    · Peer-to-peer Distributed Exchange Trading



    · Omni Core server daemon, with RPC interface

    · A superset of bitcoind

    · Mac, Windows, and Linux

    · Omni protocol Reference implementation

    · Used by leading cryptocurrency exchanges

    Github Projects

    Omni Protocol Specification

    The Specification for the Omni Layer Protocol.

    Omni Core

    The Omni reference implementation. A C++ superset of Bitcoin Core.


    Hosted wallet server (Python) with AngularJS front-end.


    Java/JVM Omni Client


    Node.js-based JSON-RPC client for Omni Core.


    Visit the OmniLayer organization on Github to see other projects.


    Read the Omni Team Blog:http://blog.omni.foundation/

    Argue with us on Reddit:https://www.reddit.com/r/omni/

    Join our Facebook group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/1501816626750032/

    Follow us on Twitter:https://twitter.com/Omni_layer


    Holy Transaction

    Universal cryptocurrency wallet with instant exchange


    Enterprise Blockchain Software

  • State of the Layer: All Hands – Nov 8 2016

    • Craig
      1. DEx activation
        1. OmniWallet readiness
    • Adam
      1. Omniwallet
        1. Continuing to handle support
        2. Continuing to work on staging updates/fixes
    • Patrick
      1. Multiple articles for press placements
      2. Polishing www.blockchainyield.com
      3. Lost some days to bureaucracy
      4. Finishing up tutorials
      5. Calls with promising new issuers – need to review strategy with multisig
      6. Scripting work to test fees on testnet, need proper activation on testnet to employ the script
    • Marv
      1. Omniwallet
        1. User support
        2. OmniDex testing
    • dexx
      1. Updated version and release notes to prepare Omni Core v0.0.11.2
      2. Tagged, built and verified Omni Core v0.0.11.2:
      3. Automated testing of 0.13 port is green, the port is 95 % complete:
      4. Discussed the way forward for fee system with zathras
    • Zathras
      1. General:
        1. Resolved out of space issue on partner Omni Core instance
        2. Renewed OmniChest.info domain name for another year, will redirect to OmniExplorer.info
        3. General discussion various topics (fees/MDEx) / transaction testing
      2. Omni Core:
        1. Ran Gitian build process to generate binaries for (https://github.com/OmniLayer/gitian.sigs/pull/36)
        2. Fixed several bugs with the fee system (https://github.com/OmniLayer/omnicore/pull/426 – thanks dexx7!)
        3. Looking at crash recovery – simulating segfaults issue seems to be with SP watermark rollback, investigating further
        4. Testing variable ints, have a prototype encoder/decoder. Using existing main ecosystem payloads to test with:
          1. Total history of 107,610 Simple Send transaction payloads. If sent:
            1. Using standard Class C Payloads: 1,721,776 bytes
            2. Using Compressed Class D Payloads: 731,172 bytes
            3. Savings: 990,604 bytes (42.47% of standard size / 57.53% reduction)
          2. Total history of 816 Trade transaction payloads. If sent:
            1. Using standard Class C Payloads: 22,876 bytes
            2. Using Compressed Class D Payloads: 14,668 bytes
            3. Savings: 8,208 bytes (64.12% of standard size / 35.88% reduction)
        5. Ported old stale Auditor branch to and fixed up the bugs introduced by the port (https://github.com/OmniLayer/omnicore/pull/427)
        6. Investigating possibility of a safe-mode
    • Sean
      1. bitcoinj-addons 0.2.1 released (RPC client now tested and working on Android)
      2. Namecoin SPV lookup beta released that uses bitcoinj-addons
      3. OmniJ
        1. More changes for Bitcoin 0.13 port of Omni Core
        2. Migration from _MP to omni_ method names (Issue #121)
    • Judith
      1. Ongoing Communication with projects
      2. Preparing for Hackathon

  • State of the Layer: All Hands – Nov 15 2016

    • Adam
      1. Omniwallet
        1. Continuing to handle support
        2. Continuing to work on staging updates/fixes
    • Patrick
      1. Omniwallet testing/tickets
      2. In a historic week of chaotic global consciousness, tapped into meme-machine to produce 4 excellent press pieces, two for Bitcoin press, two for mainstream, and we’re talking top-tier mainstream outlets. It’s gonna be lit.
      3. Working on multisig tutorial based on revised RPCs
      4. Testnet activation for cross-property STO and fees to run my scripts and gen the data we need to confidently sign off on activating those.
    • Marv
      1. Omniwallet
        1. User support
        2. OmniDex testing, UI design w/ Adam
    • dexx
      1. Ported remaining unit tests and raw transaction API for 0.13 port – it’s basically feature complete
      2. Reviewed and merged fee system fix from Zathras for
      3. Hardcoded activations for all recent features on testnet for – it’s ready for new tag + binaries
    • Zathras
      1. OmniChest.info
        1. Fixed sender/receiver transposed on DEx v1 purchase (thanks Marv)
        2. Fixed server error when trade is invalid (thanks Adam/Marv)
        3. Fixed server error when trade is unconfirmed (thanks Patrick)
        4. Fixed missed trade matches when tradee is filled immediately
        5. Fixed display bug showing 100% sold for invalid trades
        6. Clarified some wording
      2. Omni Core
        1. Submitted Safe mode code (Feature Deactivation) https://github.com/OmniLayer/omnicore/pull/429
    • Sean
      1. OmniJ 0.5.0 later today (removing support for Omni Core pre
      2. Draft OLEs coming tomorrow
        1. OLE-001 Omni Layer Enhancements Overview
        2. OLE-002 Omni Layer Enhancements Process (based on BIP process)
      3. General support and advising

  • State of the Layer: All Hands – Nov 22 2016

    • Craig
      1. Sponsorship update (CoreTech)
      2. Experimental financial products
      3. Omniwallet status
      4. Litecoin client
      5. Press releases
      6. Identity
    • Adam
      1. Omniwallet
        1. Continuing to handle support
        2. Continuing to work on staging updates/fixes
          1. Only major bug left is chart display
          2. Need feedback from everyone to ensure no other bugs/stopping points
    • Patrick
      1. Multisig Tutorial
      2. Important Business Development – 3 really good projects
      3. Work on OmniArb.js
      4. Preparing affiliate marketing efforts for Omni assets
    • Marv
      1. Omniwallet
        1. User support
        2. OmniDex testing, UI design w/ Adam
      2. Omniexplorer
        1. A few feature requests, bug reports
    • dexx
      1. Tagged, built and released Omni Core v0.0.11.2:
      2. Will publish 0.13 port with latest additions and rebased on top of 0.13.1 soon
    • Zathras
      1. Omni Core:
        1. Submitted PR to change the number of signatories for emergency deactivations to 3 (https://github.com/OmniLayer/omnicore/pull/432)
        2. Generated binaries via Gitian for (https://github.com/OmniLayer/gitian.sigs/pull/38)
        3. Ongoing work on Class D (variable length integers) for smaller transactions
      2. Omni Explorer:
        1. Fixed some ‘could not reliably determine trade status’ errors for trades before All-Pairs went live
        2. Fixed new engine crash bug on unconfirmed trades in mempool
        3. Added breakdown of token reserved balances when looking up addresses (feature request from @marv)
        4. Upgraded daemon to Omni Core
        5. Back-ported old MasterChest RequestStat API to OE for backwards compat when Omnichest.info domain redirected to OE IP next week
    • Sean
      1. OmniJ 0.5.0 released (turned out to be a bit more work than expected)
      2. Working on OLEs today.
    • Judith
      1. Ongoing Communication with projects
      2. Preparing for Hackathon

  • State of the Layer: All Hands – Nov 29 2016

  • Omniwallet Updates, OmniDex Trading Interface Launched

    Just in time for the Holidays Omniwallet is pleased to present several updates, overhauls and the OminDex. The OmniDex interface ties in with the recently activated functionality on the Omni Protocol and now allows a completely decentralized interface for users to Trade Any Omni Issued Asset for any other Omni Issued Asset.User Offers are automatically matched against any existing open offer at the corresponding rate. Additionally, if you don’t see an offer for a pair you want to sell/buy you can open the new market just as easily by placing the first offer for that pair.Getting started is as simple as navigating to the ‘Exchange’->’OmniDex’ tab in the interface:

    From there you’ll be presented with the option to choose your preferred ‘Market Currency’ and then the existing Markets with open offers will be displayed. A full Getting Started Guide has been added to the knowledge base/wiki.Additional updates and changes include fee estimation, simplified fee configuration, updated and improved websocket library/feeds, auto websocket reconnection and resubscription (No more stale data when something restarts), improved balance feeds, and misc some bug fixes.So get out there and start placing your Offers!