New Coin Francs (FRN) Listed In C-CEX

  • Tomorrow's new giants.

    FRN are France's new generation currency inspired by Bitcoin and a global standard for wealth and luxury transactions. Francophones countries represent a growing number of 250 millions people making French the second political and strategical language in the world after English. According to projections, french speaking countries will represent close to a billion people in 2050

    International payments in francs.

    Francs (literally « freed ») have been known as the historical currency of France from 1360 to 2002 and Europe's most prestigious currency for centuries. France holds the key of attractiveness, quality and refinement, prestigious brands, immovable property, real estate, fashions or gastronomy. A lifestyle greatly prized by foreigners around the world whether as investors, businessmens or residents.


    FRN premine is shared between A. (3%), Zero (1%) and C. (1%). The premine is a reward for their personal
    investment. Considering A have been working on the project for a whole year. In case of sufficient price growth
    the money earned will be used to push further commercial developments. For example, owning our own
    professional video camera would be great (top material such as the RED Epic serie costs ~ 13.000€)

    The word « franc » means « freed » ou « liberated »

    The first franc was minted in Compiegne on December 5th 1360. The currency was named "the franc on horseback" The king was represented on his steed with, in the caption the term "Francorum Rex" (King of the Franks)

    In 1437 was born the "gold franc" which became the most important currency in Europe ahead of the italian Florin.
    In 1640, Louis the XIII reformed the monetary system and minted a new gold coin bearing his name, le Louis d'or.
    Francs became obsolete. Nevertheless the name "franc" stayed strong in people's minds.

    After the great revolution of 1789 the formal currency of France became the franc. The "franc germinal" or "gold franc" is created in 1803 under Napoleon the 1st. France built a vast empire in and outside Europe, in which the franc circulated widely. Belgium, Switzerland and northern Italy were integrated. The gold franc remains a notably stable currency for more than 100 years.

    After the franc Poincaré in 1928, Charles de Gaulle announced the creation of the "nouveau franc" willing to restore the prestige of nineteenth century's franc. The currency will be abolished in 2002.

    The franc carries Renaissance, births. Liberations and revolutions. Francs cryptocurrency perpetuates this tradition
    at the forefront of new technological developments for a new century.

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