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  • Zclassic (ZCL) Release Wallet Version 1.0.14

    This will be the last regular update before the mandatory upgrade to Version 1.1.1 Overwinter.

    Live comparison of Zclassic & Zcash 1.0.14: zcash/[email protected]

    Diff file: https://github.com/zcash/zcash...

    Confirm Checksums

    74c74e8b769c62c5376fea1e1bd678eb6556592a27acce21b97dc0b730f45805 ZCL-1.0.14-Win.EXE.TAR.xz

    On PowerShell:

    cd C:\Download\Location
    Get-FileHash .\ZCL-1.0.14-Win.EXE.TAR.xz -Algorithm SHA256

    it should be 74c74e8b769c62c5376fea1e1bd678eb6556592a27acce21b97dc0b730f45805.


    Use PeaZip if you don't have software to un-TAR yet.

    you can donate to support further development

    The Following Multi-Signature Addresses are owned by the new ZclassicCE Team.

    $BTC Bitcoin:

    bc1q4dgnccqsfa2yj3pxml5k73xumszcu00a928sq6e87rctsnlkvd0sgwfvpf (SegWit-Bech32) 35znxwpzz5rY5RzskPQAaVXje8aK7Gr6Xc (SegWit-P2WPKH-in-P2SH) 3AP2G9vyKTeTERgohqdycp4JcZhWUP2qSx (non-SegWit)

    $ZCL Zclassic:

    Transparent Address: (use from exchanges or mining pool payouts)


    Shielded Z-address: (safe to use from your own wallet)


    Source Code"


  • List of all Zclassic pools : https://miningpoolstats.stream...

  • Zclassic (ZCL) Pre Release Wallet version 1.1.1 

    this is software for developers to test, DO NOT use for production yet, please get a safe environment for testing

    Zclassic Daemon version v1.1.1-1b895eb56 Zclassic RPC client version v1.1.1-1b895eb56

    code check

    comparison of Zcash & Zclassic v1.1.1: zcash/[email protected]

    .diff file: https://github.com/zcash/zcash...


    acc838812be06625e7562d3b011215824376d1c75fe03ce595e835b213f2ddeb  zclassic-v1.1.1-linux.tar.gz
    870fe8cf94ddff1a6461aad8ee645372e85441b96442245c90fbd7235cd8f7c9  zclassic-v1.1.1-win.zip
    386239dfb04b7c428a0231ff5db48d86481bf036dad51ca83a66d7167dc839f8  Xenial-MinGW-Build-v1.1.1-win.zip

    release notes:


    known issues:

    1. Bionic build is a MUST - cross-compiling for windows build on xenial host causes unnecessary CPU load and silently fails on Private Transactions (PThreads bug in MinGW32, et al.) zcash#3172 (comment)#188
    2. wallet tweaks necessary - blbradley/zcash-swing-wallet-ui#9

    scheduled protocol upgrades:

    2018-11-06 => v1.1.1 Overwinter activation 2018-12-06 => v2.0.1 Sapling activation

    Source Code


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