DECENT ICO Overview-statistics summary

  • DECENT ICO began on 11th September, and continued for the 8-week duration, concluding on 6th November with final collected BTC amount of 5881.44798307 with ICO generated DCTs around 38.5 mil. (38,510,759.76750000). We perceive that as a major success given the scope of our local business venues. Together, a number of individual deposits climbed up to 4265.

    But firstly, break this all down.

    The participants were active with their sizable donations predominantly in the opening day of ICO. Few indications point to initial enthusiasm and bounteous bonuses in place; during the first 24 hours, recipients obtained a 50% bonus to the maximum amount of received DCTs.

    Obviously, the largest bracket describes a massive influx during the first day, and after that, gradually settles. In the last week, a surge occurs, pushing funds almost to week no. 3 limit.

    The highest amount of BTC received was in the first day (64%), over 3861.51 BTC, while following six days helped DECENT acquire 1096.16 BTC. Altogether, the premiere week helped us collect more than 85% of all BTCs. On similar note, we appreciate all the smaller deposits (under 5 BTC mark), presumably for individual enthusiasts, eager to involve themselves and they account for 94.3%.

    Only 0.2% contributed more than 50 BTC (one deposit was 200 BTC) and 0.5% gave away 30 BTC or more. Moderately high deposits (2.3% and 2.7%) constituted from 10+ BTC and 30+ in sequence.

    When it comes to generated DCTs, ICO event produced 38.5 mil.(38,510,759.76750000), which represents 70% of the total DCT distributed, accordingly to bonuses applied to quickest participants during the first two weeks of ICO. Therefore this first horizontal column unevenly overshadows the one representing BTC received during first 24 hours.

    The 70% figure of total DCT (47.1 mil.)in distribution generated by ICO also includes 10% (3.8 mil.) for the DECENT Foundation, non-profit entity, ministering the implementation of blockchain solutions, 2% (0.7 mil.) for Allocation Fund for innovation endeavours. Also, 1,000,000 DCT will be invested in DECENT Bounty program and 3,000,000 number of tokens will help with Pre-ICO marketing (DECENT Network, , etc.). The other 30% (20.2 mil.) of all soon-to-be available DCT will be assigned for mining purposes.

    With all said, the final number of all issued DCT is 67.3 million.

  • DECENT Network development update

    Every two weeks, we’ll inform you about the state of development by providing data from our programmers and architects. After every two weeks, you’ll see an update from each sprint,  description of every step.

    Each sprint has been named according to the appropriate letter of an alphabet and year during which the sprint has taken place, e.g. in January’s sprints are called A 2017 and B 2017.

    A 2017 Sprint

    The first phase of development of DECENT Network lasted from 4th till 18th January and we bring you list of several features that have been completed so far.

    Subscription mechanism has been successfully implemented in the DECENT Core, therefore the first step of subscription-based content delivery is achieved. Basic functionalities involve managing active subscriptions and price-and-duration matching.

    Option to join witness and committee role regards to transaction position and becomes available at the launch of DECENT Network, together with subscription.

    Our developers have also finished their work on designing package format and creating library for package manipulation, the highly prioritized features.

    To streamline the network’s operational output, our team enabled building the product under primary target systems and architecture what will help Windows, Mac and Linux users in the development of their software under DECENT’s blockchain protocol.

    Next sprint, B 2017, is going to last till 2nd February and will introduce next set of functionalities, core and secondary features. Subscribe to our newsletter and find out more information about the progress of our development team.

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  • DECENT's next destination - London

    On 21st February, DECENT will present itself to an audience of blockchain enthusiasts in Great Britain’s capital, London.

    Attending speaker, Matej Michalko, founder and CEO of DECENTBlockchain R&D Hub, hopes “our current state of development will reassure our backers,” and believes they will find “the idea of DECENT's progress persuasively endearing.”

    Hosted by CoinscrumDECENT Network will operate.

    Together with advantages of utilizing the Network by content creators and developers, meetup participants will be updated on the current development processour meetup. We are eager to have an enjoyable chat with the blockchain community, with you.

    Don’t wait any longer, subscribe to our newsletter and get news about our activities and network development.

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  • DECENT Testnet #1 'Caesar' was launched!

    Digital Revolution begins! DECENT Testnet #1, called ‘Caesar’ was launched! Become part of the future and discover Blockchain Content Distribution Network today.

    In order to meet all the milestones from DECENT Development PlanDECENT Network. The aim is to detect unexpected issues and make a huge step towards the launch of a fully functioning decentralized distribution network in June 2017. Therefore, we offer several ways of error reporting for each testnet participant. Together with the testnet invitations (more info below), testers will receive information about the specifically created DECENT Forum and Support Ticketing System.

    DECENT Testnet Invitation Batches Information

    As we have announced beforeregisteredthrough DECENT website.

    We would like to emphasize that there is no need to worry if you do not receive your invitation in the first batch! All registered users will gain access during the testing phase and will be able to test DECENT functionalities prior to its official launch.

    More information about the next batches and testnet versions will be available in the following weeks. Stay tuned to our channels, register for DECENT TestnetDECENT Testnet with a strong belief that one of our milestones has been completed and many others are ahead of us. Please, take your time, explore the features and let us know what could be a perfect addition to DECENT’s functionalities. We are here to make the Future of Digital Content Distribution great. Join DECENT‘s journey today!

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  • Decent: Testnet No.1 Launched


     is a blockchain-based content distribution platform. The project first started in 2015 with the team behind the project presenting the ambitious goal of liberating the world of media, by empowering both content creators and consumers alike. But how is the DECENT platform able to do all of this? First of all, like all blockchain technologies, the platform will be decentralized, meaning anyone can publish content without having to go through third parties.

    DECENT is an independent platform, owned and controlled only by its community  and will never be affiliated with any economic, media or political party. This allows for a platform without censorship, where content creators have their profits maximized. It also allows users to create a variety of applications on an open-source protocol, ranging from blogs, music, streaming, e-book publishing, software sales, indie game development, among others.

    Now that you know a little about what DECENT is and what it does, you might be curious to try it out. Although the project hasn’t been officially launched yet, the first Testnethere! The mainnet, a fully functioning version of DECENT is scheduled to launch in June of 2017.


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