[ANN][ICON] ICONIC - Blockchain Engineering - ICO Live - 30% Bonus Period

  • What is ICONIC?

    A group of IT professionals with a passion for blockchain technology. With our knowledge combined, and our shared view on blockchain related applications, the ICONIC project was
    founded in August 2016.

    Why was ICONIC designed?

    Countless cryptocurrencies have been launched in the last couple of years. However, over 90% of these projects have no development purposes, or lack the expertise to create something
    unique and worthwhile.

    Instead of re-inventing the wheel, we plan to move forward with new innovations. Bitcoin invented our wheel, we build the car.

    Our vision is with useability and (global) adoption. Current systems can be complicated to work with.When placing ourselves in the view of merchants and services providers, there is much improvement
    required to attract new parties and investment agencies in blockchain economies.

    The conclusion is simple. Make blockchain application integration more attractive for new parties. By simplifying integration processes and adding practical user funcionality, ICONIC will wake new
    interest with developers, merchants and investment agencies to join blockchain related economies.


    - Abbreviation: ICON
    - Blocktime: 1 Minute
    - Algorithm: ICONIC Stake
    - Reward: 0.5 ICON
    - Maturity Age: 6 Hours
    - Confirm Time: 10 Blocks
    - ICO Tokens: 500 000 ICON
    - Bug Bounty Tokens: 10 000 ICON
    - Community Tokens: 10 000 ICON
    - Total Tokens: 520 000 ICON


    Automated Payments

    Configure automated payments to pay bills,send funds to a savings account,send to exchange and all others options you can imagine to use these tools for. Just like a

    regular banking account but with the comfort of instant payment, and privacy through the ICONIC network.

    - Blockchain Username Verification

    A new approach to improve the user experience for using blockchain related applications. Register a username on the blockchain linked to an address in your wallet.

    Send and receive money using usernames,chat with other users and maintain a personal portfolio on the blockchain.

    - Transaction Loop

    Loop your transactions through a dark-peer network simply by configuring your wallet to function as a dark-peer. Each dark-peer relays the transaction to make the transaction highly

    untraceable and improve the privacy of the transaction issuer. The amount of loops a transaction is going through is dependent on the total amount of hosted dark-peers.

    - ICONIC Web API

    Public developers API for application integration. Use a blockchain login verification system on your website, use callback requests for payment integration, the possibilities are endless.

    - ICONIC Property Contracting

    Utilizing the ICONIC network to store and record contract information to prevent fraud and increase our financial privacy. Smart Property Contracting allows us to claim
    ownership of either physical or non-physical goods.

    ICO Details:

    The ICO runs from November 11th - November 30th 2016.
    Client and source is released on December 2nd 2016.
    Distribution starts on December 3rd 2016.
    500 000 ICONIC tokens are issued to investors.
    A minimum of 100 BTC is required for project succes.
    If the total investment is below 100BTC, investors wil get a full refund.

    ICO Escrow and Terms: blockpioneers.info - BanzaiBTC

    Round 1:
    30% Early investor bonus - Nov. 11th - 14th 2016

    Round 2:
    10% Early investor bonus - Nov. 15th - 19th 2016

    Round 3:
    Regular investment policy - Nov. 20th - 30th 2016

    Please visit iconicproject.com, or read our whitepaper for more information.


    100 ICONIC bounty for translating. Contact only through PM, and not in thread.

    Russian - Reserved by hatshepsut93
    Indonesian - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1678163.msg16852142#msg16852142
    Malaysian - Reserved by moroseneng
    Portuguese - Reserved by Raxitto
    Italian - Reserved by davide72
    Chinese - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1678050
    Hindi(India) - Reserved by btvGainer
    Spanish - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1677865
    Greek - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1678197
    French - Reserved by syahril

    Community Campaigns:

    Signature and Avatar campaign starts on November 14th 2016

    Hiring: Signature Campaign Manager - Bounty : 1000 ICON

    Official Links:

    Website: iconicproject.com
    Whitepaper : ICONIC Whitepaper
    Twitter: @ICONICTOKEN

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