Nolimit coin NLC2 Windows wallet.

  • RAR (compressed)


    1. Email [email protected] a screen shot of your current wallet showing balance. We will then compare the Nov 2 Explorer balances and if it matches, we will send you new coin. You can send screen shot of your windows or web wallet.

    2. Send your new NLC2 wallet address

    3. Allow 72 hours for transfer as we review each transaction.

    4. Best practice is to keep a windows wallet as it is now staking 4% and since POW has been removed, wallets will now be the only type of nodes, so each wallet helps the chain.

    5. Once we distribute the coin, we will get relisted so all have the coin at once.

    This coin, NLC 2.0 is form a much smaller pool, 200M coin VS 1.4 B, so its 14% of the previous total. That is a 1:7 reverse split as they say with stock.

    6. Send screen shots of how you purchased the coin or if you got from the game indicate screen name also please. Large amounts will require this proof please.

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