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  • QA interview with the Janus developers


  • Our Social FinTech site is going to destroy the boiler rooms in Forex.

    The problem today is really not a lack of information, the issue lies in the discovery of it delivered by those with deep knowledge. Our team knows from personal experience the difficulties of individuals that are in search of knowledge and instruction in foreign exchange markets.There are thousands of experienced day traders, each using different methods to predict the rise and fall of all traded currencies in our world. There exists even more novice or budding traders in search of information from these experienced members. Of this nearly 5 trillion in total daily volume trading volumes lies a number of scattered groups each with it’s own ‘master trader’. This guru of charts and market waves delivers information to private followers to help amass great fortunes or huge losses daily, and more often than not for a large fee.We’ve come up with a beautiful concept to bring the masses together and help these experienced day-traders become the superstars of finance. Welcome to Social FinTech:“One of the businesses planned for launch, which has been briefly described in the Janus project white paper is our Social FinTech site. This site and concept originated after our early days in Forex and cryptocurrency private trading groups, and developed from there into something viable for mainstream.We plan to build a site and platform that allows experienced Forex traders to set up account profiles. These traders will have their own private ‘rooms’ that will allow them to connect people to their trades, charts, and calls all in one place. Private chat will be enabled, and each follower who signs up to them will gain access only by paying a monthly subscription fee. The day traders will no longer need to worry about collecting payments from each member as our site will handle this and take a small percentage fee.We will offer people numerous methods to expand their following, full social media integration and privacy that can only be unlocked through subscription. Advanced day traders will have a link that directs their social media followers to our site and their private rooms. This will enable our team and users to promote user acquisition on a very large scale. Day traders will be inputting their TA/charts and market indicators to predict where they think the markets are moving, paid subscribers will have access. Experienced day traders will be scored based on the success of their calls, and potential followers will be able to see these scores and current followers recommendations prior to signing up for each ‘Master Traders’ private rooms.Our team has had in development Forex trading bots. We are creating an in browser GUI powered by our trade bots that will enable even novice traders to take what they are learning from experienced day traders they follow and apply it easily on site. This will be marked as part of a professional package within the Social FinTech site and carry a higher price but should prove extremely valuable for end users. We have been testing an automated ‘autopilot’ for the bots which has proven very good at making small percentage gains daily. Large events such as something like ‘Brexit’, however you will want to set the values yourself as a user.There are more options that will be added over time until our business becomes the primary source for all interested parties to convene. We will of course run heavy marketing and gain user feedback, then apply suggestions when appropriate to further make the entire user experience amazing for all.”-The Janus Project teamThis business is planned for Q2 2017 upon successful funding of the Janus project. Find out how you can be a part of this business and change the way Forex trading information is delivered.The Janus team is currently hosting a token sale to take part in the future of several mainstream global industries. Sign up today to share a piece in the fruits of our labors. Learn more at www.janustoken.com

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Janus_Token

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Janus-Token-175556269556960/

    Nxt Forum: https://nxtforum.org/the-janus-project/

    Slack: https://nxtchat.herokuapp.com/ (join channel #janusproject)

    Bitcointalk Forum: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1677509.0

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  • Posting for transparency the deletion of purchased Janus tokens.

    Type:    Delete Asset Shares
    Asset:    4348103880042995903
    Asset Name:    Janus
    Quantity: 52,393.0393

    tokens no longer available for sale, buy back and burn will occur
    periodically in accordance with our project model and details found on
    the OP.

    Dividends from Betterbets.io  come out on February 1st (next Wednesday), this burn increases everyone elses share of NXT.

  • Dividends from Betterbets.io wil come out on February 1st before 6pm CST.

    Join our slack channel https://goo.gl/bgVoYG  #MyBodyIsReady #NXT


    - The Janusproject Team

  • Janus Token Distribution - 2 

    Overview of March 4th-July 3rd, 2017 Janus token distribution:

    Token asset ID: 4348103880042995903

    you first of all, to the Janus community, for their input and help with
    the creation of this plan. Without them, we would not have reached a
    consensus and the strong economic
    model described below. This strategy will be live starting March 4th, 2017- July 3rd, 2017 until the next distribution set for July 4th, 2017.

    Janus (JNS) tokens will be set on two exchanges at 3 NXT per token:

    1.5 million Janus on the NXT asset exchange,  500k on C-cex.com exchange to give a BTC/JNS option for purchase.

    Large Janus purchase options will now be available at slightly reduced prices.

    Option A: Four million JNS tokens will be set aside allowing for the ability of two people to reach the 2 million token requirement for tier 1 dividends
    (JanusXT). The rate per token is set as follows: 2.25 NXT per JNS a 25>#/strong### savings from market price.

    BTC or Ardor payment options also accepted, contact us for current market price.

    Option B:
    For those wishing to make a large investment into Janus but are not
    able to go for XT status, there is a smaller package offer. We are
    offering 2

    allotments of 1 million Janus each at a rate of 2.75 NXT per Janus or a savings of 8.33>#/strong### off the market offer price.

    BTC or Ardor payment options also accepted, contact us for current market price.

    For the large buy-in options there are a total of 6 million Janus tokens being offered in bulk purchase: 2/2 million and 2/1 million options.

    Contact our team via slack or email  [email protected] to complete the transaction.

    If any unsold tokens exist they will return to the Janus distribution account to be used for future quarterly disbursement.

    The Janus team will reduce total supply of Janus through a currency burn of 2.5 million tokens.

    anyone has any questions, do not hesitate to ask. Each quarterly
    distribution will change in order to promote the health of our project,
    businesses, and market.

    Economics will be handled by long term members of the Janus community, JanusXT holders, and our team.

    Yours in business,


    Concept development

    The Janus Project

    Original PDF: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c96azatpi6hiuso/Janus%20Distribution%20March%204th.pdf?dl=0

  • Janus Dividend (2017-2)

    March 1st

    A total of 364726.25756003 NXT distributed among 299 accounts which own a total of 12,576,767.50207 shares

    0.029 NXT per Janus token owned



    Our team will not make much fanfare over it, reason being that the current organic growth of Janus is many times better and allows for the focus to be on our work vs. promoting token sales.

    If Janustokens sell it’s because people see value in each milestone, if they don’t then we work harder, this is the best way to progress.

    Asset Price:

  • Janus (JNS) August profit share

    A total of 21 058,19 NXT will be distributed among 396 accounts which own a total of 21,058,198 shares.

    0.001 NXT per Janus owned.

    Transaction 10247192402062977665


    NOTE:If you are using Nxt client just click Account ledger,  and you will get all transactions , including "Dividend Payment".

    Just click

    and you will see something like this :

    Sidenote :   The mynxt
    wallet doesn't show the amount of dividends deposit transaction, you
    will need to check your wallet balance.  Still,  the transaction log

    file will be something like this:
    Transaction History
    Date   Tag   Details   Amount
    04 Aug 2017   - No tag -   Transferred asset    0 NXT

    Users of stocks.exchange will receive dividends without the necessity of moving funds from the exchange.

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