BetKing - Most trusted and popular crowdfunded Bitcoin Dice site

  • was launched in April 2013 (formerly Pocket Rockets Casino) and has since become the largest and most trusted
    Bitcoin gambling website allowing crowdfunded investment in the house bankroll.

    DICE Game:

    Earn commission by referring players to

    Provably fair:
    Prove that the house has not rigged or changed your rolls by verifying your own bets. Use the excellent 3rd party verifier here

    Choose your risk when investing. Leveraged kelly options allow you to reduce counter party risk. You can keep a much smaller portion of your investment funds on site.

    All funds are stored in cold wallets. Connections are encrypted using SSL and you can enable two factor authentication on your account. 2fa locks withdraw, divest and other security options.

    • Anonymous accounts
    • No signup required. A account will be created for you when you visit the site. It is still recommended you add a username and password and setup 2fa.
    • Excellent customer support
    • 1% edge
    • Instant withdrawals
    • 1 confirm deposit


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