Dicecoin.io - Provably Fair | 1k FREE Faucet | 5 BTC Max Profit | 1% House Edge

  • Dicecoin.io is the quick moneymaker for cryptocurrency fans.

    Jump into the game!
    We're growing - no scam, no ponzi, no shit.

    Main features are:

    • 1000 FREE Faucet - try game without depositing money;
    • 1% House Edge - 99% goes to our players;
    • 100K BONUS - daily bonuses for most active gamblers;
    • Provably fair - each bet could be verified.

    P.S. We're constantly giving occasional bonuses. You could get free 1 BTC by playing on Dicecoin.io while following this thread.

    What is DiceCoin?
    DiceCoin is a modern online game using Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

    How to play?

    • Deposit Bitcoins to your account and you’ll be ready to play;
    • Select a Game, enter your bet and click on Roll Dice;
    • A random lucky number between 0 and 9999 will be generated and if it is less than the specified target number — you win. The lucky number is generated provably fair and without any tricks.

    What is the prize?
    The amount of your reward is calculated by game multiplier times the bet amount.

    What is your benefit?
    We take 1% and 99% goes to the players.

    What is provably fair?
    The lucky number is generated by an algorithm, which is described here.

    Can I play for free?
    Yes. Using Faucet you can get free 0.00001 BTC (1000 satoshi), 0.001 LTC or 10 DOGE.

    What bonuses can I get at DiceCoin?
    We pay the following daily bonuses to our players:

    • Biggest bet: 0.001 BTC; 0.1 LTC; 1,000 DOGE;
    • Largest volume: 0.001 BTC; 0.1 LTC; 1,000 DOGE.

    What is automatic bet?

    betting allows you to play Martingale strategy. What you need is to

    choose Game, enter Start Bet and Loss Multiplier (e.g. 2 for 50% game)

    and press Start button. Automatic betting will continue until error

    occures (e.g. insufficient balance) or if some of conditions raise:

    • Max bet — maximum bet limit;
    • Number of bets — limit number of bets to specified value;
    • Target profit — automatic betting stops when specified profit is reached;
    • Max loss — automatic betting stop when specified loss is reached.

    What is the procedure of funds withdrawal?
    Any user could withdraw funds from own account at any time. Withdrawal procedure depends on the sum:
    • Wins which are less that equivalent of 5 BTC will be paid right away (1 sec. - few hours);
    • Wins which are more than equivalent of 5 BTC will be paid max after 7 days (this time is taken to provide the security verification).

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