Synereo Project 11 Appetizer #01

  • A few months ago, we invited leading decentralizers – developers, entrepreneurs, and curators – to work with us to deliver the next generation of dApps. Following the call, hundreds of teams submitted their proposals to Synereo’s Project 11 grant project, in the prospect of being included in the Synereo-NFX partnership program, receiving funding and professional guidance to build their decentralized applications on top of Synereo’s next-gen. platform.

    The vetting process is still in its early stages, and selecting a handful of winners among the many inspiring submissions won’t be an easy task. However, to give you a taste of the action, we’ll introduce several projects from time to time, here on our blog. The lion’s share of these projects are still in bootstrapping mode, so feel free to contact the teams if you’re in the mood of partnering up.

    This week’s project: Decentralized P2P insurance.

    Theodore Barkov proposes to use RChain’s social contracts to automatically calculate insurance profiles and customized premiums, which are aggregated in a mutual pool from which indemnities can be paid directly after a decentralized vetting process, performed by fellow insurees or their delegates. This would lower costs and bureaucratic hassles for all involved, and reduce fraud from both sides – the insurer and the insuree – to a bare minimum.

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