[ICO LIVE] {ZXT} Zcrypt - Anonymous Distributed Blockchain-as-a-Service

  • Blockchain-as-a-Service with Zero-Knowledge protocol implementation. Trustless decentralised money and blockchain based apps & smart contracts.

    The third generation of cryptocurrencies is now reality, join the future. Today!

    What is Zcrypt mission?

    Zcrypt aims to increase and sustain personal privacy, focusing on financial anonimity and decentralisation.By guaranteeing financial privacy, Zcrypt can help ensure freedom of commerce. People should be able to transact however they want, as long as it does not infringe on the well-being or individual liberty of others. We are also strong believers that freedom of commerce also facilitates peace and prosperity across countries and cultures. By guaranteeing financial privacy, Zcrypt can directly guarantee fungibility, an essential property for free commerce.
    We know we can’t change the world but we are aware of the chance of revolutionizing our financial indipendence and privacy with a new generation of Cryptocurrencies!


    Name: ZeroCrypt (Zcrypt)
    Ticker: ZXT
    Coin Issued for ICO: 100M ZXT
    Coin mineable with PoW: 1M ZXT
    PoZ Interest: 1% Annually
    Algo: LyraZ (new algo)

    Zcrypt Features


    Blockchain applies tried-and-true digital signature technology to create transactions that reduce fraud and establishes trust and accountability.
    A write once, read many database that is an immutable record of every transaction. If a mistake is made, you must post a compensating transaction to correct it – no updating or deleting is allowed.

    Zero-knowledge proof

    Zero-knowledge proof (or zero-knowledge protocol) is a method by which one party (the prover) can prove to another party (the verifier) that a given statement is true, without conveying any information apart from the fact that the statement is indeed true. This means secure trustless anonymous transactions.

    How do Zero-knowledge cryptographic proofs ensure Zcrypt’s anonimity?

    Zcrypt’s zero-knowledge proof makes a cryptographic statement. When someone is sent Zerocrypts, the person only knows that X amount of money was sent to their wallet. Unlike Bitcoin, there is no other unintended identifying information about the sender and receiver. Zero Knowledge proofs ensure that there is zero information leakage about the sender and receiver of a transaction. However is still possible for users to make “clear” transaction which will not be hidden and thus traceable. To make Z transactions (which are the anonymous ones) you simply need to convert normal coins to anon coins with a single click in your wallet. Simple, fast, user-friendly & anonymous. Full tutorials will be released upon launch time.

    I’ve read Zcrypt will be a PoW/PoS hybrid, while all the other zero-knowledge coins are pure PoW mineable. Is it true? And why you made this decision?

    Yes, Zcrypt will introduce a new kind of PoS, called Proof of Zero (PoZ for the crypto addicts) in the first quarter of 2017. Althought Zcrypt will be launched with only PoW mining we have scheduled a low blockreward in order to protect the value of coins purchased by our ICO Investors. The PoW phase will last about 1 month while we head to full PoZ conversion in early 2017. PoW will give the chance to non Investors users to earn some ZXT with mining but the total coins produced by PoW will not be more than 1M.
    We choose PoZ over PoW mining because it is more suitable for the low/medium computer user consumer. We know that the best tech without proper mass adoption could lead to disatrous pathways. That is why we are giving priority to enhance Zcrypt mass adoption and user-friendliness with a proper democratic method of consesus: Proof of Zero. PoZ is an evolution of actual PoS, with the main difference that is capable of Zero-Knowledge transactions. No other cryptocurrency has implemented this kind of technology yet , confirming Zcrypt on top of innovation development in Blockchain fintech market. Moreover PoZ gives every users the chance of earning interest over their owned coins, just as standard Proof of Stake. Last but not least PoZ is far away more cheap than PoW, in term of power & processor consumption.
    That’s why you should not miss he chance of buying Zcrypt ICO instead of wasting electricity, time and money in mining

    A cryptographically secure, shared, distributed ledger

    Blockchains have little value within a single organization. The more organizations or companies that participate, even competitors, the more streamlined the process will be and the greater the value.

    The money of the future

    Blockchain based cryptocurrencies are an exponential growing market leading the Fintech scene in the last years. Cryptocurrencies such Zcrypt offer worldwide, fast and secure way of sending and receiving payments. But as you may learn here, Zcrypt is much more than a simple payment method.

    When is Zcrypt main net launch?

    Zcrypt Main net launch is scheduled for 21 of December. Zcrypt wallets will be released after 6 days from ICO end scheduled time, which is the 15th of December 2016.
    As specified in ICO f.a.q., in the event of ICO early sold out, trading will be enabled on C-cex.com exchange just after.


    Below you can find the final terms for the Zcrypt ICO. Please note that the terms explained in this blog posts are the only valid ones.

    • When does the ICO takes place?
    • Which crypto-currencies can be exchanged?
    • How is the distribution?
    • Which is the price/coin during ICO?
    • Exchange security
    • Where can I participate?
    • What bonuses can I receive?
    • Will my investment grow in value?
    • Special reward for day 1 participants
    • Will there be a refund?
    • For what cause is the money?

    When does the ICO takes place?

    The ICO takes place on the 15th November 2016 and will end on the 15th December. Take note that an earlier sold out could occur.

    Which crypto-currencies can be exchanged?

    In Zcrypt ICO we can accept many currencies thanks to C-cex.com platofrom. Zcrypt ICO sell orders will be set in various market pairs. You can purchase ZXT with Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Dogecoin (DOGE)). You can find which is the ICO coins distribution per market in the distribution details section below.

    How is the distribution?

    Zcrypt initial coins amount is set to 100 M (100 Millions). Such amount is partitioned as follow:

    Early supporters who participate in our bounty campaign will receive a total of 1,000,000 ZXT. All participants get on a list and will receive the ZXT once the mainnet is launched. We will contact every supporter individually to make the bounties payouts.

    • 11,000,000 ZXT: Private Investors Group

    A funding group of anonymous investors purchased privately 11M ZXT to boost our start-up. They agreed on a “lock funds” agreement until 2018, so that they won’t move their own coins to be sold on exchanges before that date. The ZXT addresses where those coins will be stored are going to be published as soon as the main net is live and we transfer coins to them. Also they agreed to split the 11 M coins in lower staking wallets with a maximum of 250k ZXT each.

    88 Millions coins will be placed on public ICO on https://c-cex.com/?lpm=btc&p=zxt-btc available for all the public Investors.

    Which is the price/coin during ICO?

    Price for each ZXT will be 250 satoshis (0.00000250 BTC per ZXT)

    ZXT Distribution over market pairs

    We accept many currencies to exchange for ZXT ICO.

    Coins will be split as follow between many market pairs:

    ZXT/BTC : 85M

    ZXT/LTC : 1M

    ZXT/ETH : 1M

    ZXT/DOGE: 1M

    If the altcoins markets will not have demand we’ll transfer all the ICO orders on BTC market pair only.

    Exchange Security

    You can invest safely in Zcrypt ICO thanks to C-cex.com platform ensuring the highest grade of security in cryptocurrencies exchange. https://c-cex.com/?lpm=btc&p=zxt-btc

    Where can I participate?

    You can participate in Zcrypt ICO at this link: https://c-cex.com/?lpm=btc&p=zxt-btc

    Can i receive any bonus?

    There will be 4 stages in which people can earn different bonuses for their exchanged BTC and accepted altcoins.

    First week: 15% bonus

    Second week: 10% bonus

    Third week: 5% bonus

    Fourth week: 0% bonus

    Example scenario:

    • 10 BTC were exchanged by 3 persons at a time (total 30 BTC)
    • 0 LTC and 0 ETH were exchanged
    • Person A exchanged in the first week
    • Person B exchanged in the third week
    • Person C exchanged in the fourth week

    Thanks to the bonus the total amount of exchanged BTC is counted as 32 BTC (10*1,15+10*1,05+10*1).

    • Person A receives (10*1,15)/32 = 0,359375 = 35,9375% of the ZXT
    • Person B receives (10*1,05)/32 = 0,328125 = 32,8125% of the ZXT
    • Person C receives (10*1)/32 = 0,3125 = 31,25% of the ZXT

    Will my investment grow in value?

    We cannot guarantee that your investment will result in profits in the future. However we dealt to find some smart solution to avoid value-loss on the market, which can happen for multiple reasons: miners dumping mined coins, investors cashing out their investment, FUD, hypes, trolls etc.

    To do this we have decided to reward mostly our ICO investors offering only 1 Million coins to be actively Mined by miners during the PoW stage. This mean only 30k coins per day will be produced in the first month of mining while we head to PoZ netwrok switch. Inflation will be so controlled and Investors can stay safe from miners mass dumps.

    Anyway we are confident that ZXT value will grow exponentialy over time, thanks to a deep and hard work from the core team and from the community itself!

    Special reward for day 1 participants

    In order to provide a higher incentive to participate in the ICO from day one, we will be taking 200,000 ZXT out of our own funds, and distributing them to all day one ICO participants according to their exchanged amounts. The extra reward will be given to users who use BTC or an altcoin accepted by C-cex market pairs within the first day of the ICO launch.

    For example:

    At day 1 if we collect 100 BTC from 3 users (A/B/C):

    • If User A sends 20 BTC, he will receive 40,000 ZXT from the day 1 reward.
    • If User B sends 30 BTC, he will receive 60,000 ZXT from the day 1 reward.
    • If User C sends 50 BTC, he will receive 100,000 ZXT from the day 1 reward.

    The reward will not be visible in the genesis block, as we will distribute the 200,000 ZXT manually out of our own accounts after the launch.

    Will there be a refund?

    No refunds are allowed. All purchases are final, please be sure to have done your due diligence before investing.

    For what cause is the money?

    The money will be used for the Zcrypt ecosystem over the next years. We will use it to pay all kinds of arising expenses.

    E.g. promotions, advertisements, salaries, dev hiring cost, conference visits, sponsoring, network fundings, development, designs, contractors, infrastructure, necessary devices, meetings and more.

    We will manage the funds with high diligence.

    • Every date and time specification is in the UTC timezone.
    • Every date includes the first and last day.

    If you have questions please come to the Zcrypt Slack and ask them! If you encountered any problem please open a new ticket at our support center.

    BLOCK EXPLORER: explorer.zcrypt.io

    Wallets: After 15dec-16


    BTC: https://c-cex.com/?lpm=btc&p=zxt-btc

    LTC: https://c-cex.com/?lpm=ltc&p=zxt-ltc

    ETH: https://c-cex.com/?lpm=eth&p=zxt-eth

    DOGE: https://c-cex.com/?lpm=doge&p=zxt-doge

    CryptoCompare: https://www.cryptocompare.com/coins/zxt/overview


    Below you can find detailed information about our bounty categories and how to earn bounties. You can participate in this bounty campaign until the 14th December 2016 (or until ICO goes sold out). All bounties will be distributed 1–2 weeks after the mainnet goes live.We don’t know how many users will participate in our bounty campaign. Therefore we will allocate specific amounts to each category and distribute the ZXTbetween
    all participants. To give long-time supporters an increased stake, we will check through all participants on a random day every week. Every week symbolizes one stake and every user can collect one stake on every category each week. The numbers behind every category represents the amount of the 1,000,000 ZXT which we will allocate towards it.

    Newsletter Subscribers — 50,000 ZXT

    Subscribe to our newsletter and receive weekly summaries about Zcrypt. Just scroll to the bottom of our website and insert your email address into the form which says “Your email”.

    Twitter Followers — 100,000 ZXT

    Receive a regular stream of Tweets at our official Twitter account. We will keep you updated about Zcrypt, our website and our services. From time to time we will also post useful tips and tricks.

    Signature Campaign — 200,000 ZXT

    Add our official signatures from our Bitcointalk OP to your Bitcointalk profile and receive a stake every week! This way many more crypto-currency enthusiasts will get in contact with Zcrypt project.
    Update: In order to make a weekly list of all Bitcointalk users with our signature, they need to send a private message to this account (Zcrypt) at least once. Once a week we go through all the private messages and write down all usernames with our signature.

    Translations — 300,000 ZXT

    Everyone who participates in translation work will receive a stake in this category. So if you see that our Bitcointalk OP wasn’t translated into your language yet, then please contact us.

    Extra Bounties TBC — 350,000 ZXT

    We reserve this amount of ZXT to fund other innovatives and useful community marketing campaigns in the future. Many community contests will be run to incentivise users to apply with their best solutions for Zcrypt growth! All the new community campaigns will be announced through our official communication channels.

  • Zcrypt Weekly Update 1+live Node

    Hello Zcrypt community!

    I am Will Rogers, from Zcrypt dev team, and I’m pleased to announce that $ZXT ICO has finally started on https://c-cex.com/?p=zxt-btc .

    We are really impressed on the big amounts purchased in ZXT ICO, nearly 140 BTC have been already sold since the ICO start a few hours ago!

    We would like to remember that ICO investors can earn some bonus as explained here: https://medium.com/@Zcrypt/ico-details-f-a-q-ff26f... , so if you will to join Zcrypt ICO we suggest to don’t wait the latest days to get in, so that you can enjoy our early investors bonuses.

    If you cannot afford to invest in ZXT you still can join our community bounties listed here: https://medium.com/@Zcrypt/community-reserved-task... and learn some free coins doing some simple tasks.

    I hope you will join Zcrypt community towards this amazing journey into Blockchain fintech revolution of the new financial millennium!

    My best and sincere Regards,

    Will Rogers. [ZXT Dev Team]

    Zcrypt nodelist:


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