Updated Details Storjcoin {SJCX} +1 PB Milestone Reached

  • Why Storjcoin X?

    We love Bitcoin; we only created Storjcoin X because we had to. We are working on implementing features like sending data to an address, key-resource, etc., and it is not possible to implement these features on Bitcoin because of the metadata size limits. By using Storjcoin X we have some flexibility in terms of implementation.

    Unlike other cryptocurrencies, we plan to reintegrate with Bitcoin should treechains or sidechains become viable via a hard fork, but we are simply are not going to wait for it.


    End-to-End Encryption

    Distributed infrastructure

    Blazing Fast

    Peer-to-peer technology

    Higher Availability


    How does it work?

    Watch this simple one-minute video explainer for

    Half the price of the competition

    Pay only for what you use. No setup fees, no minimum usage.


    $0.015GB / month


    $0.05per GB

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    Free Software Cloud Platform

    We are passionate about decentralization, and we love free and open source software. Our mission is to rethink cloud storage, to provide the security, privacy, and transparency it’s missing. That's why we are building an open-source cloud platform, that aim to fundamentally change the way people and devices own data. We welcome your feedback, bug reports, and pull requests.



    Get Involved:


    Careers at Storj

    Do you want to join a team that is revolutionizing the world of cloud storage? If so, the Storj team would love to meet you!

    Open Positions


    Content + Community Manager

    Marketing Manager



    The coins will be created in advance in order to satisfy the demand of crowdsale participants. Any additional coins not sold in the crowdsale will be allocated to the developer pool, to be distributed to crowdsale participants through hard driving mining (also known as farming) or use in future crowdsales (decentralized Youtube, Imgur, etc. on Storj). Developers will not use these coins to dump for financial gain.

    Crowdfunding Sales - 70%
    Community Pool - 15%
    Developer Pool - 15%

    Community Pool

    Storj believes that that the devs should not rule the coin. After all, that's not decentralization, is it? We are trying something completely new by issuing a community pool equal to the developer pool. Any BTC in the community pool will be managed with Bitpay’s multi-signature Copay wallet. We will have to build a multi-signature wallet for SJCX.

    Funds will be managed by trusted community members who will listen to and act upon community proposals. This will be the first coin that allows the community to have equal power to the developers.

    Make your voice and proposals heard at http://storjtalk.org/


    Users will not “mine” the coins in a traditional way. Instead, they will be compensated for providing their unused resources to the network via DriveMiner. This process will be simplified within the application.

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  • 1 PB Milestone Reached

    Dear Supporters,

    Today we are happy to announce we have reached a major milestone for Storj with 1 PB (1,000 TB) of data stored on our network! The total supply of available storage is around 3 PB, being supplied by ~4,700 farming clients. Even more impressive: most of this data has been uploaded since October 11th on the back of the v4.0 upgrade.

    Earlier this month at Venture Atlanta 2016, we announced our first Fortune
    500 client, Cox Enterprises, an Atlanta-based communications
    conglomerate. We are hard at work to bring more customers to our platform, both
    by driving API users directly and by inking channel partnerships that can
    facilitate millions of users, like Heroku. More clients mean more storage supply needed
    to satisfy demand, which in turn will help fill up our farmers’ hard drives
    with data and their wallets with SJCX.

    What’s New?

    Clients and farmers now report on file transfer performance via a system we
    call “exchange reports.” Reporting will help us identify inactive and poorly
    performing nodes quicker, which will help improve stability, performance, and
    reliability within our network. We are also re-architecting tunneling and data
    channels for our v6.0 release. This new architecture will enable a very
    exciting integration coming at the beginning of next year. No details yet; we
    don’t want to spoil the surprise!

    Stay tuned for exciting news and updates to come! Follow us
    on Twitter and join our Community on RocketChat at https://community.storj.io where you can meet the team,
    troubleshoot issues, discuss ideas, and socialize with other Storj fans!

  • Using the Storj Add-on with Heroku

    We recently announced
    a partnership with Heroku to make it easy for developers to use Storj’s
    distributed object storage. Heroku is a cloud platform that enables app
    developers to spend their time on application code rather than managing
    server infrastructure, and it’s one of the largest developer ecosystems
    in the world. You can find the Storj add-on in Heroku’s Elements marketplace.

    Storj’s integration on Heroku provides the following benefits to developers:
    Effortless Encryption: Files uploaded to Storj are encrypted by default, so you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure.Built-in Speed:
    The Storj network is designed for speed. When retrieving your files,
    you can download multiple pieces at the same time (similar to a
    torrent). This makes your downloads faster than ever!Easy Implementation: Using the Storj platform is simple and straightforward. With detailed documentation and examples, you can get started in no time.One of Storj’s developers, Barbara Liau, also created an excellent video tutorial series to help integrate the Storj add-on with the Heroku application. It covers the

    following topics:

    1. Deploying Application
    2. Adding Storj to Heroku Application
    3. Activating Account
    4. Exploring Demo Application
    5. Authentication
    6. Key Pair
    7. Buckets
    8. Uploading File
    9. Listing File
    10. Downloading File
    11. Pushing to Heroku
    12. Recap and Next Steps

    During the beta testing period, access to Storj will be free, just like in our current standalone product.We
    hope that Storj for Heroku makes our platform an easy choice for your
    next project. As always, your feedback is welcome – feel free to join
    the discussion and ask for technical support on our community chat.

  • Updated Storj Whitepaper + Community Hangout

    Dear Storj supporters,

    It’s been almost two years since the release of the first version of the Storj whitepaper, and the start of Storj. When it was released, Storj was only a theory, but now it’s a vibrant and robust network with over 1,500 TB of data stored and 8,500 TB of capacity and growing. The V2 whitepaper updates what worked, what didn’t work, and what will be built in the future.

    The time has come to put all of our technical knowhow into context
    and are very excited to announce the release of a revised Storj
    whitepaper on the morning of December 15th. This is exactly two years
    after the release of the first Storj whitepaper. We will also follow
    with a community hangout.

    Storj Community Hangout
    is also the time of the year when we reflect on our achievements and
    set the pace for the year to come. We will be hosting a Community
    Hangout to discuss recent developments, as well as keeping an eye on our
    near future plans and beyond. Everyone is invited to join, this is a
    great opportunity to ask your questions directly to the team. During the
    event you can submit all your questions on our Community Chat in the #chat channel. Find more details below.

    When and Where

    December 15th at 4:00PM EST.


    • The New Storj Whitepaper
    • Test Group C Progress
    • First Storj Customers
    • General Q&A


    The Community Hangout URL will be shared before the event start. A link to the stream will also be posted on our channels:

    Have a wonderful day,
    The Storj Team

  • Latest Storj Share Release v4.0.2 is unleashed! Time to upgrade


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