coins will be removed on 30.11.2016 from C-CEX

  • The following coins will be removed on 30.11.2016 if their average trading volume for the last month has not exceeded 0.2 BTC/day (6 BTC for last 30 days):

    AnarchistsPrime [ACP], AtenCoin [ATEN], BiosCrypto [BIOS], BlueCoin [BLU], BitMoon [BM], BoostCoin [BOST], BowsCoin [BSC], Bitquark [BTQ], CryptBit [CBIT], CryptoEscudo [CESC], Isotope [XTP], PayCon [CON], Credits [CRE], DigiEuro [DEUR], Droidz [DRZ], EverGreenCoin [EGC], EmiratesGoldCoin [EMIRG], FastCash [FCH], FujiCoin [FJC], AlphabetCoinFund [FUN], FutCoin [FUTC], President Johnson [GARY], Goldmaxcoin [GMX], GPUCoin [GPU], Kcoin [KC], KiloCoin [KLC], KhanCoin [KNC], LinkedCoin [LKC], LiteStarCoin [LTS], MobileCash [MBL], NucleusChain [NCL], OTCCoin [OTX], PrimeChain [PRIME], PeaceCoin [PEC], PiZZAcoin [PIZZA], Revenu [REV], ResumeoShares [RMS], TeslaCoilCoin [TESLA], SportCoin [SPORT], Syndicate [SYNX], VectorCoin 2.0 [VEC2], WorldLeadCurrency [WLC], PokeChain [XPOKE], BitZeny [ZNY].

    Please, trade, sell or withdraw these coins before removal date, after which retrieval of any remaining balances for these coins will not be possible anymore.

    We will not remove coins which will reach minimum trading volume requirement.

    Thank You for using our exchange!

    Sincerely, Team.

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