Digital Bullion Gold | Proof of Ownership | Low Supply

  • Digital Bullion Gold is the gold standard of digital age. Based on the latest blockchain technology, your digital gold assets are stored digitally in the decentralised manner. This means, you have full control of your Digital Gold. Take it anywhere you go, send it anywhere you like.

    Most digital currencies have been focused on payments, DBG is more about storing value in the long run. A store of wealth that gives 2% yearly interest, the inflation of the token will be ever appreciating to long term holders. DBG has a finite supply of coins giving it scarcity as it is held by more users.

    Users will have the ability to either digitally back their real gold with DBG, or proof their ownership of their gold. This will be handled by our Proof of Ownership tool to be developed if successful from funding. The DBG blockchain therefore serves its users as a store of value for digital commodities.

    Coin Specification:

    Supply : 15,000,000

    Pure Proff of Stake

    Block Time: 60s

    Minimum Stake - 2hr


    • Pre-Sale
    • Coin Listed on Exchanges
    • Website
    • Mobile Wallets
    • Proof of Bullion Ownership

    Proof of Bullion Ownership is tool that will allow physical Bullion to register on DBG chain. Producer of Bullion can create their own unique digital certificates for their fine metals and trade them through the DBG network.


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