• Crowdfunding ends Jan. 6th 2017
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    Token Specifications - VIDZ

    Supply: 125,000,000 VIDZ
    Block time: 1 minute
    Algorithm: Proof Of Stake
    Development Fund: 25.000.000 VIDZ (2,000,000 VIDZ for escrows)

    What is Pure Vidz?

    Pure Vidz is a video streaming protocol modeled after the successful platform known as Youtube however, built upon and around the decentralized platform that is Torrents. Pure Vidz utilizes Web Torrent technology to deliver an immersive viewing experience allowing us to provide you with a variety of content such as TV Shows, Movies and even personal videos without us or you needing to worry about the legal ramifications of hosting or viewing said content or worry about downloading a virus that can cause a lots of problems. Due to the nature of Torrents, Pure Vidz actually does not host any videos directly on its platform but rather provides a well refined index of tags, playlists and user profiles making it easy to upload or view whatever it is you desire.

    Since anyone can make a torrent, it’s very easy to turn Pure Vidz into your own personal site for managing video blogs or custom entertainment content as so many Youtubers do today in modern day society. Unlike Youtube, you won’t have to worry about your videos randomly being taken down as personally uploaded videos are distributed throughout the torrent network.

    Pure Vidz through use of its decentralized torrent network solves problems such as the many free movie or tv show websites that require you to click through 100 mirrors only to realize the majority of them are broken links and were taken down due to DMCA take downs. At Pure Vidz you won’t have to worry about this because there is no true one host for the video files since they exist on a distributed torrent network of people seeding the files. Unlike traditional streaming websites where quality degrades with more people watching due to server bandwidth consumption, at Pure Vidz it’s the complete opposite and built to scale where the more people watching a video will actually improve loading times to will be faster due to the number of seeders increasing!

    What is the purpose of VIDZ?

    By purchasing VIDZ you will be helping build this platform. As a crowdfunding investor, you are entitled to participate in the profit share of our platform as you are the ones who helped fund and support it. Once the distribution of VIDZ via early contributors to the platform (20M VIDZ from dev fund) has been completed, a part of our profits will be allocated towards doing a bi-weekly buy-back. VIDZ will also be used in various aspects of our platform to unlock premium content, tools and features.


    Due to the fact that Pure Vidz heavily utilizes torrents to circumvent censorship and to promote decentralization it’s likely that with increased popularity Pure Vidz will be under siege the way that popular sites such as The Pirate Bay constantly are despite our model being entirely legal. To avoid this, we’re forced to remain anonymous.

    We’re aware the anonymity is often a red-flag typically for developers in crypto, however since we are forced to do this to protect ourselves, we will do our best to maintain transparency through means such as escrow, multi-signature wallets and public addresses.

    Crowdfund & Escrow Process

    Our crowdfund will be escrowed using a 2-of-3 multi-signature address.
    Please do not send funds directly to this address!

    The 3 key holders will be ourselves, Dabs a staff member of the forums andSebastianJu a well established escrow.

    Disclaimer: Every user will have a unique deposit address automatically generated by the PureVidz team to automate accounting of funds. After funds are deposited to this address and a sufficient amount of confirmations are met (3) the user will be credited that amount to their account. Funds on user addresses will be moved in batches to the escrow address. The escrows can only be held responsible for the funds held by the escrow address. This funding process is no different than typical modern crowdfunds conducted such as Waves.

    Both escrows will be receiving 1,000,000 VIDZ from the development fund released in batches matching how the funds raised from the crowdfund are released to us.

    Verification Post for Dabs: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=54791

    Web Site:http://purevidz.net
    The terms we have agreed to with Dabs are:
    Under 200 BTC: 1%
    200 - 300 BTC: 2%
    300 - 400 BTC: 3%
    500+ BTC: 4%

    The terms we have agreed to set by SebastianJu are:
    $500,001+ USD: 0.5%
    $50,001 - $500,000 USD: 1%
    $10,001 - $50,000 USD: 2%
    $1,001 - $10,000 USD: 3%
    $101 - $1,000 USD: 5%
    Under $100 USD: 10%
    Minimum escrow fee of 1 BTC. USD value is determined at the end of the sale.

    We want to assure investors we are committed to working on this project through thick and thin. As such, we have set certain goals for which much be reached before the release of funding. We will not be receiving the entirety of funds from escrows at the end of the crowdfunding!

    Release of funding will go as follows after the escrows are paid:
    10% following the conclusion of the crowdfunding after all funds are accounted for
    10% after the launch of our initial coin network
    30% after the release of our website with core functionality

    • Account Management
    • Media / Video Management
    • Searching by title, tags, genres
    25% after the first major update to our website
    • Auto-populating metadata and tagging
    • Video Suggestions (by similar tags)
    • Playlist Management
    • Subscriptions
    25% after the the public api 1.0 release to build 3rd party tools for our platform

    This allows us to receive a fair amount early on and gives investors the security of knowing that the escrows are in possession of the funds until we have completed key components of our project. While we need to remain anonymous with our identities we can remain transparent with our work, development and finances.

    November 2016
    • Crowdfunding Starts
    December 2016
    • Test / Demo Functionality Site
    January 2017
    • ICO Ends - January 9th, 2017
      • Launch of VIDZ Network
    • Initial Site Launch
      • VIDZ Integration
      • Account Management
      • Video Management
    • First Major Update
      • Auto metadata
      • Video suggestions by tag similarity
      • Playlist management
      • User subscription model
    February 2017
    • Roadmap update for next 3 months of development
      • Public API Launch (allows automated uploading, 3rd party tools, etc)
      • Begin Trakt Integration
      • Premium services and revenue road map

  • Twitter Campaign:


    Follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/PureVidz
    Retweet our tweets.
    Send at least 5 tweets. Only 1 per day will be counted.
    Please include $VIDZ and the @PureVidz tags in your tweets.


    100 VIDZ per retweet
    100 VIDZ per tweet (max 20)


    Payment will be issued at the end of the crowdfunding.
    Twitter accounts will be audited for authenticity to ensure the campaign isn't abused.

  • Steps to submit new content

    -Register an account at www.PureVidz.net
    -Click 'Manage' in the top right near the search bar to submit or review
    -Click 'Upload Torrent'
    -Enter the magnet link and title of what is being submitted and then click 'search'
    -Based on the title you will see what we think you are submitting. Select the correct item and then click 'Confirm'

    will now see a preview of the data we've scrapped for that item

    (poster, title, tags, description). Assuming they are correct, click

    'Submit Torrent Movie'

    This will return you to the previous

    page where you can view all content you have submitted to the site as

    well as its status. Until your submission is verified it will show as

    [Pending]. While pending you can still click the play button to check

    the video and make sure it is working and you can share this link with

    your friends immediately. Approval simply means that it will be included

    in the homepage, search results and the recommended videos feed.

    Global Bounty


    the beta period there is a 1,000,000 VIDZ global bounty placed on all

    approved content submitted to the site. Each video is worth 10 points,

    each episode of a television show is worth 1 point. The total bounty

    will be distributed based on the amount of points you have earned during

    the beta period.

    This means that if 10,000 points worth of

    content (1,000 movies for example) are submitted tot he site and you

    submitted one, you will receive 1,000 VIDZ for your contribution

    (1/1,000 of the total bounty is yours). The purpose of this global

    bounty is to help us bring in members of existing torrent communities

    and to jump start the website with fresh exciting content to test our

    systems with.

    Demo 3

    You will notice that

    while demo 2 is a significant step forward, it is not complete. Demo 3

    will be launched next weekend and will include many extensions of the

    current functionality. The reason that they are not included in demo 2

    is because for them to be properly tested, there needs to be a

    significant amount of content already on the site. This week will give

    time for those we've contacted in torrenting communities to start

    submitting data which we can use to test the improved site.

    Demo 3 includes the following features/improvements.

    -Advanced Search: Search by actor, filter by genres/tags/ratings, specify movie/tv.

    and browse Television: Allow users to submit an entire season or series

    as one torrent rather than having to submit one for each episode.

    Single episode releases will also be supported.
    -Related content: When watching a film, it will suggest up to 5 other movies with similar tags to help you discover new content.
    -Homepage listing movies by tags: action/drama/scifi/etc.

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