Nxt coin NRS v1.11.1e Release

  • https://bitbucket.org/JeanLucPicard/nxt/downloads/nxt-client-1.11.1e.zip


    d21b5055bec47bce21b4db7b346354dfcf2fa182bce4262a951ebe906866333f nxt-client-1.11.1e.zip



    63025295af640e48df024551cdcfb9ea4cceb528839c8953690c988b51439a2f nxt-client-1.11.1e.sh



    The exe, dmg, and sh packages must have a digital signature by "Stichting NXT".

    Change log:

    Implemented "Store Remembered Passphrase" setting in the device settings page.
    When checked, the client stores the remembered passphrase in the local browser
    settings or mobile app settings so that the next time the client is launched
    it will login in automatically.
    For the mobile app this setting defaults to true. In other configurations it
    defaults to false. The stored passphrase is deleted when logging out of the

    Desktop Application now supports request confirmations when running as light or
    roaming client.

    Sign Transaction modal now signs the transaction bytes on the client side.

    When the mobile app cannot connect to a randomly selected remote node, it will
    popup the device settings modal to allow the user to configure a specific node.

    When the mobile device is offline, the device settings modal allows signing
    transactions and generating tokens to support cold storage functionality.

    Additional client side bug fixes and refactoring.

    Updated Jetty to version 9.3.14 and H2 to version 1.4.193, delete the old lib
    folder before unpacking on top.

    Updated localization component i18next to version 3.4.4

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