EXPANSE NEWSLETTER Vo. 1, No.15 – 12/1/2016 Borderless Charity, Mining, and Marketing

  • Welcome to the fifteenth edition of the Expanse Newsletter! This publication is a bi-monthly Newsletter issued on the 1st and 15th of each month to share the news with our community. Keep in mind that breaking news can come at any time, but the Expanse Newsletter is a great overview of progress, news, and our current focus.


    Quite a few exciting things are happening currently with Expanse! Borderless Charity is officially up and running and is a fully legal charity organization in the United States. (Borderless Charity, Inc 501©(3) There are already plans for Borderless Charity to start helping and making a real difference in the lives of people that need it, and this is at no cost the Expanse project whatsoever. This can only help people in need and spread the word about Expanse, and this is nonprofit and only for helping others, run by volunteers. People simply doing good things and making the world ever so slightly better. Of course, this can also benefit our community and traders with positive press, using the Expanse blockchain and Borderless project to help people in need.http://www.borderlesscharity.org/
    The Proposal module of the Expanse DAO is nearly completed with some minor GUI work left and a few other details to sort out. This is a major component of Expanse and will allow quest based crowdfunding and many more unique features. (part of EXP.LIFE) A new highly technical EXP.DAO white paper is almost ready to release and will be out shortly, along with updates to the overall documentation so that other developers can have a much deeper understanding of our plans and technical implementation, rather than just a basic paper for a general audience. We are taking everything up to the next level step by step, and having a professional presentation for other developers is a part of that.We have also decided it is better to stay ahead of the game and implement a new consensus system for Expanse soon for a variety of reasons. In the past, we were just going to wait for Ethereum, but there are other options that are compelling that we can get running much sooner. This can provide a multitude of advantages. As long as Expanse is Proof of Work only we need to maintain a lot of hash power (miners). This is not a problem as plenty are mining Expanse, but as this project is meant to last indefinitely into the future it is far better to make it as secure as possible for many years to come, and highly resistant to any issues that come along with proof of work only.Some of the main options we are considering are Delegated Proof of Stake (dPoS), perhaps using Tendermint. This would help Expanse scale immeasurably and remove any risks from proof of work permanently. This also opens up some interesting options for the DAO and community later. A hybrid with proof of work and proof of stake (Pow/Pos) is also another option, if we were to go with this it is likely the mining rewards would be cut and overall new tokens generated would be reduced. This would still allow people to always mine Expanse. The downside, they could always sell as they mine. The last option would be Proof of Stake only, (Pos). This would be good for staking, but no miners. For security Tendermint debatably could be the most secure, but there are pros and cons with each.These changes will be implemented to give rewards and incentives for people holding while increasing security, and depending on the choices made, scalability and confirmation time could also be vastly improved (Tendermint). This would greatly differentiate Expanse from Ethereum and other projects, making it even more unique, offering more security, speed, and rewards. Please join our Slack and share your thoughts if you have not already, we want the community to really love these changes, and we think they will. So now is the time to join the discussion if you have any ideas or opinions about changing our consensus mechanism, or if you want to help in more profound ways. We are always looking for more amazing and talented people to join Expanse and our community.http://slack.expanse.tech/


    As mentioned earlier a new technical white paper for the DAO is about to be released, but as this is mostly for developers and coders, we are also releasing a series of fun and easy to understand videos for everyone else. Currently, we are using this first video to test a variety of inexpensive marketing methods using Facebook and Twitter advertising campaigns. These fun videos coming in the future will be entry level and for regular people, not just developers or expert traders.

    You can see our first test video here:



    “All about the Expanse DAO” is a series of upcoming videos that will be marketed and shared to the public in very cost effective ways, explaining the complexities of the Expanse DAO in an easy to understand manner.

    EP1. Intro to Expanse

    EP2. The router module

    EP3. The identity module

    EP4. The division module

    EP5. The proposal module

    EP6. The voting module

    EP7. The gamification module

    EP8. Conclusion to Expanse


    Expanse basics, it is as simple as it sounds. These are the basic things people likely want to know about Expanse and how to use it easily.

    EP1. What is blockchain and why is it important?

    EP2. What is Expanse?

    EP3. How to install the wallet.

    EP4. How to create and properly store a wallet.

    EP5. How to send transactions

    EP6. How to buy expanse.


    Introducing “Developer Toolbox,” starting now, with every newsletter we will present some of the tools available for developers to increase productivity and to aid in working with the Expanse platform. In today’s issue, we discuss Expanse’s dApp Tool and Elements packages. Based on their original Ethereum counterparts, these packages provide developers with some of the most common functionality and interface elements used in Expanse dApp development.


    Borderless Charity, Inc 501©(3) is official launched and legal. A quote from Christopher Franko about the news to his friends on social media, “Man I’m so overwhelmed with joy about getting the exemption letter. I’ve been planning this charity for over 5 years and this year I’ve finally been fortunate enough to manifest this dream. It’s taken nearly a year of paperwork and endless patience but it all paid off. Borderless Charity, Inc is now a reality. I’d like to thank Scott Williams for being such a great friend over the years and for taking charge of the long registration process. I’d like to thank my wife Heather Franko for believing in me, and my mom Michele Grazier for being so supportive. I’d like to thank Marcia Danzeisen and Mylene Williams for stepping up to join the board. Together, we are going to make a real difference in the world. For everyone! Follow the Borderless Charity on Facebook!”http://www.borderlesscharity.org/

    11/4/2016 BTCMANAGER published an article on Expanse. You can read it here:https://btcmanager.com/news/tech/expanse-test-runs-blockchain-voting-for-us-elections/11/2/2016 Bitcoinist published an article about Expanse. You can read it here:http://bitcoinist.net/expanse-demo-blockchain-voting/11/2/2016 Cointelegraph has published a new article on Expanse and fiat conversions in the EUhttps://cointelegraph.com/news/ease-of-accessibility-enhances-the-value-of-altcoins10/18/2016 Expanse.tech website replaced with new website to update overall branding.http://www.expanse.tech/10/15/2016 Litebit.eu has added Expanse, allowing purchase directly with Euros!https://www.litebit.eu/en/buy/expanse10/1/2016 Expanse is added to Coinpayments.com.https://www.coinpayments.net/10/1/2016 Expanse Partners with Chankura and Geopay.http://chankura.com/10/1/2016 Expanse announces key additions to the team, greatly enhancing marketing and adaptability.9/27/2016 Gav Wood of Ethereum has assisted Expanse with Parity into Ethcore.9/16/2016 An article in Le-coin-coin related to technical analysis, this is in French.https://le-coin-coin.fr/4911-expanse-analyse-de-marche-4/8/12/2016 Borderless website updated and improved.http://www.borderless.tech8/1/2016 Cryptopia added Expanse to their trusted and well known exchange.https://twitter.com/Cryptopia_NZ/status/760100566164877312?lang=en8/01/2016 Changelly Partnership announced, and Changelly added Expanse to the new Shapeshift competitor Instant exchange site.https://changelly.com/exchange/BTC/EXP/1?ref_id=expans





    Microsoft Azure


    Microsoft Bizspark Plus


    Payu Vane and

    Maza Lakota via Borderless Technology

    Changelly - The New Shapeshift Competitor


    Chankura and Geopay of Africa



    Current features include Marriages, Status updates, Web Of Trust, Notary, Citizenship, and many more features on the way soon!







    Expanse official DAO reserve is still at 10 million and in cold storage, untouched. This will not be used at all until the DAO is implemented, and then by design, only a small amount at a time can be voted to fund various elements of development. The team reserve is at 214583 and is planned to be used to fund development until the Expanse DAO is live in the next few months.


    Website http://www.expanse.tech

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