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  • What is Vcash?

    Vcash is a decentralized currency for the internet. It enables you to send money to anywhere in the world instantly for almost no cost.

    Why Vcash?

    Vcash was engineered to be innovative and forward-thinking. It prevents eavesdropping and censorship, promotes decentralized, energy efficient and instant network transactions.


    ZeroTime, Node Incentives, ChainBlender, ZeroLedger.


    Engineered to have breakthrough performance and long-term stability.


    The network protocols and source code are open for peer review.

    More Features

    Secure and Private

    An encrypted 3-tier network utilising widely deployed standards based algorithms.


    Payments are recieved instantly by the recipient thanks to ZeroTime.

    Peer to Peer

    Using a decentralised network there is no 3rd party to trust.


    Transactions have no borders.

    Low Fees

    Lower than banks or credit cards.

    Open and Free

    Open source code allows anyone to contribute.


    30.7 million coins.

    Variable block time targeting 80-200 seconds.

    128 coins per block initially.

    Difficulty is retargeted every block.

    Blake-256 Proof-of-Work algorithm.

    0.7% interest rate by use of energy efficient Proof-of-Stake.

    0.0005 coin per kilobyte transaction fee.








    Proof-of-Work Mining/Coin Distribution

    Ledger Explorer:




  • Starter Guide for No Ledger Client Node (Mac/Win)

    Hello there visitor welcome to my starter guide for installing the Vcash desktop wallet for Mac and Windows! Let's get started!

    Step 1. Download

    To get Vcash wallet go to Next you will see two types of wallets Client Node & Peer Node. For this guide we will be downloading the Client Node (No Ledger) desktop wallet.

    For Mac users select macOS (DMG) and save the Vcash_client.dmg file.

    For Windows users, if you’re using 64 bit Operating System select & save Windows (64) OR if your using Windows 32 bit Operating System select & save Windows (32). If you're unsure about which Windows version you have go to to find out.

    Step 2. Installation

    For Mac users, after saving the Vcash_Client.dmg file open by double-clicking the Vcash_Client.dmg file. A new Window should appear containing Vcash application. Next open a new Finder Window by right-clicking the Finder dock icon and select New Finder Window. Now drag and drop the Vcash app into the Applications folder. MacOS will then prompt for authentication so enter your username and password then press OK. The Vcash app has been installed. After installation you can launch the Vcash wallet normally from Finder (under Applications), Launchpad, Spotlight, and the Dock.

    For Windows users, after saving the zip file find the file (or file for 32 bit) then right-click the file then select Extract All. This will extract the files from the zip file to a new folder. Decide where to unzip the files to. Note that the default location has the same name as the ZIP file, but without the .zip file extension. Next find & open the Vcash_Client_64 folder (or Vcash_Client_32 folder) then select the Vcash application to start the wallet.

    Step 3. Sync

    After starting the Vcash application Mac/Windows will sometimes prompt a warning message about running the vcash app this is normal. Confirm that you want to run the Vcash application. Now you will see the wallet open with two options: Create New Wallet or Restore From Seed. Select Create New Wallet then in a few minutes the wallet will fully sync to 100 percent. After the the wallet syncs you are free to receive/send Vcash or close the wallet. Before you do we recommend encrypting the wallet with a password


    Step 4. Encrypt & Backup

    After the your wallet has completely synced the block chain it is recommended that you encrypt your wallet (preferably just after installment) by clicking the padlock icon on the bottom right corner of the wallet which by default is in the open position. The app will then ask to for a new password and confirm it twice. Use a strong password and carefully record a copy your wallet password somewhere safe and do not lose it. This password will be required to spend funds. After confirming your chosen password the Vcash app will then prompt a message about restarting the wallet press OK then the app will close automatically. Re-launch the Vcash application and the padlock icon will be in the locked position which means your wallet is now locked. This encrypts your wallet and by extension your wallet data such the wallet.dat files. To unlock the wallet simply click the padlock icon then enter your password to spend your funds or show your seed.

    To view your seed go to preferences. For Mac preferences is can be found in Menu Bar under Vcash when the app is selected (or by ⌘, ). For Windows preferences can be found in the System tray by right-clicking the Vcash app icon. In preferences select the Security tab then select Show Seed to reveal your seed (wallet must be unlocked). Carefully record a copy of the seed exactly & place it in a safe place. Like your wallet password don't lose the seed & keep it a secret. You can use this seed to restore your wallet.

    Next we need to find & save the wallet data files for backup. So close the the Vcash app and Windows users be sure to close the app from the System tray. For Mac users, right-click the Vcash app dock icon then select Close.

    Mac users go to the desktop select Go from the Menu Bar & hold the Alt Key (which will reveal Library) then select Library then select Application Support folder. Find & select the Vcash folder containing your wallet data. Finally copy & save the wallet.dat file and the backup folder (containing Ex: wallet.1438933849 dat file) to a safe usb drive.

    Windows users open the file explorer perform a search on your local drive by typing “Vcash” in the search bar. When the search is complete locate & open by double-clicking drive:\users\username\AppData\Roaming. Now you should be in the Vcash folder which contains your wallet data. Next open double-click the client folder containing your wallet data. Finally copy & save the wallet.dat file & the backup folder (containing Ex: wallet.1438933849 dat file) to a safe usb drive.

    You’re all set to receive and send Vcash!

  • Vcash Community Update

    Hi all !
    Some news regarding the current status of the Vcash project:
    At the moment we are preparing the mandatory upgrade (version 0.5.1), by running testnet sessions to refine some banning rules regarding the issue.
    We are also working on the cross-platforms GUI based on wxWidgets
    At the end of the week the Release Candidate binaries of the GUI will be published to gather more feedbacks. Once we got a stable GUI, next step will be to release the Mandatory 0.5.1 wallet, ban old clients, & remove JC's binaries links.
    You can follow current dev by checking the dev branches:

    How to help ?
    By mining on one of both public pools:

    By joining the Release Candidate test sessions once published on the forum (it will be announced on Slack/Twitter/IRC once published)

    By running full nodes once 0.5.1 Final is out.

    By joining the Slack/IRC to say Hi !

    I would like to thanks all devs / supporters / helpers who are joining the project, I'm sure we will succeed.

    Regarding the Exchanges and Miningpoolhub: I sent emails in December to warn them about the current Community takeover. I got reply from Miningpoolhub, Bittrex, and I'm still waiting for Poloniex's answer (but I know they know the current situation).
    I presume they are waiting for a stable release from us.

    To sum
    This week: Release Candidate of the GUI, testnet debug sessions.
    Next week: Gather & fix GUI issues from your feedbacks, then decide for a Mandatory upgrade date once GUI are stable.

  • Community Version 0.5.1 Deployment Started

    The community version 0.5.1 has been pushed to github. Linux users can
    already run the upgrade. I published the Windows daemons on the Wallets page. The prebuilt GUI version will be pushed during the next 24h. More info tomorrow. Have a great Update time !

  • Vcash { XVC } Version Released

    by Vcash 

    Version has been released. The complete changelog is below. You can download version here.

    • TCP protocol version increment.
    • UDP message version increment.
    • Bootstrap nodes update.
    • Checkpoints update.
    • Non-latin Windows usernames compatibility.

  • Vcash { XVC } Version Released

    Version has been released. The complete changelog is below. You can download version  Here

    • TCP protocol version and minimum version increment.
    • UDP message version and minimum version increment.
    • ListAccounts RPC method.
    • DecodeRawTransaction RPC method.
    • SendRawTransaction RPC method.
    • GetAddressesByAccount RPC method.
    • Checkpoint sync fix.
    • CScripts loading fix.
    • Incentive's "Questionable Winner" blocks will be rejected at height 705000.
    • Edited ban rules.
    • macOS release of wxVcash & daemon.
    • Vcash-Electron by whphhg.

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