Synereo Update

  • 	<h3>Dear Synereo Supporter,</h3>

    The Synereo Team is committed to keeping you up to date on recent, ongoing developments.

    Following the recent funding
    campaign, Synereo’s CTO has put forward a proposal where he requested to
    be allocated funds so that he can continue working on future
    technology, separately from the Synereo team, while transitioning away
    from the existing tech stack Synereo relied on so far and without having
    delivered a stable and usable product.
    The Synereo Team is committed to
    taking this proposal seriously and thoroughly reviewing its value to our
    investors and supporters. It is our duty to make sure that funds are
    allocated responsibly and with the proper level of accountability.

    We want to assure our community of
    supporters, investors, contributors and followers that regardless of
    what happens next, the rest of the Synereo team will work hard towards
    delivering functioning, real-world solutions that utilize AMPs and
    provide them with backing.
    This has been our goal from day one,
    and it has not changed; now, with the incredible amount of resources in
    our possession, our ability to do just that has increased tremendously.
    Synereo has 3 full-stack developers,
    1.5 front-end developers, and has 2 other developers with rich
    backgrounds in math, logic and physics, rejoining the project. We have
    also onboarded a new Technical Program Manager with 14 years of
    experience in the tech world.

    The team is working on a plan forward
    and will present it soon. We will be making a distinct shift in
    attitude, moving towards quick & iterative development strategy that
    normal users can feel – so that you can begin trusting our product rather than merely trusting our vision.
    More to come soon,

    Thank you for your attention,
    — The Synereo Team

    Dor, Yaniv, R Violini, Noy, Tim, Joeri, Henry, Beerit, Gary, Julian, MJ

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