Rise Updated Details

  • Rise Introductory Video

    Rise Currency and Applications Everywhere.

                    <h1>Our number one goal is to make

    Rise accessible to everybody. This means we're putting massive effort
    into making our web interface scale across all devices. By keeping
    within cryptocurrency core values, you'll be able to transfer value,
    build applications, trade and even invest via an easy to use and
    decentralized UI.

    We want to change the way you handle your money, and your wealth.

                    <h1>We have put a lot of thought into what we want RISE to be. We are going to 
    					provide tools to manage your RISE, your Bitcoins, and your investments with those currencies.
    					Manage your CryptoCurrencies in one place, and in the future, pay your bills, pay your rent, 
    					or even buy your house.
                    One of our first major Application projects is Project Acre, a real estate 
    					investment platform that will enable you to invest in a building project, and get a percent, 
    					based on your investment, of the profits. More details will be coming after our ICO<br /><img src="https://i.imgur.com/OLTN5Co.png" /></h1><h1><br /></h1><h1>Specification:</h1><h1><br /></h1><h1>• Block Time: 30 seconds<br />• Round Time: ~17 minutes<br />• Confirmations for Final Transaction: 6-10<br />• Supply: 100 million Rise<br />• DPoS reward 15 Rise forged per block<br />• Rise's official ticker: RISE<br /><br /><br />The total coin supply is 100 milllion.<br /><br />88 million coins will be distributed to ICO participants<br /><br />12 million coins will be reserved for:<br />• 1 million for pre-ICO bounties.<br />• 2 million for post-ICO bounties as well as strategical partners and backers.<br />• 9 million to be withheld by the development team.<br /></h1><br /><br /><p><br /></p><h3>Ubiquitous Currency</h3>
                    <h1>We are designing systems that will enable spending RISE just like 
    					traditional fiat currency. Pay your bills, buy food, and send money to your friends and 
    					family with RISE</h1><h3>Community-driven Foundation</h3>
                    <h1>We are a group of highly talented enthuiasts, but we don't know everything
    					. We will be building a foundation, post ICO, to get the community involved. Voting on 
    					features we need, and where the foundation will go from the initial launch will be the job 
    					of the community.</h1><h1></h1><h3>Digital and Physical</h3>
                    <h1>We are working to bridge the gap between physical and virtual. RISE is our 
    					first step towards this goal. Ultimately, we want you to be able to pay for both Digital and 
    					Physical goods with RISE, as if it were your country's FIAT.
        </h1><h1></h1><h3>Team:</h3><h1><a href="https://rise.vision/team">https://rise.vision/team</a><br /></h1><h3>Github:<a href="https://github.com/RiseVision/rise-core"><br /></a></h3><h1><a href="https://github.com/RiseVision/rise-core">https://github.com/RiseVision/rise-core</a><br /></h1><h3>Exchange:</h3><p><br /></p><h1>
                                    <a href="https://bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC-RISE">Bittrex</a><a href="https://bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC-RISE"></a><br /></h1><h1><a href="https://www.litebit.eu/en/buy/rise">LiteBit.eu</a><br /></h1><h1><a href="https://yobit.net/en/trade/RISE/BTC">YoBit:</a><br /></h1><h1><a href="https://risevisionfoundation.atlassian.net/wiki/display/RISDOC/Rise+Documentation">Rise Vision Foundation Wiki</a></h1><p><br /></p><h1><a href="https://rise.vision/blog/post/rise-technology-white-paper">Rise WhitePaper:</a><br /></h1>

  • Upcoming Video Release of Dev Team

    As some of you know we have received requests from within the RISE community

    to create a video that introduces all members of our development team. The video shoot is

    scheduled for Monday and we should have the video ready for you within a few days following.
    Aside from an introduction our developers will cover several topics such as the new Rise code base

    currently under development, short-term and long-term vision for Rise and future applications.

    You’ll also get a peak behind the scenes in terms of the development tools, configuration and

    setup they use on a daily basis to build the RISE platform. Stay tuned.

  • Rise Vision Foundation Dev Team Introduction Video

    Let us take you behind the scenes of the Rise Vision Foundation. The following video presentation includes:

    • Lead Developer Justin Donnaruma taking you on a tour of the current office space in Lewiston, Maine
    • Introduction of the Rise developers team (Justin Donnaruma, Richard Hooper, Nathanael Burchill)
    • Get briefed in the Rise War Room!
    • Learn details about the new Rise Code Base


    Coming up next week

    We’ll be releasing a blog post giving detailed insight into the
    Developer’s screen setups, frameworks and tools used daily for
    developing the RISE platform.

  • SHA-3 encryption

    Those who have watched the video we released last week may have noticed a revealing of a few new specifications for RISE 2.0 (the new code base currently under development). We already discussed the maximum TPS last week. Today I’d like to highlight another aspect that was mentioned in the video namely the changes on the cryptography side of things.Lisk uses SHA-256, which is a 256-bit version of SHA-2. Instead of staying with SHA-2, we are jumping to the current NIST standard instead. There isn’t anything technically “wrong” with SHA-2, other than that it is designed very similarly to SHA-1, which is susceptible to numerous technical flaws. SHA-2 doesn’t appear to be susceptible to the same flaws, however, much research over the past 10 years has been devoted to building SHA-3, instead of proofing SHA-2, so its holes may just not be known.So the benefit for RISE to go with SHA-3 is a potentially more secure platform. Another advantage of SHA-3 is that the message size is unlimited as compared to the 2^64 - 1 bits in SHA-2. Ofcourse 2^64 -1 bits is a LOT of data but there are scenarios in which this may be exceeded on our platform and where SHA-3’s unlimited message size could become a benefit. Our developers are still busy engineering parts of the Rise architecture so I can’t give much more on the specifics of this for now, but I’ll continue to update you as development is moving forward.

  • <Dev Team> Tools and Workstation configurations

    Dev and Project Management tools

    We use quite a few tools on a daily basis, some shared, some not.

    Shared Tools:

    • Atom - Code Editor
    • Wakatime - Code / Terminal Time tracking
    • Git / Github - Source code management / Public issue tracker
    • Jira - Project Management / Portfolio Management
    • Confluence - Internal Wiki / Product documentation
    • Google Apps - Email / Collaborative documents
    • Skype - Communication with former colleagues and friends
    • Hipchat - Communication between teammates (Adoption in progress)
    • Messages - Soon to be phased out communication between teammates

    A few other tools we use, but have varied applications for, is Terminal (I use iTerm with ZSH, Nathan uses Terminal with ZSH, and Richard used Terminal with BASH.) Nathan and I predominately stick with git on the command line, while Richard uses the Github GUI. I also tend to live in Mail on my Mac, while Richard and Nathan use Gmail in Chrome.

    Depending on the code in use, I also use a few more advanced debugging and editing tools for code, like Intellij IDE, and Meteor Toys.

    For browsers, I live in Safari, while both Richard and Nathan use Chrome (Although I have been seriously contemplating switching to Chrome).

    For Static site editing, I use C9.io, connected to Github directly so I can work collaboratively on code with my marketing team.

    We three all have MacBook Pros connected to external displays.
    I have 3 27" displays, 2 connected in Portrait, and 1 in landscape, and I use an external wireless keyboard and trackpad.
    Richard has 2 27" displays, connected in landscape, and uses the laptop screen, keyboard and trackpad.
    Nathan uses a 34" Ultrawide by LG, and his laptop screen, keyboard and trackpad.

    Justin’s Tool List:

    • Atom
      • ansible-galaxy
      • ansible-snippets
      • atom-beautify
      • color-picker
      • json-colorer
      • language-markdown
      • markdown-preview-plus
      • node-debugger
      • pretty-json
      • wakatime
      • webbox-color
      • UI Theme : One Dark
      • Syntax Theme : One Dark
    • iTerm
    • ZSH (Oh-My-ZSH with significant customization)
    • Webstorm
    • PyCharm Pro
    • RubyMine
    • Intellij
    • Slack
    • Hipchat
    • Skype
    • Lanscan
    • Postico
    • Paw
    • MongoHub

    Richard’s Tool List:

    • Atom
      • atom add-ons
        • atom-beautify
        • highlight-selected
        • todo-show
        • wakatime
      • atom theme
        • UI - Atom Soda Dark
        • Syntax - One Dark
          *GitHub Desktop
    • Project Tracking
      • Jira
      • GitHub
    • Messengers
      • Skype
      • Hipchat
      • Messages (Built in Apple messenger)
    • StackOverflow
    • Lots of terminal windows

    Nathan’s Tool List :

    • Atom
      • Packages
        • api-docs
        • atom-ternjs
        • tern-meteor
        • docblockr
        • file-icons
        • linter-eslint
        • nuclide
        • highlight-selected
        • merge-conflicts
        • minimap
        • minimap-bookmarks
        • minimap-find-and-replace
        • minimap-highlight-selected
        • minimap-pigments
        • pigments
        • simple-drag-drop-text
        • split-diff
        • todo-show
        • wakatime
      • Theme
        *UI: Atom Material
        • Syntax: Atom Material Dark
        • Font: FiraCode
    • iTerm2 with zsh and Bullet Train
    • Stack Overflow
    • MongoHub
    • Messages
    • Skype
    • Hipchat
    • Github
    • Github Desktop
    • Jira

    Nathan and his Workstation

    Richard and his Workstation

    Justin’s Workstation

  • Rise Vision - Q&A with the Developers

  • Rise Development Update

    Most of the architecture for Rise 2.0 is now completed. The team is still working on Side-chains and are then going to break down the architecture into specified user stories that they will push over to Github. At that point you will have a fairly accurate way to track progress on the new code base.

    There is a basic Proof of Concept nearing completion, the team is working on the peering functions now and once that is complete they will be running some testing on speed to get a real-world measurement of what the network can handle.

    More updates coming soon. Stay tuned.

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