ENIGMA – the new name for Cloakcoins PoSA3

  • Dear Cloak Community,

    ENIGMA – the new name for Cloakcoins PoSA3

    Cloakcoin is proud to present Enigma, the name chosen for it’s highly sophisticated off chain peer to peer coin mixing system that has been up to now called PoSA3.
    The inspiration for the new name comes from the meaning of the original greek word – riddle, puzzle, mystery
    and describes best what Cloakcoin’s Enigma is all about:guaranteed private, secure and untraceable transactions.
    This renaming comes at a time when Cloakcoin is embarking on a quest to become the leading coin in the highly contested anon coin market.
    Enigma in cooperation with CloakShield makes it impossible for any outside observers to trace payments done with Cloakcoin.

    Peace & Love

    Team Cloak

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