Kinds of Bitcoin Gambling in the UK​

  • There are numerous Bitcoin Gambling UK games and activities. lists out some of the ways players can bet with their digital coins.

    There is no shortage of things a Bitcoin owner can wager on with their coins. Some who are new to the digital money might be wondering what kind of casino games they could play with Bitcoins. One good example of this is the usual casino staples like roulette. Though there are also some things which are only playable through the use of Bitcoin.

    Digital coin owners can bet on the following Bitcoin gambling UK games and activities.

    Slot games

    The quickest and easiest type of Bitcoin gambling games in the UK is the slots. Players decide on how much they want to bet and how many paylines they want turned on per spin. Paylines are the lines where the players need to have the symbols match up in order to get a certain payout amount. One payline is equal to a single bet. Turning on 20 paylines means you need to wager 20 times you bet per spin. This may seem like it could cost a lot per spin. However, more paylines means more chances of winning.


    Blackjack is a classic card game where players try to get a score of 21 or closer than the banker. Getting a score of more than 21 will get the player ‘busted’ and lose their bet. For every turn in the game, you have a choice of getting another card to increase or score or passing your turn if you don’t want to risk getting ‘busted’. A game of blackjack is simpler and quicker than a round of poker.

    Sports betting

    One of the ways a fan can enjoy a certain sports match is to make a wager on which team or player is going to win. Bookmarking sites have odds on a lot of sporting events for different fans. These events include popular basketball, football, tennis and other sports matches. Players not only have the option of betting on which team is going to win a match, you can also make some risker side bets in certain sports which has a large payout.

    Bitcoin dice

    This is one of the unique gambling games which use Bitcoins. You first pick a number between 2 to 12. Once you have a number, you make a bet on whether the dice roll is going to have a higher or lower number. This gameplay lets players adjust their chance of winning as well as the payout they can receive for every roll. This kind of freedom is why Bitcoin Dice is trending amongst online casino players.

    These four are just some of the many other Bitcoin gambling games available for coin owners. Bitcoin Sports Betting UK can show you other ways to make a wager with your digital money.

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