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  • NXT Decentralizing the future

    Nxt is an advanced blockchain platform which builds on and improves the basic functionality of pioneering cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency and financial systems are the first widely used applications of blockchain technology, but the blockchain and its associated technology can be used for so much more. Nxt revolutionises the financial technology, crowdfunding and governance industries by providing not only the groundbreaking NXT crypto-currency, but also a powerful, modular toolset to build with in any way Nxt users can imagine. Nxt gives users complete freedom to create their own applications

    What is Nxt?

    Nxt is an advanced open source application platform which builds on and improves the basic functionality of the first wave of pioneering crypto-currencies. The Nxt platform includes many advanced features, including the NXT digital currency. Nxt gives its users complete freedom in many ways: for example to use the NXT currency as a payment system, or to create advanced blockchain applications using the Nxt API and toolkit. Nxt is a powerful, open and completely decentralized application platform, leading the evolution of crypto-currency into blockchain technology.

    NXT: the crypto-currency

    Digital or crypto-currencies have been with us for around 5 years now, with the first widely adopted crypto-currency being Bitcoin. Digital currency systems combine cutting-edge encryption technology with a decentralised peer-to-peer network of users and computer systems. The advantages that crypto-currencies can offer over traditional methods of payment are truly remarkable: they allow people to securely and safely store and transfer their money without any external agency: no banks or middlemen needed. For the first time in the history of finance, an individual can have complete control over their own funds and can send money anywhere on the planet within a few minutes, without relying on any banks, payment companies or other third parties, virtually free of cost. NXT is the digital currency that acts as the fuel for the Nxt eco-system: it can be used as an external currency, in the same way that you can spend Bitcoins or dollars to buy goods or services. NXT can also be used internally to power Nxt features, for example by creating tokens, paying for data storage or transaction fees for transfers. NXT, the currency, gives its users complete financial freedom. Some of Nxt features:

    Nxt: the blockchain technology

    The most important element of Nxt is the blockchain. This is the sequence of data-containing blocks that contain all of the information about the entire history of Nxt, including accounts, transactions, messages……everything. The first generation of crypto-currencies pioneered the concept of using a blockchain to keep a secure, trustworthy and stable, yet completely decentralised and open, record of transactions. Initially, the blockchain was only used to track financial transactions within crypto-currencies, but the creators of Nxt saw the potential to use blockchain technology for very much more: by adding extra functionality to blockchain systems, they could be used in many other ways, not just as a financial application. Nxt gives project developers and individuals a powerful toolkit, combined with an easy to use API system, allowing people to integrate and use Nxt blockchain technology in their own applications and projects, with the only limit being the imagination. Nxt, the application platform, gives its users complete freedom to create.

    Nxt uses brand new software. It’s not a fork of Bitcoin's code. ( Nxt Source Code).

    Nxt improves different features of Bitcoin, removes some disadvantages and resolves a big environmental issue.

    Nxt Decentralized Asset Exchange

    Nxt Voting System

    Nxt Phased Transactions

    Nxt Nxt Marketplace (decentralized buying and selling goods)

    Nxt Monetary System (Bitcointalk Topic)

    Nxt Decentralized Alias System / DNS. Register names and assign them to URIs.

    Nxt Alias Trading/transfer

    Nxt Encrypted messages (and data) on the blockchain

    Nxt doesn't have a local wallet, but a safer brainwallet.

    Get started

    1. Install a Client
      Download in the one-click-installer: Windows - Mac - Linux
    2. Create an account
      Choose a strong and long password (+35 random characters) to generate your Nxt Account. Copy it to a safe place or memorize it!
      There are no wallet files in Nxt, just your passphrase to access your Nxt account in the network ( read about account security ). The passphrase automatically creates an account. Sending as soon as possible a first transaction to the network will strongly secure your account and is highly recommended.
    3. Get some NXT
      Get a small amount of free NXT or buy NXT with SEPA on Coinimal or with Dutch iDEAL on LiteBit . Or you trade altcoins/bitcoin for NXT at one of the exchanges: Bter, Poloniex, CCEDK or Cryptsy.
      Send the NXT to your account.
      Remember to never use your passphrase on these websites or anywhere else on the web. Your passphrase is private!

    Nxt Client

    Starters Guides

    Windows 32-Bit Nxt Startersguide
    For the most basic Windows 32-bit installation, mostly on older computers.

    Windows 64-bit Nxt Startersguide
    Covers the most common installation; Windows 64-bit systems, most modern computers.

    Core Client Nxt Startersguide
    This is an introduction to using the Nxt client itself: Account creation, funding, first transactions. This guide is applicable to using Nxt on all platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac.

    Linux and Mac installation guides are coming soon.

    If you have any issues with installation, Nxt has support resources available or go to the Wiki system for Nxt.

    Nxt Tools:

    Nxt Business:

    Nxt News:

    Nxt Video:

    Nxt Website:

    Nxt Social Media:

    Nxt Exchange:

  • Nxt news – December 2016 (III)

    Here’s some of the latest news about Nxt over this past week in December.



    • BetterBets.io – New Use Cases for Nxt

    BetterBets.io, a platform launched some time ago by some of the members of Janus, is one of the most popular casinos with the highest volume among provably fair and secure bitcoin gambling sites.

    Recently, it has been announced that BetterBets will help promote new use cases for Nxt. Representatives of Janus have choosen the original Nxt thread at Bitcointalk to remind us that the current Nxt 1.0 still has a long way ahead of it and has the potential to explode and that they intend to promote its expansion.

    Remember, remember the 15th of December…. we are proud to soon add more use cases to NXT and provably fair betting will be one of them. All people are welcome, especially the Nxt/Ardor community as our team prepares for an awesome 2017 with you all!

    bjorn_bb has also published a look into what will be an exclusive NXT game for this platform:

    More information: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=303898.msg17191730#msg17191730

    https://nxtchat.slack.com/archives/janusproject (Link to join Nxtchat on Slack)

    Under The Knife #Janus

  • Nxt NRS Mainnet version 1.11.2 released!

    Release 1.11.2



    fa5a6dbbe7265753d41e492d5db3601b2d34b1c45c7a39e7cfa45bcee1854496 nxt-client-1.11.2.zip



    5c871c6a3fe0834fed28ae5f0ecfb33686210c50a6558919c41cbb86cfebf1ba nxt-client-1.11.2.sh



    The exe, dmg, and sh packages must have a digital signature by "Stichting NXT".

    Change log:

    Added "Copy Account" button next to the account id header.

    Added again the API and DBShell links to the cogwheel menu.

    Minor bugfixes and UI improvements.

    Android App updated to use Apache Cordova 6.4.0.

    Updated Jetty to version 9.3.15, Bouncy Castle to 1.56, slf4j to 1.7.22, and
    zxing to 3.3.0, delete the old lib folder before unpacking on top.

  • Nxt January Update News (I)

    After a short break, we are back with some of the latest news about Nxt over these past couple of weeks in December and January.

    • Janus – BetterBets.io
      • Moneypot.com – Rubies V2 is Released on the Nxt Blockchain
    • Jelurida – New Website
    • NRS Update – Version 1.11.2
      • Android Wallet
    • Preview of the Ardor Wallet on the Testnet
    • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution


    Below, are more details about these news pieces:



    • Janus – BetterBets.io

    In our previous newsletterBetterBets.io online casino. Moreover, they recently stated that their first monthly dividend issuance to holders of the Janus token, in a series of monthly dividends, will be on the 15th of January. They also announced some other news:

    There are currently 8,430,863 Janus tokens left to purchase until the next distribution in March. Each Janus token is 1.5 NXT to purchase; for the next distribution the very lowest it will cost per token is 2.25 NXT. Please plan accordingly if you wish to take advantage of Q1 developments and the easiest entry point for cost is now.

    Init Quantity: 225000000
    Quantity: 99949530
    Decimals: 5
    Account: NXT-QG74-VNQK-7FQ3-4KFBA
    ID: 4348103880042995903
    ASK: 1.5 NXT (amount: 6997061.04258)
    BID: 1.45 NXT (amount: 7978.2)
    Placeholder asset for Janus tokens on the upcoming Ardor platform

    Asset Price Vol:https://nxter.org/nxt-news-jan...

    ascendus: In the future though, to received dividends from our mainstream business, we will rebrand our site Janustoken.com (holders will have to place a BTC address and a NXT address), in order to snapshot the balances of janus holders. Dividends will be paid in BTC.

    • Moneypot.com – Rubies V2 is Released on the Nxt Blockchain

    Moneypotlaunched the second version of Rubies, a coin that was originally created to give people a new way of betting and has the potential to give players, investors, and speculators the opportunity to be a part of a community of digital currency enthusiasts. This second version of the coin (that will replace the first one) will be call R2B2, and will be based on the Nxt blockchain:

    bjorn_bb: for those who do not realize this yet, I spent some time with the Moneypot.com team. He’s converting from a traditional bitcoind blockchain to NXT. They will be offering many options for the Rubies V2. It was our project they have now stepped in to take over.

    Betterbets: Awesome news from the Moneypot team, this marks the beginning of new health for Rubies V2 with R2B2. My team and theirs worked on a very good strategy for long term health and benefits for all holders. There will be no more blockchain issues as it runs on Nxt and this will tie in as well to the upcoming BetterBets.io launch of NXT betting. 2017 is going to be a very great year for both teams, and this post is our way of handing over the entirety of the Rubies project in the great care of the Moneypot team. From this point we will remain here for them as advisers if they need, but this is the transition from our team to Moneypot of the destiny of Rubies.

    More information: https://bitcointalk.org/index....




    JanusProject at NxtChat on Slacklink to join)

    • Jelurida – New Website

    Jelurida, the recently created corporation that is in charge of developing and supporting NxtArdor, has released the first version of its new websiteNxt Foundation and Jelurida, made the public announcement and introduced some of the team members.

    Damelon says:

    It’s just a one pager for now, but we can be reached and people can see our faces. A short guide to the names:
    – Bas = Damelonpetko     – Tomislav = BerzeliusScripterRon
    Kristina is our excellent legal counsel.

    For those of you who are big fans of gossips and conspiracy theories, we already know that one of the members of Jelurida is Jean-Luc, a Nxt core developer who, since the beginning, has chosen to stay anonymous. But… who is actually behind that alias? Will he really be one of these public faces which have now be presented? Or perhaps, should we be using “she”? Does Jean-Luc really exist as a person? Is Jean-Luc actually an Artificial-Intelligence super-computer descendant of Deep-Blue who is looking for new challenges beyond chess? Only time will tell (or maybe not).

    More information: http://jelurida.com



    • NRS Update – New version 1.11.2

    The new version of the Next Reference Software has been released. The changelog includes some library updates, bug fixes, and improvements. Among them stands out the new NRS mobile app (just for Android at the moment), which was previously included for testing in the experimentalversions, as we mentioned in previousnewsletters.

    You can download the NRS update straight from your current Nxt client or from Github. Always make sure that the given SHA256 signature is exactly the same that the hash of the file. You can check it using your NRS wallet, online third party services that allows you to, or third party software, so that you are absolutely sure that you receive the original file.


    • NRS Update – New version 1.11.2

    The new version of the Next Reference Software has been released. The changelog includes some library updates, bug fixes, and improvements. Among them stands out the new NRS mobile app (just for Android at the moment), which was previously included for testing in the experimentalversions, as we mentioned in previousnewsletters.

    You can download the NRS update straight from your current Nxt client or from Github. Always make sure that the given SHA256 signature is exactly the same that the hash of the file. You can check it using your NRS wallet, online third party services that allows you to, or third party software, so that you are absolutely sure that you receive the original file.

    • Android Wallet

    The mobile wallet that this version brings us works much as the LIGHT wallet. It connects to an aleatory public node every time you run the app while being able to use almost all the features of the full client. You can download it for your Android phone from here: https://bitbucket.org/JeanLucPicard/nxt/downloads/nxt-mobile-client-android-

    More information and tips:

    Tutorial to update your node running on Debian8 64bits

    Nxt Client Update Script for VPS

    Archlinux Repository

    • Preview of the Ardor Wallet on Testnet


    DamelonNxt Foundation, has shared some screenshots taken by Riker, a Nxt Core Developer, so we can see a sneak preview of what the current Ardor Graphical User Interface (GUI) looks like. It won’t be long until this software is made public for testing on testnet (expected to be released in this first quarter of 2017).

    At the moment, we know that the developers are happy with the progress. In the image we can see that beyond ARDR (the main chain) and IGNIS (the first child chain), the devs are already testing the future of having other childchains, some of which could be run by businesses to run fiat exchanges straight on the wallet.


    It is also possible for a business to set up a fiat exchange.  I did one for Nxt 1.x (TokenExchange) as a consulting project which exchanged a Nxt currency with Bitcoins.  I’ve started adapting this project for Nxt 2.x (CoinExchange) to exchange a child coin (not necessarily BTC) with Bitcoins.  Going directly to fiat currency gets you involved in a lot of monetary regulations (AML, KYC, etc), so it is easier to use Bitcoins as an intermediate step.
    …Nxt 2.x will contain a Coin Exchange where users can trade child coins with each other.  So the value of a particular coin will depend on what people are willing to pay for it using one of the other coins.
    …Set up is the same but the ports have been changed to avoid conflicts with Nxt 1.x.  This means you can run both Nxt 1.x and Nxt 2.x on the same system (as long as you install them in different directories)…

    We’ve also gotten screen shots of a child chain block and the Bundler screen. Step-by-step Ardor is coming!



    For more Details:https://nxter.org/nxt-news-jan...

  • Nxt January Update News (II)




    • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution


    • Nxtchat on Slack – 1000 Users Reached!

    We have reasons to be happy! The Nxt Community has reached 1,000 users on its SlackDamelon, of the Nxt Foundation, on the 19th of January, 2016, and has been steadily receiving new users throughout this period.

    For its part, stats on Nxtforum also look nice. During December and January, over 1 900 new members joined the forum. Nxt has the technology, the team, and the best community. Come on and join us!

    Link to join Nxtchat on Slack: https://nxtchat.herokuapp.com/

    • Janus – New Asset Based on Nxt: JanusEX

    The JanusJanusEX, an asset, was created to reward those Janus investors with over 2 000 000 tokens, who will receive this new asset in addition to the Janus tokens they already hold. Owners of JanusEX will receive 40% of all the income from the online casino betterbets.io, which will be added to the current dividends of the asset. This revenues will start on March 2018, and will take place on the first day of every month.

    bjorn_blockchain says:

    We are now adding value to Janus tokens through multiple sites and businesses, there is also the option for larger holders to acquire some income exclusive to them as well.We will be adding more dividends to both Janus and JanusEX as development progresses through the years.
    Expect some surprises to boost token value and options to increase passive income for people who are interested.

    Init Quantity: 500
    Quantity: 500
    Decimals: 3
    Account: NXT-QG74-VNQK-7FQ3-4KFBA
    ID: 6779968929899743948
    ASK: None NXT (amount: Zero)
    BID: 10 NXT (amount: 1)
    This token is given to investors who hold a balance over 2 million Janus tokens. This token entitles you to 40% of Bitcoin income from https://betterbets.io casino and games. Income starts March 2018 and continues throughout the entire life of the site.
    Dividends will be paid the first of each month indefinitely.
    Janus tokens Asset ID here: 4348103880042995903
    Email: [email protected]

    • Betterbets.io – Betting with NXT will Improve Dividends to Janus Token Holders

    The day has come to include the use of NXT at Betterbets.io. The Janus team has issued a press release, addressed to both investors and players, which explains the details about the inclusion of NXT in this betting platform. They state that 90% of the profits coming from NXT betting will be given away to the owners of the Janus token.

    Bjorn says:

    This update will be adding the option to bet with NXT, we are sure most of you have heard of it. The reason we felt this currency was a valid addition for BetterBets, was because of the great community and developers that Nxt has built since it’s launch in 2013. Our staff have become a part of the community as well, and we are learning very quickly that their blockchain and wallet software is an incredibily powerful business tool.


    The Janus team seems to be in constant evolution, always trying to evolve the conventional business and combine it with the blockchain technology, which will bring short and long term revenues to the owners of their token.

    More information: https://nxtforum.org/news-and-...


    https://nxtchat.slack.com/archives/janusprojectNxtchat on Slack)

    • DeBuNe – News and Upcoming ICO

    This past week marked the end of the sale of the first 250 000 assets for sale by DeBuNe, thus ending the first phase of the funding campaign launched last August, which included special prices for those nxters who bought the asset through the Nxt Asset Exchange. It has been a long and silent process, due to non-disclosure agreements that don’t allow the team to publish much news about what they are doing. With this, the initial phase of funding ended and, soon, the following phase of the ICO will begin.

    Roberto Capodieci,DeBuNe, says:

    …I am so excited that we are getting close to launching the ICO. Guys, you have no idea what a crazy amount of things launching an ICO requires… with DeBuNe we have TONS to show everyone with the efforts already done. It should go great, and if all is as I hope, then those of you who got some in the AE will have quite a treat when exchanging them in the future. Thanks for all the support from everyone

    DeBuNe ICO’s roadmap outlined:

    DeBuNe will have an ICO toward the end of the year, beginning of next year. A lot of news will be released, and there will be a distribution of the coins. 250000 will be sold in the ICO, and 250000 will be given to the asset holders with an average holding calculated in a period that will be announced (something similar to the ardor distribution). I have put some DeBuNe assets at 19 NXT each in the AE, and 15k more will be made available in the next weeks at a higher price until a total of 250000 assets are circulating in the Nxt AE.
    The ICO will sell for definitely more than 20NXT per coin, so this is an soft offer for NXT holders. …

    espite Capodieci’s discretion, as a logical consequence of NDAs, which are very common in these type of business, user Amalgamusweb page
    where DeBuNe and Roberto are listed as members of a remarkable business
    initiative which offer collaborative solutions to important investors
    all around the world, which include banks and other big corporations.

    Source and more information: https://nxtforum.org/debune/de... http://digitalbillions.com/ http://interview.cio.com.tw/ho...

    DEVELOPMENT Ardor – Fiat Gateways

    As we announced in our previous newsletter, the design of Ardor will allow business that are interested to build an exchange on this platform by means of a child chain on Ardor. The new feature that will be added to Ardor in order to allow this functionality is called Coin Exchange. This will allow trading one child chain token for another or to Ardor tokens. Bit by bit, the core developers are making significant progress in this aspect and they are showing us these new functionalities that will be included. This time Damelon, member of the Nxt Foundation, has shared some images regarding potential BTC-USD trades on Ardor.

    Source: https://nxtforum.org/general-d...

    • Ardor – Details About its Functionalities

    ScripterRonRiker, Nxt Developers and members of JeluridaNxtforum.org concerning fiat gateways, bundlers, a global Asset Exchange, etc. on Ardor

    About the global Asset Exchange:

    Assets are defined globally, they are not on a particular chain. You can buy and sell an asset on any chain. The prices are in the units for that chain. That means the same asset can have different prices depending on the chain. Which makes sense since the coins will have different values.You may be thinking about exchanging coins from chain A for coins from chain B. When you do this, you specify the number of chain A coins that you want to exchange and the maximum price you will pay for chain B coins. For example, if exchanging USD for EUR, you could exchange 10.00 USD at a price of 2.00 USD/EUR. You would be able to buy at least 5 EUR and possibly more depending on the exchange prices.
    Your order would be matched with an order that wants to exchange EUR for USD. Say that an existing order wanted to exchange 2.00 EUR at a price of 0.80 EUR/USD. Which translates to 1.25 USD/EUR. The exchange uses the price from the oldest order, so the exchange price is 1.25 USD/EUR. You receive 2.00 EUR since that is all that the seller had available. In return, the seller receives 2.50 USD. His order is complete but yours is still open since you still have 7.50 USD available to exchange.

    About child chains bundlers:

    Anybody can bundle child transactions. But you must have ARDR. When you bundle child transactions, you create a child block transaction which is included in the next block. You receive fees from the child transactions and you pay ARDR for the child block transaction. You can use the child coins to create your own transactions or exchange them for another coin (including ARDR if somebody has ARDR they want to get rid of). There is a Coin Exchange similar to the Asset Exchange and the Currency Exchange where users can trade child coins with each other.

    About the fiat gateways:

    Nxt 2.x will contain a Coin Exchange where users can trade child coins with each other. So the value of a particular coin will depend on what people are willing to pay for it using one of the other coins.The value of a child coin measured in an external coin such as Bitcoin will depend on whatever gateway is used to exchange the child coin for Bitcoins. If the gateway used a 1:1 ratio, then that would indirectly value all of the other child coins since they could then be measured against Bitcoins using the exchangeable coin as a proxy.

    About the chain where a coin transaction will be:

    The transaction is in the chain for the coin you want to exchange. The exception is that any exchange involving ARDR will be in the main (FXT) chain since ARDR exchanges affect forging and cannot be pruned.
    You can issue a coin exchange from any chain coin to any other chain coin. You specify amount and price. Amount – the number of your coins that you want to exchange. Price – is the number of your coins that you want to pay for one of the exchange coins. For example, if you are exchanging USD chain coins for BTC chain coins, the price would be the value of 1 BTC in dollars.
    Order matching works the same way as order matching of the current asset exchange. In addition, each chain can now use different number of decimals, for example 8 decimals for BTC and Ardor, 2 for USD chain.

    About the coin in which the fees will be payed:

    When exchanging USD for EUR, the transaction is sent to the USD chain and the fee is paid in USD. When exchanging EUR for USD, the transaction is sent to the EUR chain and the fee is paid in EUR. It takes 2 transactions for an exchange and both parties pay transaction fees in their respective coins. The coin exchange is similar to the asset exchange except there are 2 prices involved. One way to look at it is that each exchange order contains a buy price and an ask price. If you are exchanging 5 USD at a price of 2.00 USD, then your bid price is 2.00 USD per EUR. Your order has an implicit ask price of 0.50 EUR per USD. That is, you won’t pay more than 2 USD for one EUR and you won’t accept less than 0.50 EUR for one USD.

    More information: https://nxtforum.org/general-d...


    • E-Forex Magazine – Keeping Up with the Blockchain

    This articleE-Forex Magazine, written by William Essex, explains what changes such a disruptive technology as blockchain can bring us by opening up a new range of possibilities. In fact, current players in this field are already changing the way they think and are trying to use the power of this technology for a wide-range of solutions.

    The text includes opinions from entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business and community representatives who are starting to explore and use blockchain technology. Among them is Dave PearceNxt Foundation, who talks about FX operating on the blockchain, in a very different way than it is done today.

    Blockchain can offer fintech systems, banks, FX, everybody a way to replace all of their legacy systems in one relatively easy step. It can not only replace legacy systems, but offer them extra economies – for example, by throwing away the entire concept of needing a back-up strategy. Every single node on a blockchain is an entire back-up system.

    Source and more information: http://www.e-forex.net/article...


    • Cryptocentral – Basic Information about the Features of Nxt

    Cryptocentral is a cryptocommunity space where you can find the latest information regarding various cryptocurrencies, mining, exchanges, various services, and more. It has several features and tools, such as a voting system, subscription capabilities, quick activity notification, and a chat system.

    Recently, this website has added a new sectionNxt, where you can find some basic information about the platform, a description of the main features, some guidelines for newcomers, and links. It holds quite a good compendium of information that is worth visiting if you are new to the platform or want to refresh on some concepts.

    Source and more information: http://cryptocentral.info/topi...

    Follow them on twitter


    • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

    The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex for this past week:

    The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex for this past week:


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