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  • Happy to announce that we now have a second organizational supporter!

    has been a great member of the community and we are very grateful for
    his generous donation and support. We also look forward to seeing what
    he does with Jupiter, a modified version of Nxt purchased by his company from Jelurida.

    Nxt Foundation

  • Nxt March Update News (III)

    Here’s some of the latest news about Nxt over this past week:

    • Chocolatey.org – Nxt Repository for Windows (Unofficial)
    • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution


    Below are more details about each of these topics:



    • Nxt Foundation – Supporter Program

    Travin KeithNxt Foundation Supporter Program. The final objective is to raise enough funds to allow the Foundation perform its operations well, as well as to strengthen the bonds of the community.

    There are several forms of support included in this program, each of them with different benefits and rates. In every case, you can make your contribution with EUR, NXT, ARDR or BTC:

    • Organizational Supporters – This category is targeted towards large businesses and organizations that wish to support the Nxt Foundation. The benefactor, who will donate €2500 every year, will be publicly acknowledged as a Nxt Foundation Organizational Supporter on the Nxt Foundation website with a dedicated page to the organization, as well as many other benefits.

    Annual Supporter – This
    category is for both community members and projects that wish to
    support the Nxt Foundation in its activities. It’s subdivided into two
    tiers, depending on the donation level, which will bring benefits such
    as the appearance of the name or username on the Supporter Page, a
    personalized @nxtcommunity.io email or @ardorcommunity.io email, link to
    a personal/project website, and a few other benefits.

    Travin Keith states:

    If you would like to be a supporter, please send me a private message on nxtforum, on Slack, or to [email protected], with your desired amount to contribute, your preferred method, and other relevant details to your desired tier

    JanusSigwo Technologies have been the very first ones to give support to the Foundation through the Organizational Supporters plan mentioned above.


    This piece of news adheres to the Nxt Foundation Marketing Strategyprevious newsletter.

    Source and more information: nxtforum.org/news-and-announcements/nxt-foundation-supporter-program/



    • Tipper – The Service Will Be Shut Down on the 1st of April

    Daniel, aka NxtSwe, is an active member of the Nxt community, with which he was always willing to help and participate in its discussions. His aptitude as a developer are evident in many open source contributions to the Nxt ecosystem, such as the NxtLibTipper bot for Slack, some plugins for Nxt, (Asset FeedsPlugin Dividend, for example) as well as a lot of valuable inputs and technical feedback, all while always keeping a constructive and kind tone.

    Daniel has announced that, for personal reasons, he is forced to close down all these services that the has offered to the community which he was sustaining by himself:

    Important I will be shutting down tipper service on april 1st. I am very sorry for this, but I urge everyone to withdraw their funds from tipper until then using the withdraw command, for example: _”withdraw NXT-YOUR-PERSONAL-NXT-ADDRESS 100 NXT”_ If you have assets, withdraw them first so you have enough to cover the transaction fees. Again, I am very sorry for this.

    NxtSwe, displaying once more his exceptional personality, warned users in advance of the closing of this service so that not a single nxter is adversely affected by this decision. The source code of the app will remain freely available at Github for anyone who wants to keep benefiting from NxtSwe’s contributions.

    From Nxter, on behalf of the whole Nxt community, we’d like to thank you very much, Daniel. Thank you for being a part of Nxt’s history!

    Source: https://nxtforum.org/nxt-proje...


    • Intel & The Floor – International Banking Blockchain Hackaton

    In our previous newsletterLior Yaffe, NxtArdor core developer and a member of Jeluridaannounced his participation in the International Banking Blockchain Hackathon that will take place in Tel-Aviv on the 29th and 30th of March, 2017.

    Lior is especially excited with this hackathon and recently stated:

    I’m assembling an NXT dream team for this event. I spoke with the organizer today and they welcome Jelurida/NXT/Ardor solutions. They are looking for a team of 5-6 people not necessarily all technical. Great opportunity to promote NXT.  First prize is 5K$ paid in BTC. If someone wants to join me in Tel Aviv for this event I can help with travel arrangement and show you around before or after the event.

    There are less than 10 days left before the event, so, if you are willing to be a part of this dream team and help promote Nxt for 36 hours during this hackathon, all while you learn new insights and forge new bonds in this field, don’t hesitate to contact Lior.

    Source and more information: www.eventbrite.com

    nxtchat.slack.com/archives/developers/p1489394716463016Nxtchat on Slack)

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    • What’s The Best… – ARDR Listed

    Whatis, originally a comprehensive knowledge base launched in 2008, has shifted its focus entirely to insights that help people understand the concepts of cryptocurrency.

    “Whatis” will enlighten you about various aspects of best cryptocoins to invest in, it will describe how to get coins into your wallets, how to create your own coins, how to trade various assets and many, many of HowTos that may change our whole life.

    ARDRNxt, which was added some time ago. Here, we can find a basic description of Ardor’s features, such as the creation of child chains, transaction pruning to avoid blockchain bloat, as well as a few other details such as the way the ARDR distribution took place, when IGNIS will be released, etc.

    Source: http://whatis.wikidot.com/ardo...


    • Alt19 Index – ARDR and NXT Listed

    NXTARDR have been included on the Alt19 website, the oldest altcoin market index, where you can see the volume, capitalization, and exchange prices of altcoins, plus many other interesting data related to buying and selling coins and assets.

    The detailed information provided by this
    site will come in handy for those traders who intend to make as much
    profit as possible when trading altcoins. Moreover, you can download the
    data from this website in CSV format, so that you can use it to draw
    your own graphs and perform your own technical analysis.

    Source: https://bitcointalk.org/index....



    • Chocolatey.org – Nxt Repository for Windows (Unofficial)

    Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows. It was designed to be a decentralized framework for quickly installing applications and tools that you may need.

    Chocolatey packages encapsulate everything required to manage a particular piece of software into one deployment artifact by wrapping installers, executables, zips, and scripts, all into a compiled package file.

    Chocolatey.org is a feed of packages provided and maintained by the community.

    One of the latest available packages is NRS version 1.1.14.

    To install the Nxt Client, run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell:

    C:\> choco install nxt

    To upgrade Nxt Client, run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell:

    C:\> choco upgrade nxt

    Chocolatey is a practical an easy way to install Nxt in a Windows system for users who want to keep it simple. However, keep in mind that this isn’t the original NRS software provided by the Nxt core developers, but rather an amplified project that another user has created by themselves to make it easier to install. By using Chocolatey, we are forced to trust the good intentions of the package creator so, in the end, we are run into a level of risk when installing software using chocolatey, one that must be taken into consideration when dealing with a sensitive software such as your Nxt wallet where you keep your money.

    The only way to be completely sure that our Nxt wallet hasn’t been maliciously altered at all is by downloading the latest release from the official thread for new versions of the NRS at Nxtforumsha256 hash is the same that Jean-Luc, Nxt core developer, announced on that thread.

    Source and more information: https://chocolatey.org/package...



    • Hyperledger Blog – Blockchains for Business: Why Decentralization is Still a Factor

    This article by Travin KeithNxt Foundation, recently published an article on Hyperledger’s blog, which details some of the benefits that blockchain’s decentralized technology, such as the one with Nxt, can bring to business and organizations:

    •  Security: …there is always a high level of availability for the data. So, even if a large number of nodes fail or are shut down by an attack, the data is still available for people to access
    • Distributed Processing: …the system can also continue to process additional data and add more blocks into the blockchain… the system can continue operating as long as there are active nodes in the system…
    • Partnerships and Consortiums: …trust is not needed in terms of processing data as well as storing it… Verifying that one has the same information that another party has is relatively easy to do…


    Source: https://www.hyperledger.org/bl...

    • Core Media – Sigwo Technologies: Blockchain as a Service Platform

    This article by KanoptxCore Media magazine, mentions the launch of Jupiter eSyslogNxt, managed by Sigwo Technologies.

    The Jupiter eSyslog platform is based on the NXT world leading blockchain technology developed by Jelurida B.V. the company behind the NXT and Ardor blockchain technology.

    This new platform intends to be a boundless way to ensure that the server logs are securely stored in recoverable, encrypted, and immutable databases, all with the highest grade of security so that the logs are always available. All the data is massively replicated across dozens of nodes, which makes Jupiter very resilient against attacks, even insider attacks.

    Lior Yaffe, Nxt core developer and co-founder of Jelurida B.V., says:

    The un-matched reliability, security and scalability provided by the NXT blockchain provides the Jupiter eSyslog platform the necessary tools to provide a world leading blockchain as service platform. We are delighted to work together with Sigwo Technologies to make eSyslog a de-facto standard in storage and maintenance of system log information.

    Source and more information: http://coremedia.info/blockcha...

    Nxt Newsletter



    • Nxt Folks – Value of Blockchain Technology is Exponentially Growing in the Past Months

    In this article at NxtFolksThe Wire Master goes over how BTC has managed to keep its price high, even after the SEC voted against the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust ETF. However, after the result of this vote, it seems as though a considerable amount of money is moving from BTC towards some other cryptos, which is a clear sign that blockchain technology still arouses interest and people will continue to trust this tech despite the rejection.

    Source: https://nxtfolks.com/2017/03/15/value-of-blockchain-technology-is-exponentially-growing-in-the-last-months

    • BLK Chain – Blockchain and Trust in Online Advertising

    This article in French by Baptiste Lac,BLKchain, speaks about some challenges and difficulties that the online advertising industry is facing and how blockchain technology could help to overcome these challenges. It’s expected that advertisers will demand more and more transparency in the contracts signed with advertising agencies. Here is where using smart contracts or Smart Transactions, which Nxt has built in its core, together with the use of assets, seems to be the right solution for this problem


    Smart Transactions will ensure that the rules signed regarding the visibility of ads are fulfilled, allowing businesses to make precise measurements to better evaluate the efficacy of the advertising campaign. According to the author, it’s also possible to carry out complete monitoring and audit of the views through analyzing the metadata associated with the received token.

    Source and more information: http://blkchain.fr/blockchain-...


    • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

    The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price changes on Poloniex

    The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price changes on Poloniex

  • Intel & The Floor Hackathon – Day 1

    This morning, the Intel & The Floor Blockchain Hackathon kicked off. The blockchain hackathon, which is organized by Intel, The Floor & the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, is running for 2 days, from 29-30 March 2017 at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange together with the participation of leading banks. Nxt and Ardor core developer, and managing director of Jelurida, Riker (Lior Yaffe), is attending and has been updating the Nxt community throughout the day.

    Here’s a short summary of the event so far for Nxt’s representative.

    Hackathon Subject: Blockchain solutions for banks
    Participant Objectives: Banks will be presenting challenges in advance and participants will develop solution using one of the common blockchain platforms: ethereum, R3 Corda, Hyperledger Sawtooth lake, Hyperledger Fabric, Bitcoin or others.

    Riker had, beforehand, cleared with the organizer, that a Nxt/Ardor/Jelurida blockchain solution was welcome. His idea, which he pitched and discussed with the Nxters on Nxtchat yesterday evening, was to code a use case around the Nxt Asset Exchange and its built-in dividend distribution system, as it’s one of the Nxt features very relevant for banks, and also unique to Nxt.

    DAY 1


    I have a vague idea what to say.

    riker [8:44 AM]

    “We have a solution to the blockchain bloat problem. Real solution in production, not a Whitepaper. A team of developers with over 10 man years experience combined, and an operational public blockchain running for over 3 years.

    Focus today is on issuing shares on the blockchain and dividend payment. We will develop various decentralized dividend payment methods using the NXT and Ardor blockchain.

    I’m Lior Yaffe, managing director of Jelurida and developer of NXT and Ardor. Come talk to me.”

    Lior was one of 15 pitchers.

    The Challenge

    riker [5:13 PM]

    I’m working on a use case for the Tel Aviv Stock exchange:

    “Share registration”.

    The “problem” is, that the functionality we provide out of the box with data cloud, phasing, messages, account ledger, encrypted file attachment, shared key is enough to implement this.

    I don’t have anything real to develop.

    The mentor told me “you better work on a presentation.”

    The ETH guys have teams of 5-6 people working on similar tasks.

    Use case overview
    Once the issue and allocation process is determined, the issuing company files a request to list the new shares in the exchange. This request is examined by various gatekeeping entities (transfer agent; Exchange regulation) and if accepted, allows the company to list its shares, update its shareholder records, and complete the allocation to public investors. This process takes place nowadays with the issuing company producing a physical stock certificate, stating the amount of newly issued shares, in the name of the transfer agent. The agent safe keeps the certificate while instructing the clearinghouse to allocate the shares to the public owners. This process is relevant for every change in the company’s capital structure.
    Establish a digital, one stop shop solution to register shares, handle corporate actions, and allow for updates of company capital structure.
    Key Features:
    • Issuing company will transmit listing request through the platform;
    • Request will be examined by various gatekeepers (exchange; due legal procedures; reception of allocation details; money transfer). Each gatekeeper will be able to access the request and approve it.
    • Once all necessary approvals have been given, the company receives listing approval, an indication to update its records, and a digital certificate indicating the issue is produced.
    • Platform will inform clearing house of issue allocation.

    wolffang [5:39 PM]

    Are you enjoying yourself? 🙂

    riker [5:40 PM]

    Eating all the time

    They only provide 2 minutes to demo the solution for the semi-finals and if you qualify for the finals you get 5 more minutes. This means that live demo is out of the question.

    Hence why a presentation is necessary.

    riker [9:06 PM]

    Done for today. Had a good intermediate lecture to the judges about the solution which again turned into a marketing pitch. Enough for today

    Tomorrow I will ask my teammate to video [my presentation] in case he is around.

    AboutLatest Postsapenzl Come get me


    Arthur founded NXTER.ORG in December 2013 and started writing Nxt newsletters to the Nxt community.

    Managed the development and implementation of Nxt's visual brand in 2014, with web design bureau Ideenfrische.

    the NXTP asset in 2014, a profit sharing asset given to early
    contributors to Nxter.org that helped turn the site into a magazine,
    publishing news in several languages and running faucets, contests and
    social media campaigns for Nxt.

    Arthur is still one of the main
    driving forces behind Nxter.org, as a blogger, web designer, project
    manager, business developer, and knowledge bank.

  • Intel & The Floor Hackathon – Day 2

    Riker (Lior Yaffe, Nxt, Ardor, Jelurida) was at the Intel & The Floor Blockchain Hackathon in Tel Aviv, to meet the challenge of creating a digital “Share registration” solution.

    As we learned yesterday, it turned out that coding or hacking wasn’t very needed, as all the necessary functionality (and GUI) is already built into the Nxt core distribution and has been working for years. Anyone can download the Nxt Client and make use of it already.

    Jelurida / NXT didn’t win the prize, but as Riker commented:

    Nevertheless it was a great experience, we got tons of exposure and I made some interesting connections

    Read on and see how Nxt solves the hackathon challenge right out of the box.

    DAY 2

    Judgment criteria

    riker [9:36]

    Update from the organizers:

    The Jelurida/NXT team was automatically qualified to the finals (no need to present in front of the judges in the semi-finals). This means a whole 5 minutes presentation in front of the full panel + 2 minutes time for questions for judges.

    The presentation


    Mobile video recording of the presentation: https://goo.gl/photos/9P37BykVUfyo42ys9

    riker [4:12 PM]

    Done now. Took 4:20 minutes to deliver. There were no questions so not sure if everything was understood or if they lost interest. 

    There is a low-quality video from my phone. I’ll upload it after I get a chance to watch it.

    The aftermath

    riker [5:39 PM]

    No prize but was a very nice experience

    Bitmark won the corporate prize and bancor won the startup prize. 

    martis [9:53 PM]

    curious why there were no questions. The audience were shocked or couldn’t believe it can be done just on blockchain?

    riker [9:55 PM]

    Only the 10 judges were allowed to ask questions.

    In other presentations, they asked 1 or 2.

    apenzl [9:54 PM]

    How much time did you spend on coding compared to the winners of the hackathon, u think?

    riker [9:56]

    Frankly, I didn’t spend too much time coding. I think maybe 40% of the time. Dozens of people kept approaching my desk to chat about my plans and make suggestions and I pitched about our technology to anyone who was willing to listen.

    I have business cards from businessman from (in not particular order) KPMG, Accentue X 2, HSBC, Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Intesa SanPaolo and others. Spoke to several executives from Intel, the organizer.

    One of the main problems of our team was that it was only me, I think we scored really bad in this category.

    Nevertheless, it was a great experience we got tons of exposure and I made some interesting connections. I think when getting on stage in front of 200+ people my heart rate jumped to 200. Overall it was a great learning experience. 

    Thanks, Riker!



  • NXT RELEASE NRS  1.11.5



    facb359f2a4fae62b5e2cbb2f5a41bd8cface8090ba72d3ddcba22a904fb23d3  nxt-client-1.11.5.zip



    863fadaedf11ca9f0317b724c0e68e549703482c30fdb07e90f16d0f1f7195bd  nxt-client-1.11.5.sh



    The exe, dmg, and sh packages must have a digital signature by "Stichting NXT".

    Change log:

    Added firstIndex, lastIndex parameters to the getUnconfirmedTransactions and
    getUnconfirmedTransactionIds APIs to support pagination.

    Minor performance optimizations and UI improvements.

    Updated H2 to version 1.4.194 and jetty to 9.3.17.



  • Monopoly Game Powered by Nxt

    There are some computer games using crypto-currencies, like Crytokingdom, Vox, Augur and so on.  Huntercoin is a game on blockchain launched in 2014 based on bitcoin source code. Cutting edge of the
    Huntercoin is human mining. In this introduction, I will introduce Monopoly like game powered by Nxt chain.

    Nearly all coins will be distributed by FSM which is similar to AT( automated machine), after players jump to the location of the coins in next block, they will share the coins. There are lands in the game too,
    so players can buy lands to build hotel, restaurants, healthy club and  weapon factory, which can be traded in asset market in the game also.


    Total supply: 1 000 000 000
    Premine: 4% (for forge use and marketing)
    Block time: 1 minute
    Distribution per block: 600 (100 to dev, Nxt Foundation and marketing)
    Map: 100*100
    Lands: 76 (40 for hotels, 30 restaurants, 1 health club, 1 martial art center, 1 weapon factory…)
    Role of player: jumper (collect coins), boss (owner of hotels), worker (build hotels and so on)

    How to play the Monopoly game

    1.   Distribute coins
    FSM sends 5 packages coins total 500 to different location, every package has 100 coins.
    2.   Become a jumper
    User with over 1000coins can become a player, after sending a transaction of jumper setting. Every player has two life value: Collection Power(CP), Attack Power(AP), Defense Value(DV), Healthy Index(HI), which are 100 in default.
    3.   Collect coins
    Jumper can collect coin once every ten blocks, by jumping to the location of a coin package in his AP range. Next block, will share the coins with other player if more than one players jump to the location too. If over 100 players have jump to the same location, after 100 transactions are invalid, so they can not share the coins.
    In the same time, CP of the player will minus 1 till lowest 1. If CP is less than 50, the player can not collect coins over distance of 51. If CP is one, that means the play only cannot jump but walk a step every time.
    4.   Buy a land
    User can buy a land, after pay the amount coins to the seller.
    5.   Become a boss
    When an owner funds enough coins for project of the land, the owner becomes a boss. A hotel has 40 single rooms, and a restaurant has 30 single tables.

    6.   Become a worker
    User with over 1000 coins can become a worker, after sending a transaction to a building site.
    7.   Build Hotel on a land
    Workers do building work by sending a working transaction every 10 minutes, then in next block they will be paid from the fund. Building others like it too.
    8.   Live in a hotel, eat in a restaurant
    If a player’s AP is equal to zero, the player will enter into recovery mode, which means the player cannot move within 48 hours (2880 Blocks). When time out, the player can act normally, and the AP will restore to initial value, that is 100.
    But if the player sends coins to a hotel, the player’s CP will increase to maximum healthy index, which initial value is 100, and has to sleep for 4 hours. Same as eating in a restaurant, the player’s CP will increase 25, but every eight hours the player only can eat once.
    9.   Attack other player
    When two players are in the same location, one player may attack the other players. The attacker’ AP will minus 5, and the victim’s DV will minus 25. If a player’s DV is below zero, the player will be in coma for 24 hours. When the victim wakes up, DV will restore with HI.
    10.   Healthy Club
    Every player can use healthy club once a day for 1 hour, after that the player’s healthy index will increase 2.5 up to maximum healthy index 200.
    11.   Martial Center
    Player practices in Martial center one hour every day for 40 days, then the player will get a Iron Fist, which increate player’s AP to 200. If the player attacks another player, the victim’s DV will minus 50.
    12.   Weapon Factory
    Weapon Factory only makes an armor, which improves player’s DV to 200.  Everyday the weapon factory only sells 12 armors to players.

  • How To: Set up a Nxt node on a Raspberry Pi 2

    Nxt is one of the most impressive and under-appreciated peer-to-peer networks on the internet. It is an open-source decentralized blockchain platform that introduced a novel proof-of-stake consensus algorithm and it has survived in the wild for over 2 years. Today, the technology pioneered by Nxt is being used in well-funded projects like Ethereum, while Nxt itself remains under-the-radar.

    But the Nxt developers have been very busy, and the latest release brings another set of bleeding-edge features. The API continues to expand, while the software requires minimal system resources to operate. A block-generating “full node” can run on a Raspberry Pi 2 and only costs about $50 in parts, and if you are reading this post you probably want to set up your own, so lets get started.

    You’ll need the following:

    • Raspberry Pi 2
    • 8GB+ microSDHC card (Class 6 or higher recommended)
    • Micro USB cable for power
    • Cat 5 network cable or USB wifi adapter
    • USB keyboard, monitor + HDMI cable (initial setup only)

    Installing the OS

    We will be using Linux because it is reliable, secure and free. Raspbian is the most widely used flavor of Linux for Raspberry Pi devices and it is well supported and maintained. As of this writing, the latest version of Raspbian is “Jessie” (2015-11-21), which is available for download on RaspberryPi.org. This will be a dedicated node and the client will only be accessed remotely, so I recommend using Jessie Lite since we won’t need a window manager.

    There are a variety of ways to write the image to your microSDHC card and the installation guide covers LinuxOS X and Windows.

    “It’s easy once you’ve done it…”

    OS Configuration

    Once your microSDHC card is ready, you can boot your Raspberry Pi 2 for the first time. Insert the memory card, plug in your USB keyboard, ethernet cable and HDMI connection first, then power on the Raspberry Pi 2 by plugging in the micro USB cable. Many consumer routers sold today provide a USB port that should be able to power the Raspberry Pi 2, but if you are planning to use any peripherals (e.g. USB wifi) I recommend using a 1.0A+ USB A/C adapter.

    After the system boots you should see the login prompt. The default username is pi and the default password is raspberry. Once you are logged in, run the following to install the latest OS updates:

    sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade

    Next, start the OS configuration utility by typing the following:

    sudo raspi-config

    The first thing to do is change the default password to something secure. Choose “2 Change User Password” and follow the prompts to set a new password.

    Select “9 Advanced Options”

    Since we aren’t using a window manager we can reallocate some of the GPU memory to the OS. Select “A3 Memory Split” and set the value to 16.

    If you want to be able to access your node from another computer via SSH you can enable the service under “A4 SSH”. I highly recommend hardening your SSH installation once you have everything working.

    Finally, select option “1 Expand Filesystem” to rewrite the partition table of your microSDHC card and use the full storage capacity.

    Once complete, press ESC to exit raspi-config and reboot your system:

    sudo reboot

    After logging in again, check and confirm that the root filesystem mounted on / has been expanded:

    df -h

    The size of the root filesystem should be close to the size of your microSDHC card.

    Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/root        15G  2.2G   13G  14% /

    Next we are going to increase the swap space by editing the swap configuration file and restarting the service:

    sudo nano /etc/dphys-swapfile

    Modify the line for CONF_SWAPSIZE and set it to 512 or 1024 and save the file (CTRL-O, ENTER, CTRL-X).

    # set size to absolute value, leaving empty (default) then uses computed value
    #   you most likely don't want this, unless you have an special disk situation

    Restart the swapfile service:

    sudo service dphys-swapfile restart

    Network Configuration

    Since this will be a full node, you will need to allow peer-to-peer network traffic through your router firewall. Every network configuration is different so this section is going to be more of a general guideline. Assuming you are connected to a router with DHCP enabled, your Raspberry Pi 2 should already have a local IP address, otherwise you will need to configure a static IP address. To show your current network configuration:

    ifconfig eth0

    eth0   Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr b1:ff:4a:a4:ff:1b
           inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:

    inet addr is your local IP, HWaddr is your MAC address. In your router configuration, find the port forwarding settings and forward TCP/UDP traffic for port 7874 to the local IP address of your Raspberry Pi 2. If you aren’t using a static IP address, you should set up a DHCP static lease (aka DHCP reservation) for the MAC address and the local IP address. This way the Raspberry Pi 2 will always get the same local IP address that you configured with the port fowarding rule.

    Installing Java

    Nxt requires Java 8. You can download and manually install the Oracle JRE, or you can easily install the OpenJDK JRE:

    sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jreYou love Java.

    Confirm that Java is installed correctly by checking the version:

    java -version

    You should see an output similar to this:

    openjdk version "1.8.0_40-internal"
    OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_40-internal-b04)
    OpenJDK Zero VM (build 25.40-b08, interpreted mode)

    Installing Nxt

    Download the latest version of Nxt from the public repository. You can use the wget command in the console to directly download the file over HTTPS. As of this writing the current Nxt release is version is 1.7.4, but you will want to make sure you are using the latest version available.

    wget https://bitbucket.org/JeanLucP...

    Check the hash of the package and verify that it matches the hash in the signed release notes. You can also verify the hash in the blockchain. The Nxt account used by lead core developer Jean Luc is NXT-X4LF-9A4G-WN9Z-2R322.

    sha256sum nxt-client-1.7.4.zip

    baf0286983fee3f718ea755dd76f5e9bb3d6a2962560368d513ffc9517d10c9b  nxt-client-1.7.4.zip

    Extract the archive to create the “nxt” directory:

    unzip nxt-client-1.7.4.zip

    Before configuring Nxt, you will need to find out your public IP address. You can do so with the following command:

    curl ipinfo.io

    Take note of your public IP address and then run the following command to create a new configuration file:

    nano ~/nxt/conf/nxt.properties

    The following is an example configuration file:


    If you were able to configure port forwarding on your router, set nxt.myAddress to your public IP address as shown in the output of the curl command, otherwise remove this line from the configuration file. For the other parameters, we’ve set the API to allow connections from everywhere. Once you have things working, you should consider restricting access to your local network or specific IP addresses. See nxt/conf/nxt-default.properties for descriptions of configuration parameters. Save the configuration file and exit the editor.

    Edit the startup file and optimize the memory configuration:

    nano ~/nxt/run.sh

    Add the parameter -Xmx640m to increase the default the Java heap memory allocation to 640mb:

    java -Xmx640m -cp classes:lib/*:conf nxt.Nxt

    You are now ready to start the server. Since this is a fresh installation, your node will need to download the entire blockchain to synchronize with the Nxt network. In some cases, this can take a very long time depending on the speed of your network connection and the type of memory card you are using.

    Startup & Connect

    Nxt runs as a server process that provides an API and a web client interface. First, start the server:

    cd ~/nxt ./run.sh

    You should see the Nxt server start up and synchronize with the network. When startup is complete you will see the following:

    2016-01-03 13:43:28 INFO: Nxt server 1.7.4 started successfully.
    2016-01-03 13:43:28 INFO: Copyright © 2013-2016 The Nxt Core Developers.
    2016-01-03 13:43:28 INFO: Distributed under GPLv2, with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
    2016-01-03 13:43:28 INFO: Client UI is at http://localhost:7876/index.html

    Open a web browser on a PC connected to the same network navigate to the local IP of the Raspberry Pi 2 on port 7876.


    For the interactive API interface, append /test to the url.


    Congratulations, if you are able to access the login / test page your Nxt installation is successful. To stop the Nxt server, press CTRL-C at the console.

    Final Steps


    Enable SSL

    Before you can safely use Nxt, you should setup SSL on your node. If you use HTTP, a attacker on your network may be able to steal your passphrase.  I highly recommend configuring a self-signed cert for your node and using HTTPS only.  I posted some “cheat sheet” instructions that are based on the instructions in the wiki. Core developer Riker has also posted a thread on setting up SSL.

    Install screen

    To make management of your node easier, I recommend installing screen. It will let you run programs in detachable sessions, and once you start using it you’ll wonder how you missed it for so long.

    sudo apt-get install screen

    To use screen on your Nxt server, edit run.sh and modify the command:

    nano ~/nxt/run.sh

    screen -mS nxt java -Xmx640m -cp classes:lib/*:conf nxt.Nxt

    The next time you start the server using run.sh, you will be able to detach from the process by pressing CTRL-A, CTRL-D. To re-attach the session, enter the command:

    screen -r nxt

    Auto startup

    An easy way automatically start the Nxt server at boot is with the cron task scheduler. You need to add an entry specifying @reboot and run your startup commands there:

    crontab -e

    @reboot sleep 30 && cd /home/pi/nxt && ./run.sh

    In this example the Nxt server will startup on boot after a 30 second delay. You can use cron to schedule other tasksas well.

    For questions or comments, please visit the forum thread for this blog post.

    Source: https://nxtportal.org/blog/nxt-in-a-box-rpi2.html

  • NXT.Slack Q & A - Alphonso Morris Q & A

    Thursday May 18th starting 1pm – 2:30 pm eastern standard time

    ascendus On behalf of Janus Team, thank you for showing up. Moderation will be performed by @marenkar !

    marenkar Welcome everyone to the QA with the newest member of the Janus team, Mr. Alphonso Morris Jr @almo3ree23! I have personally verified his information to be accurate based on several techniques to prove identity. Without further ado let’s get to the questions. Please remember, we need to screen questions first so please post your questions to #janusproject. If they are approved, I’ll ask them here with a tag to you.

    I have some questions to get started but will be checking #janusproject regularly. To start things off, here’s the first question:

    Who are you and what is your career experience?

    almo3ree23 My full name is Alphonso Morris Jr. I’m 51 yrs old. I was born in Philadelphia PA and currently live here.


    marenkar Philly sounds like a great place!

    almo3ree23 It’s a great city.

    I have several years of experience in various fields not as much in the Crypto / Blockchain world more so in the fields of Photography, Event Planning & Promotions. Public Relations Director, Artist Management, Personal Assistant, Music & Television for over 20 yrs.

    marenkar A lot of people on #janusproject are asking, how did you meet the Janus team?

    almo3ree23 It’s a funny story….. I met Bjorn’s wife at an event, I was working in Bethlehem PA, there’s a Casino built on the site of the famous Bethlehem Steel Co. I met her a few years earlier. She wanted me to meet her husband for years.

    She happens to drag him out of his cave for a little R&R. After the show, we met for drinks and hit it off. It didn’t take long for us to connect and discuss life, family, work etc. Louis & Robert [also from the Janus team] I met later.

    marenkar That’s awesome! Nice to know that there’s a good personal relationship as well.

    almo3ree23 They’re a great team to work with.

    marenkar @crowne asks: Is Nate Morris from Boyz II Men your brother by blood relation?

    almo3ree23 Yes he is Yes he is my little brother, we’re five years apart, and I can still beat him lol

    marenkar Haha good to know!

    We have another question as well from @merk: given your association with Boyz II Men – “Who is the most influential person you have ever had the privilege of meeting”?

    almo3ree23 Niece, 1998, The World Music Awards, Royal Yacht Club. Its me Ant, Stevie Wonder, his assistant and Prince Albert Of Monaco. Having a conversation about being royal. Needless to say, we were all bent…. out of our faces…

    marenkar That’s pretty awesome!

    almo3ree23 Oh and Salt&Peppa were there as well!

    marenkar Question from @qiwoman – “What advice do you have for potential investors looking at JANUS”?

    almo3ree23 I joined the team two months ago and my observation of Janus is that it’s a solid company. They have good direction, good products, dedicated to their investors and their brand. Janus is also growing exponentially.

    marenkar Another question that is being asked regularly on #janusproject is “To what degree can you utilize your ‘special’ industry contacts to help your team gain an advantage with online business sites and other Janus activities?”

    almo3ree23 From my personal experience, we are only as good as our word on any level. Information is power in the right hands coming from the right people.

    I’ve earned mutual respect from some influential people in the entertainment industry who I’ve worked for or with over the years. People like ( Ken Ehrlich ) Tv Producer Grammys, AMA’s Etc. ( Usher Raymond ) Music Producer / Entertainer I consider close contacts. There’s always the possibility of an outright endorsement of a product, company, idea or the like based on how Bjorn wants to proceed.

    marenkar Whoa, that’s quite a list of contacts to bring. Nice!

    @wolffang asks – “Since you are the Brother of a boys2men member, do you know Beyonce through him? ”

    almo3ree23 She was on The Evolution tour with Destiny’s Child and Boyz II Men in 1997. I was their personal photographer during the tour.


    Whoa, that’s awesome. There’s a group trying to parody her name as blockchain.

    Speaking of blockchain, another question that’s asked on #janusproject is “Had you heard of Bitcoin or Blockchain before joining the Janus team”?

    almo3ree23 Yes in my travels abroad I noticed it being used but that was the extent of my Bitcoin or Blockchain knowledge. It didn’t take long for me to start asking questions. I’m not a religious person per say but I can say I’ve seen the LIGHT!


    Welcome into the blockchain community

    A good question that @qiwoman brought up is “With marketing JANUS mainstream sites, do you feel you will be able to attract outside mainstream investors into JANUS blockchain token shares?”

    almo3ree23 Yes with my contacts in music and television it wouldn’t be a problem for me to explain Janus to as many influential people and companies as possible.

    marenkar @cryptoracer asks: What areas of marketing and promo (and to what demographic) do you think will benefit Janus the most, re. exposure?

    bjorn_bb [marketing director of Janus] The primary marketing angle will vary based on the business type, for example, our Forex/Crypto mainstream site from this year will be tackled literally by the main stars of that site, chiefly the wave callers (professional traders). Money and personal fame is the driver.

    In terms of year 2 adoption, we will be using creative methods to introduce general mainstream users to our token(s). This is something our team excels at and keeping the tech out of the equation will be always primary to reduce barrier of adoption.

    ropes What will be the main marketing angle for Janus project, what is the plan of delivery and what are the ballpark estimates for year 2 adoption in mainstream?

    almo3ree23 I’m very visible in the entertainment world, I travel regularly so I can tap into the international markets, I’m experienced in promoting products, and have a respected following.


    Awesome. More exposure would be great. More in Janus would mean more for Nxt and Ardor too, so we certainly welcome that

    A great question by @martis (and earlier by @wolffang), speaking of Nxt – did you try to play with Nxt features? And if yes, what is your first impression?

    almo3ree23 Yes, I have it installed and have looked at it. It’s a very powerful platform!

    I’m still wrapping my head around some of the features, but I’m still learning.

    marenkar A casual question from @wolffang – What is your favorite place to spend the holidays?

    almo3ree23 Sidney Australia or Tokyo Japan are my two favorite cities

    qiwoman What is your projection of JANUS 12 months from now?

    almo3ree23 I can project that it will be the number one token in the market! Just my personal opinion based on my observations and markets.

    bjorn_bb This is obviously highly speculative, but we believe that our tokens can appreciate in value almost by sheer force of work and business success. A store of value backed by our team can only stay at one value so long if we keep our roadmap and vision strong without becoming complacent. I’ll be the first to tell you that my goal is empire level, and you don’t get to that point without drive and ruthless ambition.

    marenkar A great question from @merk -“With the upcoming formation of FL3X (the Janus parent company), what role will you play in the formation and what position will you hold (if that has been discussed)”?

    almo3ree23 Company brand ambassador to start, we’re still forming positions but eventually partner.

    merk Cool. Thanks.

    marenkar Awesome! @martis is also asking how you will be promoting crypto tokens to people who aren’t familiar with the technology and the community?

    almo3ree23 I’ll be promoting thru my contacts in mainstream the business sites we develop. Those business sites will be using our tokens in both direct and indirect ways. I’ll be facilitating the communication with these people in order to partake in the use of the site or promote the site itself.


    Awesome. Having a person these contacts can trust is a great way for
    them to get connected to it. Let them know they’re welcome here as well!

    Ok, we’re at an hour now, so I’ll close it off with this question – How long will you be staying with the company and team? Do you plan to become partner and see it develop into what the Janus team has described?

    almo3ree23 I’m here for the long haul. I never run away from a challenge. We have great things planned for the greater community. We want to make Janus a household name. And yes I will be a full partner in this endeavor.

    marenkar Awesome. Thanks to everyone who participated in this Q&A and thanks especially to @almo3ree23 for coming on here and answering all these questions. Thanks again to Janus for choosing Nxt!

    almo3ree23 Thank You all for your time and attention.

    bjorn_bb Thank you all for coming out to meet Alphonso today, as always thank you to the community for the strength you help give our project and team. Press releases will follow shortly and a giant thank you to the NXT foundation for helping with everything today, including the ID verification of Mr. Morris.


  • Nxt News Update - June(II) NXT BustaBit Gaming , Nxt Voting System, Jelurida Speeds Up the Blockchain & More

    Welcome back, fellow Nxters! Here’s the latest news about Nxt and Ardor over the second week of June:


    NXT AE




    • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

  • NXT Easter Egg Hunt

    Just wondering if no one knows or no one cares about picking up free money anymore.

    Quoting this week’s Nxt Newsletter:

    A new transaction has been sent to the alias EasterEggs.
    Here’s a clue: Twitter handle @OPeasterEggs.


    Some cared to check @OpEasterEggs and even #OpEasterEgg:



    Now, just follow the white rabbit. Find the secret words that unlock the transaction.


    1 JINN asset has been sent as a phased transaction to an account that anyone can access.

    Log in to the account using its passphrase.

    Unlock the transaction by typing its hashed secret.

    Transfer the asset to your own Nxt account.

    You have now picked up this week’s Easter egg: 1 Jinn, current value ~1000NXT~160$.

    Deadline is Block 1359698.

    Need more clues?

    In the end of the sectionNxtBridge OFFLINE in our latest Nxt Newsletter we wrote:

    OOOPS: Did I really expose the passphrase to the demo account in that video? Oh boy. The first who logs in to the account can have the NXT and ARDR in it. There’s also a clue to follow if you log in, which leads to another asset Easter egg!

    Few hours later a user had not just emptied the account for NXT and ARDR, but also found that the encrypted Charles Bukowski quote which had been received by the EasterEggs account could be used to open a password-protected file which had recently been uploaded to the Nxt Data Cloud. This revealed 12 random words, the passphrase to an account that held 100 NXTP assets.

    Those are long gone now. Congrats to the Nxter that won and who, by the way, surprised us by using the Eastereggs account to cast a vote in Nxter Magazine’s newsletter-poll. – Nice one!

    AboutLatest Postsapenzl Come get me


    Arthur founded NXTER.ORG in December 2013 and started writing Nxt newsletters to the Nxt community.

    Managed the development and implementation of Nxt's visual brand in 2014, with web design bureau Ideenfrische.

    the NXTP asset in 2014, a profit sharing asset given to early
    contributors to Nxter.org that helped turn the site into a magazine,
    publishing news and articles in several languages, and running faucets,
    contests and social media campaigns for Nxt. ESMA based a report on Nxter.org's coverage of the Nxt AE in 2015.

    Arthur is still one of the driving forces behind Nxter.org. He compiled the acclaimed book about Nxt 'SNAPSHOT', which got published in early 2017.

  • Nxt News Update July (I)

    Welcome again, fellow Nxters! A new month brings us a new edition of the newsletter.

    As always, whatever your interest and whoever you are, you are in the right place for your comprehensive analysis of all things Nxt and Ardor. Last week was eventful, with many interesting and exciting opportunities presenting themselves.


    IGNIS ICO will be held on the Nxt Platform

    Nxt Foundation in Money 20/20 Europe


    NXT AE

    Janus – Summary

    Adel – First Members-only Mastermind

    SCAM ALERT: Fake ARDR asset on the NxtAE
    Transactions sent to the Ardor issuer account by mistake


    Changelly Integration coming soon to the NXT wallet

    Ardor testnet Reset

    Weekly Reminder


    TradingView – NXT one more wave:

    TradingView – NXT/BTC Breaking Triangle:

    TradingView – ARDR making its way 14,000:

    TradingView – ARDR uptrend in tact, ready for a run?:

    Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution:

  • Nxt News Update July (III)

    Welcome back, fellow Nxters! Summer is a beautiful time to enjoy nature – but for use it is just another opportunity to work hard to provide you with the relevant news of last week in this concise format. This is also a way for you, dear reader, to inform and educate yourself about the names and roles of the key players in our community.

    As always, whatever your interest and whoever you are, you are in the right place for your comprehensive analysis of all things Nxt and Ardor. Last week was action packed, with many interesting and exciting opportunities presenting themselves.


    IGNIS logo – Results of the Community Vote and the winner

    ‘SNAPSHOT – Nxt, Unsurpassable Blockchain Solutions’ on Nxt’s Marketplace

    Bitswift to Join the Ardor Platform as a Child Chain

    THE CHOICE we all have pending, regarding our NXT and IGNIS

    Short infographic about NXT, IGNIS ICO, ARDOR genesis and the role played by the coins/assets/tokens

    Nxt.org – Overview of Main Features

    Talk about Ardor in Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Ardor Business Case in a Nutshell

    Meetup – BigchainDB & IPDB: Token ICOs

    NXT AE

    Adel – Founders Visits Isle of Man


    [CORE] Bug bounties 3 and 4 have been completed

    Weekly Reminder


    The union of Bitswift with Ardor has been named in the media


    TradingView – NXT/USDT Bullish

    TradingView – Ardor in the buy zone – it’s time to invest

    Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

  • Nxt News Update July (IV)

    Welcome again, fellow Nxters! You are in the right place to expand your mind and stay knowledgeable about all things Nxt and Ardor. We aim to be accessible to new readers as well as informative to long time followers who come to learn the latest news and most relevant happenings in the blockchain space.

    As always, whatever your interests and whoever you are, you are in the right place for your comprehensive analysis of all things Nxt and Ardor. Last week, as always, was action packed, with many interesting and exciting opportunities presenting themselves.


    • Jelurida Details Ignis ICO
    • The Issue of the Chinese name of Ignis - 火链
    • LinkedIn Post - Ardor is Coming Soon - Better Than Ethereum?
    • #OPeastereggs
    • Ardor/Nxt - Original and unique art painting
    • Videotutorial Riker - Creating your new NXT account
    • Meetup - BigchainDB & IPDB: Token ICOs

    NXT AE

    • Janus -  Status Update
    • Adel - Become a Member
    • Bitswift Token Migration


    • Weekly Reminder
    • Ardor Explained


    • Steemit - IGNIS ICO Date released!
    • BtCurrencies - Ardor (ARDR)


    • TradingView - NXT Double Bullish Divergence
    • TradingView -  NXT Buy Opportunity
    • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

    Full Article https://www.nxter.org/nxt-news...

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