Zcoin (xzc) Release new version 0.1.5

  • Please update to the latest version here:


    Basically the identity of the 2nd investor has been confirmed but has chosen to remain anonymous. Although Poramin has never directly received the funding from him, we believe that it is fair and the investor will be an asset to the project as it grows. We thank the investor for his understanding.

    So all initial investors and the new investor are inside this version (not including Gary) and we believe we can move forward with this project to realise its full potential.

    Note that despite Poramin receiving relatively very little funding we have achieved fully working Zerocoin functionality (which in itself has already been modified quite substantially for performance) and MTP development is still on track. Once the dust and the politics settles down we believe this project can continue with renewed vigor.

    Our team is already being built and fleshed out as I write this announcement. If anyone has good dev skills, we're looking for more devs to join us. We're good on the web dev end already.

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