New Coin MobiusCoin

  • MobiusCoin is a new kind of digital currency. It is applied to research the technology of global payment system. This system based on Mobiuscoin is famous for high efficiency and low energy consumption.

    So far, one patent and two software copyrights based on MobiusCoin have been published. The patent proposed a hardware wallet based on digital currency. The software copyrights proposed a blockchain based protocol stack of wireless sensor network and a blockchain based payment system. All of the above are committed to establish and perfect the global payment system.

    Mobius System(MBSS)

    Mobius global point-to-point payment system be called for Mobius system(Mobiussys , abbreviation to MBSS),This is a combination of decentralized global payment system, decentralized Stock Exchange ,decentralized Digital currency exchange.

    Mobius system can provide to you a wallet accounts like bank account , Wherein digital currency can transfer to any corner of the world within a few seconds. This account is better than the privacy and security of bank accounts in Switzerland. Your account will never be frozen , Your money will never be confiscated , You will not suffer any losses and bank failures.

    English name:MobiusCoin

    English abbreviation: MBSC

    Developers: MBSC currency development team

    Core algorithm: X11

    Block time:60 seconds

    Monetary aggregates:84000000

    Wallet Download:

    Windows :

    MAC : Coming Soon;

    Linux : Coming Soon;

    Patent & Software Copyrights

    Patent name: "a digital money hardware wallet based on Dual Interface IC card"

    Patent number: ZL201520769991.X

    Searching website:

    Software copyrights name: "A high reliable wireless sensor network protocol stack software "," a block based chain technology to the center of the encrypted payment system"

    Registration number: 2016SR085329 ,2016SR065573

    Searching website:

  • Mobius Global Hackathon Update

    Thank you to everyone who entered the Mobius Global Hackathon! We received the 7 entries (two pending addition to the DApp Store) listed below and are now working on evaluating them. We will also be releasing details on how the community will vote for the Community Prize soon. Watch this blog for updates!

    Entries — Arutur Veiera is a cloud Point of Sales system. It offers a Pay as You Go model. Built to deliver a stable experience for large retail operations, as well as store-fronts anywhere on the globe. The payment processing via Stellar Network presents a chance to be a benefit to many communities where cryptocurrency is a new asset. Features include an Inventory system and Team management, also a Data Analytics profile and it’s available in 103 languages. Get started building your store today.

    Color Catch — Gbolahan Onadeko Link:

    Color Catch is a simple multi tap on screen game where you position the color triangle to the same color as the bar dropping from above. The game tests your reaction time, muscle and concentration. Price is 0.1 MOBI per game so you should be able to get about 100 games with 1 MOBI.

    Crypto Tactics — Gideon Wellerdieck Link:

    A custom tower defense game in Unity Web GL for the Mobius Store. Shoot the Bears before they reach the Endpoint “Safe”. 20 MOBI per game for up to 100 waves, and you will start with 20 lives. Which turret is the best? Or do you need them all? Find it out :)

    StakeYourBet — Bojan Panjevic Link:

    StakeYourBet is a p2p betting platform which allows players to predict the outcomes of live soccer matches and bet ETH against their friends. Built on top of Ethereum platform and distributed though Mobius Dapp store. Players need to pay participation fee in MOBI only when placing a bet. StakeYourBet enables users to create pools for the upcoming rounds in soccer leagues and tournaments and define the amount all players need to stake. Upon a completion of the round, total amount collected in each pool is distributed to pool winner(s).

    Swinvoice — Gbolahan Onadeko

    Swinvoice is an invoicing application that makes it easy for users to send invoices and receive payments, payment includes Mobius MOBI, Stellar XLM and Credit/Debit Card. The system also supports a p2p and all payment are escrow to prevent fraudulent activities

    TextOffDApps — Gbolahan Onadeko

    TextOffDApps is a short message service that will let you send messages from the Mobius Dapps Store to any mobile phone worldwide, it is cheap and easy to use

    Winsome — Dan Li

    Winsome is a micro giveaway platform that could be used for social gifting or digital marketing. Among its uses, Winsome enable advertisers to directly reward their audience for actually learning about their products or services. Winsome integrates with the Mobius DApp Store and users can gift or earn MOBIs through the DApp.

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