New Coin MobiusCoin

  • MobiusCoin is a new kind of digital currency. It is applied to research the technology of global payment system. This system based on Mobiuscoin is famous for high efficiency and low energy consumption.

    So far, one patent and two software copyrights based on MobiusCoin have been published. The patent proposed a hardware wallet based on digital currency. The software copyrights proposed a blockchain based protocol stack of wireless sensor network and a blockchain based payment system. All of the above are committed to establish and perfect the global payment system.

    Mobius System(MBSS)

    Mobius global point-to-point payment system be called for Mobius system(Mobiussys , abbreviation to MBSS),This is a combination of decentralized global payment system, decentralized Stock Exchange ,decentralized Digital currency exchange.

    Mobius system can provide to you a wallet accounts like bank account , Wherein digital currency can transfer to any corner of the world within a few seconds. This account is better than the privacy and security of bank accounts in Switzerland. Your account will never be frozen , Your money will never be confiscated , You will not suffer any losses and bank failures.

    English name:MobiusCoin

    English abbreviation: MBSC

    Developers: MBSC currency development team

    Core algorithm: X11

    Block time:60 seconds

    Monetary aggregates:84000000

    Wallet Download:

    Windows :

    MAC : Coming Soon;

    Linux : Coming Soon;

    Patent & Software Copyrights

    Patent name: "a digital money hardware wallet based on Dual Interface IC card"

    Patent number: ZL201520769991.X

    Searching website:

    Software copyrights name: "A high reliable wireless sensor network protocol stack software "," a block based chain technology to the center of the encrypted payment system"

    Registration number: 2016SR085329 ,2016SR065573

    Searching website:

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