Radium Update #18 — Organizational Restructuring

  • Following a long and thoughtful discussion in the last few weeks between the various developers and core community members we have decided to embark on an organizational restructuring. There are various reasons and consequences of this that are outlined below, but the main objective is to try to provide a more streamlined way for all parties involved to achieve the project’s goals.

    What are the changes?

    As a community member, not many. However behind the scenes there will be some significant structural changes. The main outcome of this is to accurately define the functions of the three main individuals associated with the Radium project: Tim, Justin and Alaniz.

    • Tim will focus on the development and operation of Project Radium LLC as a service built on top of the Radium SmartChain.

    • Justin will continue to focus and develop the Radium SmartChain software.

    • Alaniz will take up the role of managing and maintaining the community at large. This includes marketing, promotion and outreach as well as developing community side services and maintaining the Radium Core code.

    The main organizational change is therefore that Alaniz will be taking up some of the responsibilities currently shared by Tim and Justin, allowing them both to focus on their respective areas of interest whilst still ensuring a growing degree of promotion and marketing of the project.

    Aside from the obvious benefits of having more clearly defined roles between participants within the project. We are also doing this to ensure that no legal liability falls on Project Radium LLC for any potential marketing or promotion of Radium Core. This may seem a bit confusing but that’s currently the issue with most business regulations in the USA concerning blockchain technology. The above mentioned changes are therefore also being implemented in an effort to minimize any potential legal risks that may arise in the future. In summary, Project Radium LLC and SmartChain Software Solutions LLC will no longer be directly in control of the community in order to ensure the level of legal flexibility mentioned above. Having said that, both Justin and Tim will maintain their current standing within the community and contribute to the same extent as they have done in the past.In order for the various aspects of the project to communicate and to decide things effectively, we have decided to use a 2/3 consensus rule whereby big decisions affecting all aspects of the project will be decided based on this rule. The three participants in the decision making will be Project Radium LLC (under Tim’s management), SmartChain Software Solutions LLC (under Justin’s management) and the Radium Core Community (under Alaniz’s management). Each respective corporate board or community board will need to come to their own 2/3 consensus to enact a final decision.

    What happens next?

    • Community maintained resources will be renamed from “Project Radium” to “Radium Core”

    • Building a new community and Radium Core orientated website

    • Revamping and becoming more active on social media accounts

    • Designing and implementing a standardized way for core community members to contribute to the decision making process

    In order to implement the legal aspect of this restructuring there will be some minor renames with respect to some of the media outlets currently available. This means that the current Twitter, Facebook, Medium, etc. accounts will be renamed (not changed or new ones made) to Radium Core to move away from the name Project Radium (which will from now on be associated with the company Tim is building).Relating directly to the community there are various things that we will be working on in the near future. Specifically we plan to create a new website which will be solely focused on Radium Core, the community and the SmartChain. In this way we can create a collection of resources related to Radium as well as the SmartChain for everyone to have easy access to. The current Project Radium website will become more focused on the business side and cater towards more corporate clients / viewers.We also plan on updating the current Bitcointalk OP as this is still regarded as Radium’s “landing page” within the crypto community. Other things we want to do are revamping and becoming more active on social media accounts, as well as providing more regular community updates on our blog and on Bitcointalk.

    Other Items

    • The SmartChain update is still being worked on and substantial progress is being made. We aim to have a specific update post on progress early in the new year.

    • We would also like to remind everyone to join the official Telegram group chat at https://telegram.me/RadiumOfficial

    • There is now a Radium Telegram tipping bot which can be used both in the Radium chat group and at https://telegram.me/radiumbot

    • We would like to thank everyone for their continued support and wish everyone happy holidays!

    • — The Radium Team

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