How to Build 186.6 MH/S 970 Watt power Ethereum , ETC , EXP mining rig

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    At This Post we will Show you how to build A Cryptocurrency Mining Rig that have a Hash rate speed 186.6 MH/S for Ethereum (ETH) , Ethereum Classic (ETC) , Ethereum Expanse , ( EXP) , LBRY , and alternative speed of Monero (XMR) 4500 H/S , And only uses Power consumption around 970 Watt

    No need for Advanced Cooling systems , Just a room with Temperature 25 ~ 28 Celsius and a silent fan speed of Graphic cards 75~ 77 % this will make less than 45 db noise

    The Estimated Profits of this mining rigs for Ethereum coins is around ( 180 ~ 220$ )per month or ( 6 ~ 9 $ ) per day Without calculating the power usage fees , it depend on electricity rates from place to another .

    To build this mining rig we need a computer Hardware that will cost from 2300 to 2500 $ depend on the prices you'll find

    let's Start with the Rig requirements :

    Hardware needed :

    1- Motherboard with 6 PCIe Slots , Most used is ASROCK Pro BTC H81 , another one same 6 slots is ASROCK H97 Anniversary

    2 - Any cheap processor to fit Motherboard socket LGA 1150 , Lets say Intel Celeron G1840 Processor .

    3 - 8 GB DDR3 RAM kit fit with MB like Ballistix Sport 8GB Kit

    4 - SSD 60 to 120 GB hard drive like Kingston Digital 120 GB

    5 - 1200 Watt Gold Rated Power Supply to power the 6 GPU cards , best match of this and it come with full cables kit is Evga SuperNOVA 1200 P2

    6 - PCI-E 16X to 1X Adapter with minimum Length of 50 cm to allow more space for Graphic Cards land Must have Molex power connector like this x1 to x16 Riser

    7 - PCI-E 16X to 16X Riser for the x16 slot

    8 - Power Button to power up the system

    9 - AMD Radeon Rx 480 Graphic GPU cards 6 units XFX or Sapphire , XFX is prefered in mining due to higher memory clock speed

    10 - Optional open Air frame you can make it by yourself using any cheap plastic or wood components or buy it ready like this one

    Software Needed :

    1 - windows 10 pro 64 bit to be installed on the SSD drive

    2 - AMD Crimson 16.8.2 Driver for the Graphic cards , Download Win 10 pro 64 bit version from here

    3 - Mining Software , the best one that run 6 cards together and allow to control each card alone is Claymore's Dual Ethereum+Decred_Siacoin AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v6.4 or higher version from this link

    How to Start :

    After setting your Hardware together and Setup Win 10 pro 64 bit and install MB software , AMD crimson 16.8.2 software , Downloaded the Claymore Claymore's Dual miner last version .
    Now you need to Start configuring the Rx 480 GPU roms
    First connect your screen to you Motherboard VGA not the card HDMI output
    Then you need to Modify each card alone on the X16 PCIe Slot once card by one , and after finish flashing all cards connect the 6 cards to the risers
    ( Backup your Original Bios card through GPUZ , download here , run the GPUZ look at the Bios Version u will find a button in the same line press on it and choose Save to file )

    flash the bios through this steps :

    1 - go to your system drive C:\

    2 - create a folder name winflash .

    3 - Download ATIFlash 2.74 form this link .

    4 - Extract the ATIFlash compressed files to C:\winflash .

    5 - Download the the bios.rom from this link and Must copy it to C:\winflash with ATIFlash files .

    6 - Place the first card only at the X16 PCIe slot

    7 - Right click to windows 10 Start menu and select Command Prompt ( Admin )

    8 - Type : cd C:\winflash and press enter

    9 - Type : atiwinflash -f -p 0 bios.rom , then it will Load the Bios for like 1 min and ask for a windows Restart

    10 - now Restart your windows and now your card is flashed

    11 - remove the flashed card and add new card and flash it the same way in steps 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 and do this for all your cards one by one

    After flashing all cards the Driver may show Error not reading the Cards and the AMD setting will not open due to signature check of new cards , we will follow this steps to make the driver able to read the 6 cards together without need the Crossfire technology

    1 - open start menu press power icon then hold left SHIFT key and then press Reboot , it will open new window with many options .

    2 - press : Troubleshoot > advanced> startup settings > restart , in menu at boot you choose option 4 to get in safe mode

    3 - In safe mode navigate to: C:\Windows\System32\drivers

    Replace the file atikmdag.sys with the modified one from this link , dont forget to backup your original atikmdag.sys

    4 - reboot again with left shift pressed down. Again choose: Troubleshoot + advanced + startup settings + restart In the menu at boot choose option 7

    now all your cards will be read by the driver and ready for mining

    Now Open your Claymore Dual miner folder and follow this steps :

    1 - make a copy from start.bat file and rename the copied file to Eth-only-mode .

    2 - right click on Eth-only-mode file and press Edit

    3 - Replace the code with this code :

    setx GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR 0

    setx GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE 100




    EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal 0x5404a56d1b6bd124196a2c17028eeaaf3c9be0ba/worker1/mhstart[email protected] -epsw x -tt -77

    4 - Change the wallet address and the e-mail after the word (-ewal ) to your wallet address and e-mail , i recommend dwarfpool as it take only 1% and stable pool with high hash rates , the payout every 4 hours to your address

    5 - save and close and then double click to Eth-only-mode file , it will open a cmd window and start mining automatically , also will show u your hash rate speed and cards temp , every card should make like 31.1 MH/S

    The End

  • Hi MIDOPRINCE, I have two gpu rx 480 8g sapphire nitro, one is "+" and the other is not, the "nitro +"  one when after flash it and restart, the windows open ok, but when I repeat the steps with  the "nitro" and restart, the windows never restart and the screen is black. please I need help!

  • @securebitven

    Kindly Find The Link :

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